Sunday, December 13, 2015

House Cleaning Rules

There is something very gratifying to have
woken up early on a Saturday morning,
blast the Christmas tunes, sing and dance, while
spending a few hours cleaning all those things
you've been meaning to clean for months.

{How does all that gunk get into the utensil drawer? Does no
one but me know how to empty out the toaster crumb tray? What
is that growing under the kitchen sink? I wonder if this is still
edible 8 months past the 'best before' date?  When the hell did we get a
2nd cat or is that just all my hair on the bathroom floor?...

Dishwasher emptied.
Floors vacuumed.
Furniture dusted.
Towels washed, dried, folded, but away.
2nd course for my Corporate Wellness Certificate 1/2 done.
(Wrote my 1st exam last Tuesday night - passed!  woot woot!)
New record set for jogging 7k (54 minutes!)
Bathed, hair washed, dressed for the day...
and it is 11:42 am.

Nothing left to do but kick back and relax the
rest of the day and all day Sunday.
Monday off?  Bonus!!!

"First rule when singing and house cleaning at the same time;
the toilet brush is NEVER the microphone."  
~ unknown


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