Friday, January 1, 2016

It's About Love This Year

To have someone by your side
to support you unconditionally, with patience and love,
I know is more than many people have.

But when you think about love
it's more than loving someone else.
I think it's about loving yourself too.

I think everyone needs to give themselves permission
to love and look after their own self.
For YOU are the only YOU that you have.
Whether that is your health, your mind, your body, your spirit.

There are no words to say to the man
who stood beside me through a year
that I do not wish to repeat.

He engineered and conducted as I took a ride on the Crazy Train.
He held my hand and said nothing when I did not want to talk.
He wrapped me in his arms when I cried.
And he stood by me as I took control of my life,
putting myself first,
ensuring my mind, body, health and spirit
got back on the right track.

Through it,
there were many good times last year as well.
Celebrating both our 50th Birthdays.
Our 3rd trip to Victoria.
Moose Jaw Mineral Spa weekend.
Country Cruises.
And of course...

I am very happy to report that
Stanley and I have finally mastered
George and Mary's awesome dance moves from
"It's A Wonderful Life".

Our kitchen rendition is truly a thing of beauty...
(or is it more a thing of laughter... hmmm...)

There's two songs that captured my
heart and mind last year
that I share with you today:

This year I'm making it about LOVE.
Love of others.
Love of myself.

Who can truly say they have too much love?

Wishing you all a LOVE filled 2016.

xo Catherine

CREDIT: "It's A Wonderful Life" 


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