Thursday, February 16, 2017

Laughter is the Best Medicine

sitting in the doctor's office
waiting for the verdict
do I have the 'current/popular' cold and flu virus of 2017?
"we could do a blood test but by the time we get the results, you will either be dead or better"
(the doctor says teasingly)
I'm not too worried about it
fluid and rest - that's all there is to it

I read the quote sitting on his desk
"Laughter is the Best Medicine"
it sits in front of a statue of a mom and baby elephant
my mom loves elephants

to the strongest and bravest woman I know
while the past 5 weeks of 2017 have not been kind to you
multiple doctors, multiple errors
'fixes' resulting in 'another error' needing 'another fix' resulting in 'another error' - and it goes on

you asked me a number of years ago to get a tattoo with you
I laughed you off and made an adamant vow of "I will never get a tattoo!!!" 

but then, there was
another screw up
you were losing hope - I felt I was losing you
so I promised you a mother/daughter tattoo
it's all I could think of at the time
I was bargaining with you

you kept your promise
I am actually (although I hate to admit it) looking forward to keeping mine

I designed it myself
I'm thinking white ink on our left inside heels

I also promised you that one day - a long time from now
we would find the 'cherished and funny memories' from this experience 
as we have from all those years with dad's health situations

so far I have:

  • Holding your hand that evening
  • Afternoons curled up on the hospital bed beside you watching The Walton's
  • Being there for you on some of your worst days

  • "Ummm...I think you are close enough to the pole George."
  • "They've had bendy straws and ice packs this whole time...really?? Like REALLY? The whole DAMN time???"
  • "OMG!!!  This hospital can't even get f*ckin' jell-o right!"

yes indeed - sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine...

love you!

xo forever your daughter
anytime - anywhere


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