Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome My Garden Heros

standing in the middle of your garden
late afternoon
camera in hand
with 30+ of the cutest birds
flying around your head
landing at your feet
watching you watch them
as they twit, tweet and flit about
gobbling pesky aphids
that have invaded after the rain...

they are not camera shy
nor are they scared of me
landing beside me but for a moment
testing my reflexes and camera speed
too busy ridding my garden
of evil insect pests
to be bothered by the likes
of an enchanted bird-loving human...

I am still here
creeping in the background of all of you
keeping tabs on my bloggy friends

I am keeping my comments off for now

there's not much summer left in Southwest Saskatchewan
and I am trying to hang on to it
as long as I can...

xo Catherine

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August

Hello August!

I greet you with bitter-sweetness
for you move fast and September is on your heels.
Which in these parts of Canada means
autumn will be here soon.

The beauty of June is already a distant memory.
The blossoms.
The smells.
The colors.

Was it really over a month ago
that Wayne and I were on Vancouver Island
taking in the beaches and island life?

And now July has faded into the past.
I've been enjoying morning tea on the patio before work.

Taking in the colors of the flowers
and the warmth of each new day.

I've been watching my potted tomatoes
grow and multiply in the sun.

I've been marvelling at the wonders of nature
as spiders drape my garden with webs
that are soon covered in morning dew
making them shine like crystals.

I've been saving baby birds
that accidentally hit the windows.
I scoop them up and hide them high in garden pots
to ensure neighbourhood kitties don't find them while they recover.

I've been watching and laughing
at crazy squirrels raiding my bird feeders
although I should really be chasing them out of my yard.

I've been refilling bird feeders and bird baths
ensuring my sources of summer entertainment
feel welcomed and keep returning.

I attended a wedding where my son was the
BridesMAN for his very best long-time friend.
Taking the opportunity to take
a long-over due family photo.

I've had the opportunity to coffee and lunch
with many different friends last month,
some that live far and near.

At the wedding I also got to catch up with
this sweet young friend
who thinks Wayne and I are "young and hip"... :)

And Banjo has still been enjoying his nip cow
from his meowbox goodies he received last month.

So if you are looking for me in August
I will be outside when I can be
hanging out with my garden fairies
and all the other garden ornaments...

including Ceramic Kitty
who someone(?) so thoughtfully(???)
put in my backyard while we were away.

Ceramic Kitty with freaky glued on eyelashes.
Not sure how long she will last in my backyard...
just sayin'...

Wishing you a most wonderful August!

xo Catherine


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