Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday let's see if I am ready for this weekend:
  • Get Stanley to bring up my Christmas tree tonight (check)
  • Fluff branches and put lights up tomorrow night (oh wait...)
  • See if I bought new tree lights last year (hmm...I'll do that tonight)
  • Decide you need more room for tree (wish my living room was bigger)
  • Get Stanley to move living room furniture around (change my mind 5 times)
  • Get Stanley to move love seat to basement (change my mind)
  • Get Stanley to bring love seat back upstairs (put it in the 1st place it was)
  • Get Stanley to lift decoration boxes to living room (offer Stanley a beer)
  • Get Kurtis out of the house Saturday (he's working - perfect)
  • Banish Stanley to the basement after heavy lifting is done (yup)
  • Banish Banjo to the basement with Stanley (no problem)
  • Ensure lots of David's Tea is made (mmm...Vanilla Chia...)
  • Load new favorite Christmas tunes onto my ipod (double check!)

Yup!  I'm almost ready!! 

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