Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Too Old?

Do we ever get too old to enjoy
licking off the beaters?

I hope not.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Focus On What is Beautiful

I was reminded yesterday
of the beauty of January on the prairies...

Monday, January 20, 2014

I thought you said squirrels?

Oh yes - I did chase some 'squirrels' this weekend - but I took time out for some cats too:

  • By 1:30 pm Friday, Stanley and I headed 2 hours West where there was no snow and double digit temperatures!  Medicine Hat - my favorite 'get away for the weekend' city.
  • Shopping, nice dinner, movie and popcorn, lovely hotel room.
  • Saturday there was more shopping; a new purse, electric blanket, runners.
  • Sunday was all about snoozing and movie watching.
Today - a "Me Day" booked off work was spent by:
  • Brunch out with my friend Carolynn (A Glowing Ember)
  • A trip to Pet Value to visit and play with some SPCA kitties
  • An hour long Skype & Tea date with my friend Penny (A Penny For My Thoughts)
  • Trying to get Banjo to play with his new wind up kitty...he pretty much ignored it...

Do you ever take a "Me Day"?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chasing Squirrels

I think it's good to chase squirrels when you can.

Now clearly I don't mean literally.
I like squirrels!
And those little critters are fast.
Who could keep up!

I mean like a dog being walked on a leash in a park
(your contraints of day to day responsibilities at work and at home)
when you find yourself with the leash off
(weekends and holidays)
you should chase those squirrels
(do the things that make you happiest)
as those squirrels might not always be there
(family, friends, time, opportunities).

Time is precious.
We know it, but we often forget it.

So if you are looking for me this weekend
I am doing exactly that...

Chasing Squirrels!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Day With No Purpose

I like to believe everyone's life
be it short or long
be it extraordinary or ordinary
has a purpose.

But I am OK with a few days in my life
now and then having no purpose.

The two most important days in your life are

the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

Today is one of those days.
And I'm OK with that.  :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Food For Thought

This is a post about Weight Management - if you are not interested in reading,
please go ahead and simply look at the photo of the cute little chipmunk
stuffing his little face to 'bulk up' for the winter
and then carry on to the next blog...  :)

Happy Wednesday!


In the spirit of other's resolutions of 'getting healthy'
and piggy backing on blog friend Betsy's (Joyful Reflections) post today
whose thoughts and experiences reflect mine including;
  • History of being able to lose weight but not keeping it off for any length of time
  • Starting a new life style change in April of 2011 (I didn't realize we started at the same time Betsy!)
  • Losing the weight slowly (statistically - the faster it comes off, the faster it comes back on); it took me 18 months to lose 67 lbs - basically a pound a week - I've been pretty much the same weight now for a year (the longest time for me EVER!)
  • Keeping a food journal (mine is by utilizing Weight Watchers On-line) every day (I spend no more than 2 minutes a day tracking since it's all electronic and it's on my computer, my ipad and my android phone) - I spend longer cleaning my teeth every day - LOVE MY TEETH! (3 years of braces and retainers will do that to a person...)
  • Tracking my daily steps (love my fitbit!)
  • Losing weight for yourself - your own health - not for anyone else

Now, I shall add my 2 cents (errr...Canada no longer has pennies...)
5 cents in about weight loss management and
what I did differently this time and what has helped me:
  • Take photos of yourself in your 'knickers' at your heaviest weight to refer back to when you feel the urge to give up (TIP: Hide the photos deep deep deep in your computer files so that NO ONE ever finds them!!! GAAAK!)
  • Talk to your Doctor and a nutritionalist about your health concerns and weight loss challenges - be open and honest with them - they are there to help!
  • Write down all your health problems that 'magically' disappear as you lose weight - sleep apnea, sore hips/knees, heart burn, tiredness, etc. - refer to them when you feel the urge to give up 
  • Find a good friend who is in the same 'healthy mind/healthy body zone' as you are (Hey Penny!!)
  • Don't deprive yourself of any food (except the really bad food you shouldn't be eating anyways) - I eat carbs breakfast, lunch and supper and I eat chocolate every day - oh yes I do!!  New favorite right now is Lindt individual squares - 3 chocolates = 2 WW pts!
  • Take photos of yourself in your 'knickers' as you reach each weight-loss milestone to refer back to when you feel the urge to give up - note how your 'knickers' get smaller and prettier (TIP: Hide the photos deep deep deep in your computer files so that NO ONE ever finds them!)
  • Find activities that you enjoy (I started with simply walking, then added Just Dance games for wii, bought a treadmill, and then you know I love me my weighted hula-hoop!)
  • Fill your ipod or mp3 player with 'get moving, feel good' music - update it often - when you walk or exercise, you keep going as you want to hear the next song!
  • Eat at least 2 snacks a day but usually 3 - LOTS of fruit - snacks with healthy, natural ingredients - one of my favorites is Kashi snack bars - (Mocha Almond bar? What?  More chocolate?  Yes please!! And only 3 WW pts!)  Never let yourself get hungry!
  • Take photos of yourself in your 'knickers' at your goal weight to refer back to when you feel the urge to give up - note how your 'knickers' are teeny tiny and super sexy (TIP: Don't hide these photos too deep in your computer files - let your husband use your computer once in awhile...)
  • Accept the fact that putting your health first is a DAILY CONSCIOUS CHOICE EVERY SINGLE DAY for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and REALIZE that YOU are WORTH IT!
Now, if you are done reading
please go ahead and look at the photo of the cute little chipmunk
stuffing his little face to 'bulk up' for the winter and remember that
WE ARE NOT CHIPMUNKS...there will be more food tomorrow.  :)

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trying To Keep Warm

Bunny in my yard this morning.

The windchill is -53c (-64F) this morning.
It is not fit for human or beast out there today.

Needless to say bunny photos
were taken from the
warmth and safety of inside my house.

Sending warm thoughts to all the
furry, fuzzy and feathered friends
living outside today.  :(

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Cold Days of January

the excitement of Christmas over
the calendar flipped to a new year
all that's left here are...

the long cold days of January...

looking forward to lots of
blanket snuggling
tea drinking
movie watching
lazy weekends...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Simple Word Won't Do It


I'm turning 49 this year
The real 49
Not the I've been 49 for the last 3 years 49
I'm in the best shape I've ever been in my whole life
Possibilites for me this year are limitless
I can do anything I set my mind to

I'm still working on 'Project Me'
I will not stop
I am art in progress
I am limitless in what I can achieve
I will not take that for granted
I will be loyal to my soul

I am not a statistic
I am a Champion and you're going to hear me roar
You're going to see me be brave
I will be better than I ever thought I could be
I am not going to age quietly
I will laugh daily


Wishing you all
for 2014.


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