Friday, July 11, 2014

The End is Nigh

Or at least it seems like it as you are grasping onto your
last few hours of vacation...and as someone said,
"The bigger the summer vacation the harder the fall."

Speaking of falling...

Wayne...being a goof...

(ya' got to love a man that humours you for photo ops)

Would you believe - that in 8 nights/9 days, we only spent
$131.90 on 'entertainment'?  But we were entertained the whole time.
There are so many free things to see and do in Victoria
if you don't mind doing a little walking.

Street entertainers - if you liked them, you gave them a tip,
 if not, you kept on walking.
Markets, art, sites, music,
so many things to see and do.

Amazing fences.

Colorful and unique houses.

(which is actually in Coombs, BC.)
But yup, a bunch of cute goats living on 
the roof of a Country Market.
How fun is that?

Free music at the pubs!
(Tom Hooper from Grapes of Wrath playing the guitar)
Ummm...yea..bagpipes...not my favorite but *shrug* 

And although the food certainly wasn't free,
we didn't find it overly expensive.
And let's just say it's a good thing
we were doing so much walking...

Restaurants we ate/drank at:
  • Bard and Banker - Victoria (sticky toffee pudding! YUM! Sad their menu has changed though)
  • Irish Times - Victoria
  • Sticky Wicket - Victoria 
  • The Local - Victoria 
  • Darcy's Pub - Victoria
  • Lefty's - Parksville
  • Giovanni's ~ Qualicum (lasagna - best we've ever tasted!)
  • Swale Rock Cafe ~ Port Alberni
  • Jamie's Rainforest Inn - Tofino
  • Rod and Gun ~ Parksville (it was OK - not great)
  • Kwisitis Feast House ~ Tofino (would NOT recommend)
  • The Old Fork - Duncan
  • Cora's ~ Victoria (YUM!))
  • Willy's Bakery & Cafe ~ Victoria (LOVE!!!)
  • Floyd's Diner - Victoria
  • Cactus Club - Victoria (Watermelon margarita's!)
  • The Spaghetti Factory - Victoria

The view was free from
our hotel room!

maybe not 'free' as we had a pretty fancy room.
(Thank goodness for paid-out over time!!)
Inn at Laural Point outer harbour view.

9 days of contentment and bliss.

Our most entertainment expense was from
doing the 4 x 18 hole mini-golf courses
at Parksville and 2 movies at the IMAX in Victoria.

Stanley kicked my butt in mini-golf.

The only thing that marred our trip?
Seeing "Darth Vader" playing the violin and someone paying
to have their photo taken with him.


If the street entertainers start turning beautiful Victoria
into what is the vulgarity of Las Vegas,
I will be staying home.  Just sayin'...

Let us end with a much more
pleasant and authentic photo of Victoria.

(See the sea lion belly up in the water?)

sigh...that's better...


"A vacation should be just long enough that you're boss misses you
and not long enough for her/him to discover how well
s/he can get along without you." ~ unknown

Hmmm...perhaps it's a good thing I go back to work on Tuesday. 


  1. wow, love the goat on the roof, and the roof it is standing on or maybe eating the roof.. love the goofy hubby shot and that house is amazing. so much to see and do and that is a cheap entertainment.

  2. love the cool fence and neat houses! the goats are very quaint. :)

  3. pretty spectacular...all of it. But I must admit the goat....not Wayne!!! was the show stopper today.

  4. Fantastic photos and wonderful holiday.
    Goat on the roof ... beautiful.
    I wish you a nice weekend.

  5. What a beautiful couple you are!!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I just love the goat on the roof!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Goats living on the roof? That'd be pretty interesting! Lovely photos! Makes me want to go back to Victoria!

  7. The goat on the roof was kinda strange to see, but then the roof was grass so I guess why not! I totally agree about Darth- exit stage left there ya goof! I'm glad y'all had a super Vacation.

  8. That was an awesome tour, thanks! I'm so glad you had such a good time in my home province. You're right, Darth is sadly out of place there...I guess a guy's gotta make a living. Glad to have you back!

  9. Goats upon the roof? Was Santa there? Oops, never mind. Look at all that food! That sure looks like a fun, fun time!!!

  10. What a SPECTACULAR trip!

    I don't like Vegas, either...

  11. Splendid scenery and intriguing sights. Glad you had a good time.

  12. Love all the pics, I know I will never visit Victoria but great to read all about it.
    BTW I love bagpipe music, can't get enough of it. XX

  13. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, maybe one day. Have a great weekend and hugs to Banjo.

  14. Looks like another wonderful time away and oh my you are looking amazing in your jeans! I love your pictures. Hopefully we can skype or FaceTime during your September holidays.

  15. Such a great vacation you had it was nice of you to share i feel like I was right there with you. That mini golf in Parksville is fun isn't it. It looks like you also made it to Cathedral Grove.

  16. Dearest Catherine,
    Lovely photos from a great vacation and yes, walking is always our most favorite way of exploring any area!
    Those goats on the roof; love that shot with Wayne looking up!
    Also your belly-up-shot is lovely; etc. etc.
    Happy weekend to you both!

  17. Great photos and what a fun trip you had!! I love the first photo where Wayne is posing like the sign :-)
    A lot of walking and yummy food, that's the best. Love the goat on roof and sea lion with his belly up :-) And the view from your hotel room is so gorgeous! I want to visit there some day!

    Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  18. we particularly like the goat on the roof!

    Thanks for sharing all those great photos...

    Noodle and crew

  19. Victoria looks like a great place, Catherine, so nice you both had a wonderful time there !
    Enjoyed your photos !
    Have a relaxing weekend ... before you go back to work :-)

  20. It all look like fun !!! love the goat on that roof !!..happy from me Ria...x !

  21. Wow! That looks like a fabulous place to visit! Glad you had a nice vacation. We are just starting ours this week. HOORAY!

  22. What a wonderful vacation, Darth Vader notwithstanding! The scenery is so beautiful!!

    Thanks for a list of restaurants, I'll be sure to check Giovanni's when I'm there in January...and probably give a miss to the Rod and Gun.

  23. Goats on the roof, that's so cool. Your collage of food made me a bit hungry. Looks like you two had a great time.

  24. We love Victories too having been there three times. I love the island though each trip it seemed more crowded and "touristy" with lots of no trespassing signs on the beaches....

  25. Oh my wonderful! I particularly enjoy the goats on the roof...very fun indeed!
    Sending hugs ...

  26. love the goat! love that you have a goofy husband too! and really love your room view! wow!!! and you look fabulous!!!

  27. It looks like so much fun. The food looks delicious. We on vacation in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

  28. What a lovely vacation! That is someplace I hope to get to someday. I love your food collage!!!

  29. gorgeous scenery, reminds me of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, minus the water.

  30. It looks like you had a wonderful time. We thought it was beautiful too. One of the cool things we saw was the amethyst paving stones on some of the sidewalks.

  31. Nice nice nice. You did a lot of walking and I remember the Goats on the roof last summer. Pretty NEAT! You will enjoy your first week back because you will look way better than everyone who has not gone on a holiday yet!

  32. WOW! oh man, you guys had a blast. im so happy for you. you look great together!!! cheers!!

  33. Hi There, I was catching up on your posts since your trip --and have enjoyed reading all of them...

    Since I could comment on this one, I thought I'd tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your wonderful vacation. Sounds like a 'real' vacation --where you and Stanley could do what you wanted to do: relax, eat some fantastic meals, just watch the views--and yes, even see Darth Vader... Gads!!!!!

    Glad it was so great... Have a great weekend.

  34. Love those wee goats at Coombs, they are so much fun! And yeah, enough with Darth Vader in Victoria, he doesn't exactly fit with the vibe does he?! Sounds like had a wonderful time visiting our provinces beautiful capital!

  35. Hello my friend,
    Just catching up with your blog. I just added Victoria to my list of places I want to visit. It looks lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.


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