Friday, February 28, 2014


Awhile ago I was contacted by
Olivia at Meowbox 
asking if Banjo and I would be interested in
giving a review about their service and products.

who can resist free stuff!
Not this Cat and kitty!

It arrived the other day.

First off,
I love their graphic. 

As you can see
Banjo could immediately tell
there was some good stuff inside just for him.

I guess I was being too slow in opening the box
because he decided to help me.  

The presentation was lovely.
it was lovely before Banjo
started nibbling at the feather.

Inside were many fun and exciting things.
Products which we had ever seen before.

 There was
all natural food samples.
And an adorable kitty bow tie!

He hasn't tested the snacks yet
but if the fact he was trying to
chew on the bags was any indication,
I suspect he is going to enjoy all of it.

I like the natural ingredients
of the samplers we received.

The only thing I am a little hesitant in giving him
is the "Pawbreakers" catnip ball due to him
being a bit 'hoggish' and trying to
put the whole thing in his mouth.
Which it totally perhaps
this nip ball is better for
smaller kitties with smaller mouths.
But he does love licking it
when I hold it so it must taste good!

As you can see,
Banjo loved his new nip bag
and of course,
the pretty paper is always fun to chew too.

Even after the toys were put away
Banjo was right back into his toy box
pulling out that new nip bag.

That is some good nip they grow out there in B.C.!

he played with his new toy for at least 3 hours.
And sometime during the night,
I heard that nip bag being tossed into the air
and being chased after.

Well and that bow tie...
ya' have to admit
makes him look extra handsome...

I  know Banjo would give his Meowbox
'two thumbs up'...

if he had thumbs...

It really was a fun surprise to receive!

Thank you Olivia for choosing us!

For anyone interested,
Meowbox is offering our readers 25% off (see update below) their first order.
All you have to do is sign up and use the following
Promo Code:   BANJO25

And with that,
Banjo and I wish you a
super happy weekend!

NOTE: We are not being compensated for our review nor do we receive any compensation for anyone ordering from them.  We truly did enjoy the products and love that it is a Canadian based company and that they have free shipping!  :)  Check out their FAQs page: link

Update June 9/14:   promo codes are now 10% off and the website address is:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Still not talking about it...

Just showing it...

I took a walk this afternoon
winter boots
warm coat
camera in hand

looking at the beauty of it
pure white, fluff
listening to the sound of it
crunching under foot but falling silently
experiencing the feel of it
cold, yet melting on my face
taking in the smell of it
fresh, soul cleansing

sometimes you forget to appreciate it

it's hard to go a whole month and not complain about it
but then you remember that it's really not so bad
in the whole scheme of life

*sending out good thoughts and best wishes
to some dear friends who are
fighting the battle of their lives*

xo Catherine

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Present is The Past in The Future

It's sometimes very hard to 'live in the moment'.  My mind is so often in the future.  In a year from now, what will I be wishing I had started today which at that time will be my past, but is currently my present. Will I be wishing I had:
  • Worked more? Nope.
  • Partied more? Doubt it.
  • Traveled more? Maybe.
  • Saved more? Probably.
  • Played more? Certainly.
  • Loved more? Always.   

It makes you think doesn't it?

What will I be thankful for next year for doing this year?

Tomorrow is Family Day here in Saskatchewan.
A long-weekend.
Limitless possibilites.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't Regret It

  • Was bullied when she was young; learned to protect herself with her sense of humour
  • Totalled her mother's car off playing "Chicken"; has been a responsible driver ever since
  • Tried smoking one night at a party, puked her guts out; never touched another cigarette again in her life
  • Waitressed for 4 years during high-school; learned the value of a hard earned dollar and the pride of earning your own money
  • Always dreamed of being the lead singer in an all girl band; still sings into a hair brush and dances in front of a mirror when no one is home

"Don't regret your has shaped you.
Don't fear your is yours to shape."
~ Louise Hansen

Do you have things in your past that have shaped your future?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Health - Not Just For Humans

Every night after Banjo takes his medicine,
he gets a treat.

One moment Banjo...

it's coming...

just let me put your medicine away first...

yea yea...I'm getting it...

gaawd!!...have a little patience cat!


low in calories, high in protein, high in fibre, organic

and heart shaped!
Perfect for Heart Month.  :)

He get's one every night.
He gobbles them up.
(I'm actually not even really sure if he chews it.)

But, he does love them!

Please note:
Neither Banjo nor I have been compensated for a review of this product
Unless he's holding out on me and pocketing money I don't know about...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Healthy Favorites - Take One

Continuing on the road to good health
I am trying to add in more 'good stuff' whenever I can.

And since February is Heart Month,
and I took a vow not to discuss the weather this month,
I shall share some of my newest healthy favorites this month.

First up...

These organic, vegan, gluton free, kosher, super food Cacao Nibs are packed with fibre and protein! Add them to cookies, granola, ice cream, salads  - even tea!  Anywhere that you want just a little hit of the healthy!

Zhena's Gypsytea Chocolate Chai Tea is caffeine-free, organic, vegan, fair-trade and has a zest of ginger and cinnamon bark.  One of my favorite after supper teas. 

Oh...and I'm also very into Polka Dots right now...
but that's another post for another day.  

Wishing you a Happy Healthy Heart Smart week!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Say what?

When one has vowed not to discuss the weather
it leaves very little to converse about...



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