Monday, August 1, 2016

Spring Babies & A Wonky Eye & August

August swooped in behind my back.
I wasn't paying attention.

One day I was watching spring babies...

And the next day...

Those babies were out of the nest.
Making it on their own.
Finding their way.

Stanley and I have been
'empty nesters' for over 3 months now.

We like it.  :)

And Banjo?

Well his eye is still wonky.
It seems to come and go.
He mostly sleeps all day.
I suspect he does not have much - if any - hearing left.
But he seems to be taking it all in stride.

And thus we move into August.
Where I can see on the calendar
that it's almost time for holidays.
I will try not hurry them along.
For then summer is over and fall will be upon us once again.

Wishing you a long and happy August!

xo Catherine & Banjo


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