Monday, February 19, 2018

Life Continues...Part II

I knew that it would take a special kitty to fill the big hole my Banjo left in my heart when I
had to say good-bye to him 3 months ago. I wasn't in any hurry, and I 
didn't think I was ready yet. I was getting used to a 'clean house'. 

Mid-January, a sweet little kitty showed up on the Swift Current SPCA FB page and
I couldn't get her out of my mind. I made the mistake that every animal lover makes... 
I just went to have a look at her. Not far away from her cage was her brother
sitting timidly in his cage. Strays brought to the shelter early
January looking for a home. I took them into the SPCA Cat Play Room (1st photo)
and they looked so sweet together. 

How could I split them up? 

I talked to Wayne and we decided that if you are cleaning out kitty litter anyways...
what's a bit more? 

And so, I would like to introduce to you:

Pip for short

Tuck for short

 They came to live with us Friday, February 16th. It is thought that they are about
1 years old and have some Himalayan in them. There's a
new cat tree, kitty condo, climbing wall, and cat walk.

They are super cuddly!

Tucker is the cleaner.  He cleans himself, he cleans Pip, he cleans Wayne and he cleans me. 
He is also the 'talker'.  He will call out for Pip if he can't find her, though usually they are
not too far apart from each other for too long.  He does not care to be carried around
for long but is very happy to curl up on your chest, lap or snuggle right up beside you.

Pip is a quiet girl.  Her meows are soft and quiet and sometimes she
looks like she is meowing but nothing is coming out.  She loves
to be carried around and cuddled continuously whether it's on your
chest or plunked right on your face or head! 
Luckily both are very small and weigh almost nothing!

They seem to have settled right in. 
Rescue pets just seem to know a good thing when they see it don't they? 

I suspect I will be doing a bit more blogging this year.  

xo Catherine


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