Saturday, June 11, 2016

You Are Still Beautiful Banjo

On June 6th, Banjo went in for a
urinalysis and blood test
(due to strong smelling urine and a weepy eye).
As always, he was sedated due to his
intense dislike of going to the vet. 

Within a 1/2 hour of getting him home
his 3rd eyelid was covering most of his eye
and he fell down whenever he moved his head too fast.

June 7th test results came back.
While nothing showed in his urine,
his thyroid numbers were almost triple what they should be.
Antibiotics for the eye infection and doubling his hyperthyroid medication.
The vet said his off balance was probably still the drugs
since he is of an older age.  
He just turned 15.

By June 8th I just knew something was wrong with him.
He was still off balance and falling over,
and he was having a hard time chewing his food.
My heart was breaking.
What was wrong with him?

We gave him one more day and by June 10th,
he was back at the vets.
He saw a new vet as his regular one was off.
The scale would show that he lost 2.3 lbs in 4 days.

The vet looked at him for about 10 minutes and said,
"Horner's Syndrome".
(see video link below)

While head trauma is most often the cause,
(ie: being hit by a car)
in this situation, since you know Banjo is an indoor kitty,
it could be a result/combination of: 
sedation, middle ear infection, eye infection.

There are other possibilities
which would entail an MRI.
But I am not letting my head go there.

Xray's showed what is potentially (but inconclusively) 
infection in his middle ear - thus causing the imbalance.

So home we came with antibiotic pills 
big enough to choke a horse!
And continuation of the eye drops and doubling his
hyperthyroid medication.

It's a struggle trying to hide the medication in food
that he doesn't have to chew
(as he is still having problems chewing)
but I will continue on and keep hoping
that his equilibrium straightens out soon.

As for his 'wonky' eye,
that could take several weeks.

But he is still beautiful to me!

I will keep you posted.


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