Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm not taking this lying down...

There's only one alternative to getting older
and we all know what that is...

Along with always taking the day off work,
I think a gal should dance on her birthday don't you?

And to help wear off those birthday cake calories,
throw in a weighted hula hoop.

So for all of you who asked for it
(ok...so maybe only 2 of you asked for it...)
here I am
with a very short rendition
of my 30 minutes Hula Hoop routine...


I started routinely using a weighted hula hoop
to help build my core muscles
less than eight months ago.

Believe it or not
I could never hula hoop as a kid.

Thus proving
you can teach an old gal...
slightly more than middle-aged gal
new tricks!

Music Credits: Massari - Brand New Day


  1. Happy Birthday Catherine! I loved hula-hooping as a kid. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine : )
    Don't you want to tell me how old are you ?...tee..heh..just kidding. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    My mom never done hula hoop but she always do cake : )
    Happy hug

  3. Happy HAPPY birthday girl! Never heard of a weighted hula hoop - does it work better than sit ups? If so, I'm in 'cause that looks like lots more fun! *laugh*

  4. Happy birthday, Catherine! I'm truly in awe...I couldn't keep a hula hoop going for 30 seconds, let alone 30 minutes. And I couldn't hula as a child, either. LOL. Impressive!

    Have a fabulous birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! I can't see the video because I am school, and we aren't allowed to see anything fun at school - so I'll have to wait till I get home!

  6. awesome! awesome! you are good! and I love the music happy happy birthday Catherine!

  7. Wow, sexy girl! How fun! I'm gonna need to do that! Way more fun than the usual exercises. Remember all the stuff we used to do as kids. Jump rope, the bars, swings. Ahhh, those were the days. Seriously I'm impressed.

  8. PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY - have a fun day!

  9. Oh you have started a whole new craze. Weighted hulahooping.

    Happy Birthday


  10. HONEY!!!! You da' BOMB! I am so impressed. Love the kneeling part! Happy Birthday to a young, ever-evolving woman!!!

  11. Happy D-day!
    Where do you find weighted hula hoops?
    (Make sure you eat lots of cake!)

  12. You go girl!!! You are fantastic! I watched the whole video of you and I jumped up and started dancing! You could start your own classes online...seriously!
    Happy Birthday to you sweet Catherine!!!
    Hope you enjoy yourself!

    My hubby's is tomorrow. :)

  13. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!

  14. awesome, awesome, awesome! and fun, too!

  15. Happy birthday Catherine .The little movie is awesome,i loved to hula hoop when i was a child .
    xxx Elisabeth

  16. wow and wow again... i could never keep it up for a second when younger, not wonder you are so slender.. i watched the whole thing and enjoyed it.

  17. May I tell you that I am very impressed. Is that a regular hula hoop?

    Happy birthday Hula girl!


  18. Wow! I'm totally impressed Catherine! I've never heard of a weighted hula hoop, was this a class you took, or a video? Really! I'd love to learn to do this!!

  19. WOWIE!! I am soooo IMPRESSED! You do that for 30 minutes?? And you do other stuff like walking, turning, getting down low too??? Sheesh, girlie, you ROCK!

    I can't do that because I don't have an empty room in my house in which to swing my hula hoop. ;)

  20. OOP! Happy Birthday, my friend! You look FABULOUS!!!

  21. Happy birthday, Catherine! I played with hula hoop when I was a kid and didn't do well. I guess I can learn,too! Weighted hula hoop should be very good to build musckles while having fun :-)
    Enjoy your day, have a very happy birthday!!

  22. Very impressive ... happiest of birthdays to you!

  23. Happy Birthday - those weighted hoops are supposed to be great for ya!!!

  24. just showed this to hubby and he is impressed... you go girl

  25. Happy Birthday! You look MARVELOUS!

  26. Happy Birthday, Catherine! You make me want to dance!

  27. Happy Birthday.... I am SO SO SO impressed with your video. I could never EVER do that. You look fabulous my friend... OBVIOUSLY--you are doing something right when it comes to staying healthy!!!!!


  28. Amazing, loved the video.
    Happy Birthday. XX

  29. Congratulations !!! great movie...love from me...xxx...

  30. Oh my gawd, Catherine! I'm so impressed! You rock! Happy Birthday!

  31. Woooow, Catherine, that's amazing ... and you look great !
    Happy Birthday to you, have a wonderful day !

  32. Happy Birthday Catherine!
    I'm pisces too. But I can't hula hoop like you do!
    Thank you for making me smile.
    I wish you all the best my friend, you look gorgeous! :)

  33. That. Was. Awesome.

    And Cat, you look amazing!! Skinny mini or what! Keep up the good work!
    I'm definitely going to have to look into a hoop like that myself.

    I hope your birthday has been absolutely fantastic!!!

    Take care! ~Lyndsay [kittykye] :)

  34. Whoa, you rock. Go Catherine. Happy Birthday to you too.
    Mine is coming up in 16 days and I'm taking the day off. Now I'm going to dance too :)

  35. *clap clap clap* You are awesome! You make that look way too easy! I haven't tried one of those before and so far have just been doing weight lifting at the gym and cardio too. I don't think I can hula hoop but I have lots of muscles so I can punch someone's lights out! :)

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Catherine!

  36. Happy Birthday Catherine!

    All I can say is OMG!

  37. Go Catherine! Go Catherine! :) You rock. (And obviously hula hoop.) I've never mastered it, but i haven't tried in years, so maybe i should give it another go. Maybe when i turn 50 this summer? Will my hips hold up? lol. Happy Birthday to you!

  38. Happy Birthday Catherine!
    I love your hula hoop video. I could do it way back when but I haven't tried one in years. I'll have to get one and try.

  39. Happy Birthday!!

    I've always wanted to hula hoop.. you have given me hope that maybe one day I'll be able to as I too could never do it as a kid..

  40. Happy Birthday, and you go girl!

    Wow, you are so good with that...

    I need to go out and find my hoop again.


  41. Dearest Catherine,
    WOW and WOW again! Your really rock. Somewhere I still have a hula hoop but it is not weighted.
    Hugs to you,

  42. That is amazingly incredible. Mom says she could do it as a kid but not now. A few days ago she saw a young person using a hula hoop with lights on the inside. So cool! Keep up the good work. That sure looks like a fun way to get in shape. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at www.thecatonmyhead.com, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  43. Well, I am totally impressed and inspired! I'm ready to go get me one of those!! Way to go!!

  44. Oh, I almost forgot...Happy Birthday!!

  45. Ha Ha Ha! You're awesome! I'm certainly impressed and very inspired...I'm going out to get a hula hoop this weekend! Happy Birthday my friend!

  46. Happy birthday to the young hula hoop dancer! Great form of excercise. Unfortunately no hoop for me. I got to shovel 12 inches of snow yesterday.

  47. You go girl.. I do hope you have the happiest Birthday ever.. Humm. Maybe I should eat some cake to.. You know to help you celebrate..:)


  48. You go girl !!! The music made me want to get a hula hoop and get on with some of my own exercising.....wheeeee..........

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I've got to try that! Looks like fun!

  51. WHAT????!! Catherine! Wow! I am totally impressed ! You made it look so easy! And you look great! Love that song. I don't think I could keep that hoola hoop up for 1 second. Wow! Absolutely fantastic! Happy birthday! You are 1 up on me (I just turned 47). :) Best wishes, Tammy

  52. Always glad to learn of people learning new things!

    Debby in Arizona

  53. Happy birthday.
    Amazing Catherine ... I admire!

  54. Haaappy birthday baby ;0),wow ,you rock!!!!Wonderful video.
    Have a healthy and relaxed new Year.
    Best wishes from germany.
    hugs from muffin♥

  55. You look amazing! Way to go girlfriend! Happy Birthday! My daughter uses a weighted hula hoop...great exercise.

  56. Happy Birthday Catherine! You're video ran for me, but was 'black.'

  57. Not sure why I did not get this post. I am so impressed with your skills !!!! Well done you. :)

  58. Wow, wow, wow Catherine! I'm really impressed...first, you look amazing; second, you make that look so easy! What an awesome idea for a workout! Happy, happy birthday to you:)

  59. Wow!!! You are a hoop wizard!!!! I used to be the best hooper in the neighborhood as a kid, but somehow between them and now my hips have lost their wiggle and down it goes!!!

  60. That was awesome!!!!!
    You really know how to move with that thing!
    I was so focussed on you, that every so often I noticed my head and upper body moving in synch with you. haha!

    Thank you for clearing up the hula hoop thing.

  61. Happy Birthday, Catherine!

    OK. So now I see the hula hoop routine. It looks like fun!


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