Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome My Garden Heros

standing in the middle of your garden
late afternoon
camera in hand
with 30+ of the cutest birds
flying around your head
landing at your feet
watching you watch them
as they twit, tweet and flit about
gobbling pesky aphids
that have invaded after the rain...

they are not camera shy
nor are they scared of me
landing beside me but for a moment
testing my reflexes and camera speed
too busy ridding my garden
of evil insect pests
to be bothered by the likes
of an enchanted bird-loving human...

I am still here
creeping in the background of all of you
keeping tabs on my bloggy friends

I am keeping my comments off for now

there's not much summer left in Southwest Saskatchewan
and I am trying to hang on to it
as long as I can...

xo Catherine


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