Sunday, December 31, 2017

Life Continues

There's a quote I love:
"Was it a shitty day, or a shitty 5 minutes and you've been milking it all day?"
I reflect tonight and ask myself,
"Was it a shitty year, or a shitty few days and you've been milking it all year?"

It was a hard year. 
It was more than a few days, more than a few weeks.
It was months.  
And more than a few.

Numerous health scares for my mother.
Shingles on my face.
Ending the year with making the decision to let my beloved Banjo go.

A decision that was painful and still haunts me.

All of it tends to over-shadow the good stuff.  
I have to look hard to see it sometimes.

Hardships teach and sometimes have a silver lining.

Nights by myself in Saskatoon hospital/hotels by myself - validation that I am strong.
Scare of shingles moving to my eye - time at home snoozing with my kitty.
Just Banjo and I on his last day, on the couch watching cheesy Christmas movies.

And there were truly special times too:
Another perfect Vancouver Island vacation.
Mini-vacations of Calgary, Banff and the Moose Jaw spa.
Continuous perfection of my craft/computer room sanctuary.

I look back at 2017 and say good-bye and I greet 2018 with Hope, Optimism and Gratitude. 

Because life continues...

Wishing you a year full of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PEACE.

xo Catherine

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Goodbye - Paw Print on My Heart

It was with a very heavy heart that I said good-bye to my sweet Banjo today.  For 16 1/2 years he was with me.  Unconditional love.  Pure joy.  Although you know the time is coming, you are never ready once the decision is made.  Perhaps one more month.  Perhaps one more week.  Maybe just one more day.  But this morning it was time.  

He was never a cat that gave his love out freely.  He was NOT a lap cat.  He was a King and expected to be treated as such by all those that were lucky enough to be graced by his presence.  So for those occasions that he curled up with me to sleep, kissed me on the nose, and allowed me to cuddle him, I truly felt special and blessed to have his love.

I will miss him always.

Goodbye my fur baby.  I hope you know how loved you were...  

Friday, June 2, 2017

Waiting For The Arrival

My babies...

Happy Friday!

xo Catherine

Monday, May 22, 2017

Time and Health - always underappreciated

2017 has been a swirl of medical emergencies,
unfavourable diagnosis and
an energy zapping illnesses.

Between travel for emergencies and hospital stays (my mom),
unfavourable but very treatable diagnosis (my step-dad)
and so much traveling for work,
I feel I have been living my life on the road and
living in a constant state of stress and worry.
Too many nights away from my home and bed.

Your body will eventually tell you when it's had enough.
Mine did.
In the form of shingles on my face.

Life is slowly starting to get back to normal here.

Spring has come.
Promise and Hope.

I have been trying to spend time in my garden, 
weeding and planting.

But it's not easy when you don't want to disturb
your garden wildlife...

adorable wee bunnies..

nesting birds...
(new babies soon!)

and stray kitty...
(who has been helping get rid of moles under our shed)

I'm hoping to start back my fair weather 'normal' tomorrow.

A cup of tea in my garden
before starting my work day.

"Time and health are two precious assets
that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted."
~ Denis Waitley

True Dat!

xo Catherine

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Laughter is the Best Medicine

sitting in the doctor's office
waiting for the verdict
do I have the 'current/popular' cold and flu virus of 2017?
"we could do a blood test but by the time we get the results, you will either be dead or better"
(the doctor says teasingly)
I'm not too worried about it
fluid and rest - that's all there is to it

I read the quote sitting on his desk
"Laughter is the Best Medicine"
it sits in front of a statue of a mom and baby elephant
my mom loves elephants

to the strongest and bravest woman I know
while the past 5 weeks of 2017 have not been kind to you
multiple doctors, multiple errors
'fixes' resulting in 'another error' needing 'another fix' resulting in 'another error' - and it goes on

you asked me a number of years ago to get a tattoo with you
I laughed you off and made an adamant vow of "I will never get a tattoo!!!" 

but then, there was
another screw up
you were losing hope - I felt I was losing you
so I promised you a mother/daughter tattoo
it's all I could think of at the time
I was bargaining with you

you kept your promise
I am actually (although I hate to admit it) looking forward to keeping mine

I designed it myself
I'm thinking white ink on our left inside heels

I also promised you that one day - a long time from now
we would find the 'cherished and funny memories' from this experience 
as we have from all those years with dad's health situations

so far I have:

  • Holding your hand that evening
  • Afternoons curled up on the hospital bed beside you watching The Walton's
  • Being there for you on some of your worst days

  • "Ummm...I think you are close enough to the pole George."
  • "They've had bendy straws and ice packs this whole time...really?? Like REALLY? The whole DAMN time???"
  • "OMG!!!  This hospital can't even get f*ckin' jell-o right!"

yes indeed - sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine...

love you!

xo forever your daughter
anytime - anywhere


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