Sunday, November 19, 2017

Goodbye - Paw Print on My Heart

It was with a very heavy heart that I said good-bye to my sweet Banjo today.  For 16 1/2 years he was with me.  Unconditional love.  Pure joy.  Although you know the time is coming, you are never ready once the decision is made.  Perhaps one more month.  Perhaps one more week.  Maybe just one more day.  But this morning it was time.  

He was never a cat that gave his love out freely.  He was NOT a lap cat.  He was a King and expected to be treated as such by all those that were lucky enough to be graced by his presence.  So for those occasions that he curled up with me to sleep, kissed me on the nose, and allowed me to cuddle him, I truly felt special and blessed to have his love.

I will miss him always.

Goodbye my fur baby.  I hope you know how loved you were...  


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