Tuesday, July 8, 2014

meowbox Goodies and a Special Offer

Back in February of this yearOlivia at meowbox sent Banjo a sample box of meowbox goodies.  He loved them!

Last month I received an email from Olivia again: "What I’d like to do is send you the latest meowbox so you have some fresh photos to post, and provide you with a new promo code to share with your readers.  It would give them 10% off and I would track every time it’s used.  Every time a person uses it, you receive $2 and it would be transferred to you each month." 

I asked Olivia if the money could be donated to our local animal shelter instead.  As meowbox is a company that is active in the rescue of animals, a financial supporter of rescue efforts AND as a portion of meowbox time, efforts, and sales goes towards supporting animal rescue already, Olivia quickly agreed!  What a sweetie!  What a terrific company!

And so, the other day, Banjo's 2nd meowbox showed up.  (You can view is 1st meowbox in my February 28th meowbox post.)

Banjo was on it like fleas on a dog! (Umm...that was his reference, not mine...) He could smell some good stuff in there!

Oh look - a little message just for him!!

First attacked was a nip cow which you can't actually see as he pounced on it and wouldn't let me take it away from him.

I thought I better get a photo of all the goodies before he went too crazy with that cow!

The little card inside tells you about the company, and about all the treats and items in the box. 

Funny little post card!  As Banjo can't read, I read it to him.  :)

I put the pretty collar with a jingly bell on it, on him.  He was a little confused as to where the sound was coming from...

Back to the nip cow...

Ewwwww..... a well enjoyed cow... ick... and 5 days later he's still enjoying it!

And while he enjoyed each of the treats that he received... (granted he's not exactly a persnickety treat eater...)

He seemed to enjoy the Liver Chops the best.  Only one ingredient - liver!  And low cal?  Even better for this big boy!

I only gave him two but he wanted more...

All in all - Banjo seemed to enjoy ever single one of the products and will be munching on his treats for many days to come. And as for the nip cow, I could hear him still tossing it in the air and chasing it last night so he is certainly getting some exercise while enjoying the toy!  

It was very fun to receive completely different products than what we received last time, and the fact that I have never seen any of these treats in our local pet stores also adds to the surprise.

Pop over to meowbox.com to check it out and to see all the cute kitty photos too!

And if you are interested in making a purchase - use the promo code: BANJO10 at https://meowbox.com  Not only will you receive 10% off your purchase but you will be helping to make a donation to our local animal shelter!  Added bonus - FREE shipping to Canadian and US kitties! Woot woot!

NOTE: Other than the free samples, Banjo and I are not being compensated for this review.  He truly did enjoy all the snacks and LOVES his nip cow.  As well, Banjo shared some of his treats with kitty friends and they enjoyed them too!  

It's nice to share - right Banjo?  Banjo?

Umm yea...nobody wants to share your cow Banjo.  It's all yours.  


  1. Dearest Catherine,
    Banjo did a great job in posing for fun photos here.
    That cow is his favorite as are the liver treats! Wonder if they don't have high cholesterol like for humans?
    Enjoy your summer week.
    Sending you hugs,

  2. I love your blog and the photo's .Banjo is having a great time with his treats and his cow
    hugs Elisabeth

  3. What a GREAT post!!! I don't have a kitty - but If I did - I'd buy one of those boxes!!

  4. What a great box, Catherine, I can see Banjo is enjoying all those treats !
    And that nip cow is so cute ! :-)
    You've captured all so beautifully, lovely photos !

  5. Great box of goodies there Banjo! Sounds like a super company! Thanks for you visit. Hope to get back on track with out blog more.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  6. great idea and I love ALL the photos of Banjo, what a picture story...

  7. he is SO darn cute and that company is great to spoil him and let others enjoy, too.

  8. I don't think I've seen anyone have so much fun in a long time! Way to go Banjo!

  9. Bless your heart, Catherine, and I so loved these photos of that handsome fella! The goody box looks wonderful, and he looks just thrilled with it!

  10. Hi Banjo,it must feel like Christmas. Have a great day and love all the photos of you. hugs

  11. What a lovely box, and great items inside.. (and awesome photos)

  12. What a wonderful box!! It's great the company is helping animal rescue and you are so sweet to let them donate to the shelter when promo code is used. Looks like Banjo is thoroughly enjoying the box :-) The cow sounds such a hit!
    I love the photos of him jumping for the treat. Don't worry, Banjo, all the kitties will forgive you... :-)

  13. Banjo is adorable!! It's good to see him! I already love this company! Anyone who helps animals is a winner in my book! Great idea on your part!!!

  14. Owwwwww sweet banjo......Iris and Trevor are verry jelous now They see you box ..!....love from me Ria....!...x!

  15. While Duke is very happy for Banjo getting all those cool treats and the cow he feels that this company is discriminating against the canine population. :)

  16. OMC! What gorgeous photos of handsome Banjo! That box is filled with lots of goodies and yay for the company to donate to your local animal shelter!

  17. What a cute post. I love that Banjo. He really is a gorgeous boy. My crew love the bullies, too and they are very fussy about their treats. I'll pop over and check out the link. Poor cow...he's a goner. Hugs

  18. Banjo is very nice. The company is great. Pamper yourself and let the others too.

  19. No need to share the cow Banjo, it might be a bit soggy now.
    The nip really did wonders for your photo shoot, you are a very lucky cat. XX

  20. I don't have a kitty ---but those treats obviously are delicious to the kitties... Nice that they will donate any profits to your local animal shelter... NEAT...

    I'm sure that many folks will take advantage of this offer.


  21. Banjo is a riot. I think he's a total sweetheart. I know someone who would probably enjoy replacing her mouse with a cow - especially after a review like that!

  22. Lucky Banjo, all those great treats and a nip cow too? Moooooo, lol.

    I love the idea, and what a generous company to give us a discount, and donate to a local shelter.

    Will be checking it out for Bootsie.


  23. That was a great box of goodies, and ever picture of Banjo was squee worthy. What a great deal that the money you would have gotten will go to your local shelter. That was a great idea. We've never tried the Meowbox, but Mom's going to use your link and check it out. XO, Lily Olivia, Maurico, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Banjo is adorable! What a lovely company to donate to local shelters, wish I had a kitty so I could buy one of their great meoboxs.

  25. Banjo missed his calling- he should have gone into acting! Those treats look delicious..well, except for the icky slurped cow, but I am sure Banjo loved it. I covered Katie's eyes..I don't want her to be jealous!

  26. Sweet treats for Banjo! I'm going to have to check it out for the kitties. I can save some money, the cats will be thrilled and your shelter will benefit..everyone wins.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Banjo got a really fun box. :) It was fun seeing him with all the goodies.

  28. What a lovely post! Banjo is such a character!


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