Friday, July 18, 2014

Quietly Enjoying Summer

morning cups of tea
sitting admiring my flowers
watching and listening to the birds
before starting my work day

evening walks after supper
still so sunny and warm out
sunscreen is a must
walking fast so mosquitoes can't keep up

trying to enjoy the quickly passing summer
savouring each warm moment
before it passes and slips into autumn
and we are back at winter


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Enough To Drive You To Drink

When I took this photo, it was mid-afternoon and Wayne and I were sitting in the sunshine, on the street corner patio of The Old Spaghetti Factory in Victoria, enjoying a refreshing beverage.

I said to Wayne,  "Now...remember this exact moment when we have to go back to work."

Pomegranate Brain Freezes
Watermelon Margaritas
Mint Mojitos


A quote from The Irish Times Pub menu


Why was I not born rich instead of witty...


Friday, July 11, 2014

The End is Nigh

Or at least it seems like it as you are grasping onto your
last few hours of vacation...and as someone said,
"The bigger the summer vacation the harder the fall."

Speaking of falling...

Wayne...being a goof...

(ya' got to love a man that humours you for photo ops)

Would you believe - that in 8 nights/9 days, we only spent
$131.90 on 'entertainment'?  But we were entertained the whole time.
There are so many free things to see and do in Victoria
if you don't mind doing a little walking.

Street entertainers - if you liked them, you gave them a tip,
 if not, you kept on walking.
Markets, art, sites, music,
so many things to see and do.

Amazing fences.

Colorful and unique houses.

(which is actually in Coombs, BC.)
But yup, a bunch of cute goats living on 
the roof of a Country Market.
How fun is that?

Free music at the pubs!
(Tom Hooper from Grapes of Wrath playing the guitar)
Ummm...yea..bagpipes...not my favorite but *shrug* 

And although the food certainly wasn't free,
we didn't find it overly expensive.
And let's just say it's a good thing
we were doing so much walking...

Restaurants we ate/drank at:
  • Bard and Banker - Victoria (sticky toffee pudding! YUM! Sad their menu has changed though)
  • Irish Times - Victoria
  • Sticky Wicket - Victoria 
  • The Local - Victoria 
  • Darcy's Pub - Victoria
  • Lefty's - Parksville
  • Giovanni's ~ Qualicum (lasagna - best we've ever tasted!)
  • Swale Rock Cafe ~ Port Alberni
  • Jamie's Rainforest Inn - Tofino
  • Rod and Gun ~ Parksville (it was OK - not great)
  • Kwisitis Feast House ~ Tofino (would NOT recommend)
  • The Old Fork - Duncan
  • Cora's ~ Victoria (YUM!))
  • Willy's Bakery & Cafe ~ Victoria (LOVE!!!)
  • Floyd's Diner - Victoria
  • Cactus Club - Victoria (Watermelon margarita's!)
  • The Spaghetti Factory - Victoria

The view was free from
our hotel room!

maybe not 'free' as we had a pretty fancy room.
(Thank goodness for paid-out over time!!)
Inn at Laural Point outer harbour view.

9 days of contentment and bliss.

Our most entertainment expense was from
doing the 4 x 18 hole mini-golf courses
at Parksville and 2 movies at the IMAX in Victoria.

Stanley kicked my butt in mini-golf.

The only thing that marred our trip?
Seeing "Darth Vader" playing the violin and someone paying
to have their photo taken with him.


If the street entertainers start turning beautiful Victoria
into what is the vulgarity of Las Vegas,
I will be staying home.  Just sayin'...

Let us end with a much more
pleasant and authentic photo of Victoria.

(See the sea lion belly up in the water?)

sigh...that's better...


"A vacation should be just long enough that you're boss misses you
and not long enough for her/him to discover how well
s/he can get along without you." ~ unknown

Hmmm...perhaps it's a good thing I go back to work on Tuesday. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

meowbox Goodies and a Special Offer

Back in February of this yearOlivia at meowbox sent Banjo a sample box of meowbox goodies.  He loved them!

Last month I received an email from Olivia again: "What I’d like to do is send you the latest meowbox so you have some fresh photos to post, and provide you with a new promo code to share with your readers.  It would give them 10% off and I would track every time it’s used.  Every time a person uses it, you receive $2 and it would be transferred to you each month." 

I asked Olivia if the money could be donated to our local animal shelter instead.  As meowbox is a company that is active in the rescue of animals, a financial supporter of rescue efforts AND as a portion of meowbox time, efforts, and sales goes towards supporting animal rescue already, Olivia quickly agreed!  What a sweetie!  What a terrific company!

And so, the other day, Banjo's 2nd meowbox showed up.  (You can view is 1st meowbox in my February 28th meowbox post.)

Banjo was on it like fleas on a dog! (Umm...that was his reference, not mine...) He could smell some good stuff in there!

Oh look - a little message just for him!!

First attacked was a nip cow which you can't actually see as he pounced on it and wouldn't let me take it away from him.

I thought I better get a photo of all the goodies before he went too crazy with that cow!

The little card inside tells you about the company, and about all the treats and items in the box. 

Funny little post card!  As Banjo can't read, I read it to him.  :)

I put the pretty collar with a jingly bell on it, on him.  He was a little confused as to where the sound was coming from...

Back to the nip cow...

Ewwwww..... a well enjoyed cow... ick... and 5 days later he's still enjoying it!

And while he enjoyed each of the treats that he received... (granted he's not exactly a persnickety treat eater...)

He seemed to enjoy the Liver Chops the best.  Only one ingredient - liver!  And low cal?  Even better for this big boy!

I only gave him two but he wanted more...

All in all - Banjo seemed to enjoy ever single one of the products and will be munching on his treats for many days to come. And as for the nip cow, I could hear him still tossing it in the air and chasing it last night so he is certainly getting some exercise while enjoying the toy!  

It was very fun to receive completely different products than what we received last time, and the fact that I have never seen any of these treats in our local pet stores also adds to the surprise.

Pop over to to check it out and to see all the cute kitty photos too!

And if you are interested in making a purchase - use the promo code: BANJO10 at  Not only will you receive 10% off your purchase but you will be helping to make a donation to our local animal shelter!  Added bonus - FREE shipping to Canadian and US kitties! Woot woot!

NOTE: Other than the free samples, Banjo and I are not being compensated for this review.  He truly did enjoy all the snacks and LOVES his nip cow.  As well, Banjo shared some of his treats with kitty friends and they enjoyed them too!  

It's nice to share - right Banjo?  Banjo?

Umm yea...nobody wants to share your cow Banjo.  It's all yours.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Call of Nature

"Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with
extreme care and genius." ~ Edward O. Wilson

"This is what you should do; love the Earth
and sun and the animals." ~ Walt Whitman

Samplings of Vancouver Island's nature ~ most enjoyable.

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Happy Sunday!


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