Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do Not Bake Me A Cherry Pie

I've been counting sheep again...
many many many sheep
I'm tired of the constant bouts of sleeplessness.

So off to the pharmacist I went
to see if there was something
"natural and organic"
that I could take to help me keep asleep.
I told her I was tired of counting sheep.

"Try this!" she said.
"It's awesome.  I take it myself.  It totally works.  
Just a 1/4 of a cup before bed and you
sleep like a baby all night long.
No more counting sheep for you.
It was even featured on Dr. Oz.
And it tastes like Cherry Pie!"

Well...who am I to doubt Dr. Oz.
And so even though I hate Cherry Pie,
drink it I did.
3 nights in a row...
Last night I even took a double dose.
1:15 am awake.
Tick tick tick of the clock.
Mind racing.
Sheep jumping.
Can't get back to sleep.

Perhaps I misunderstood her.
Perhaps it is the SHEEP that are supposed to
drink the 'miracle juice'...

"Belly up to the glass little sheep!
Tonight you are going down!"



  1. awww! so sorry!!! i hope this passes for you (or the sheep pass out!)

  2. I am sorry you can't sleep. Have some catnip tea and a good belly rub.

  3. Oh my goodness, how awful to not be able to sleep. I know you've probably tried everything, but what helps me is a few Tums. Calcium and magnesium really help you sleep. Worth a try I guess.

  4. Oh no. That's awful--especially when you have to function the next day. Ugh.

    Have you tried yoga? You can learn some great relaxation techniques that might help.

    Poor thing. I hope it ends TONIGHT!

  5. I feel for you. I have been through this and do have the odd night where I just never fall asleep. Melatonin is my aid. I take it with sleepy tyme tea just before bed-time.

  6. Oh, that's is not pleasant, it makes the night (and the following day) so long.

    On the thankfully rare occasions I have been unable to sleep, I start with trying to relax each part of body, and when that doesn't work I take a couple of Advil. Not organic, that's for sure, but it works for me.

    I hope you find something that works for you (and soon!)


  7. I've counted a few of those sheep myself.

  8. I'm sorry you can't sleep, it happened to me many times in my life...
    Try to do something you really like before going to bed (a nice movie, for example), you'll be more relaxed and it will help you to "turn off" your mind.
    Sweet dreams. :)

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  10. Sorry you haven't been able to sleep. I sometimes have problems staying asleep but getting up at 3:40am to work out at 4am does wonders for the falling asleep part!

  11. Hi, Catherine: Sleep Medicine is a field of its own now and so critical to our health. I hope you sleep well.

  12. I've heard of that juice also...but I thought it was "hard cherry" juice.

    The woman at the health food store told us it's very expensive, and if it's cheap, then there isn't enough of the ingredient that works.

    Ask them about Ortho's natural. We take it, and it seems to work.

    I sympathize with you, lack of sleep is really a awful feeling.


  13. I love your sheep! THey are adorable!!

    I take melatonin to help me sleep. I also take Valerian root - yes, the same valerin that the kitties like :) It smells horrid, but it works well... and both of these are quite inexpensive at CVS.

    Lemon Balm tea is nice.. sometimes called "Melissa" also comes in pill form

  14. Oh Catherine I feel so bad for you! Have you tried taking Melatonin? I may have to start back taking it because I have the problem with my mind racing and not wanting to slow down at night. As tired as you are, you sure made a really cute post! Love the little sheep and hope you don't see them tonight!

  15. Dearest Catherine,
    Wow, that is quite a post. Sad to read about you missing out on good, much needed sleep. But the way you project this on your blog is hilarious!
    Hugs to you and sleep tight.

  16. Ask Banjo what his secret is, I'm sure he sleeps 18 hours per day and never suffers from insomnia.

  17. That's terrible sleeping ... :-(
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ... and perhaps even that sleep.

  18. Oww so sad for you.....not sleeping....i hopr the juice will work soon !!

  19. It's such a horrible cycle when you can't get a good night's sleep. The more you think about it the worse it gets. I sleep very badly most of the time but when I get my body really tired with playing golf (any physical exercise) I get a good night's sleep. Hope you can find something that works for you. Lots of hugs. Anesha and Skipper.

  20. I sometimes take Jamieson's Relax and Sleep, or whatever it's called. It's Valerian and other herbs. I take 1 or 2, but I think you're supposed to take 2 or 3. It just relaxes me enough to drift off, though usually my problem is staying asleep, not falling asleep.

    Might be worth a shot, though of course it might not work for you, Catherine.

  21. I was having insomnia so bad I had to cut out all caffeine after noon time ... but still have bouts with it. Mainly when I have TOO much on my mind. Hope you are able to sleep better soon!

  22. Now that's too cute -- but I'm sorry about your sleeplessness. I'm like Kerri --- I can't eat or drink anything after 7 pm or I'm up and down all night.

  23. Sleepness nights are sooo annoying. Hope last night was a better night and that you didn't have to count any baaaaad sheep.

  24. could it be this weather and "the job" combined. I hate to laugh but this post is so cute; with the little sheep lined up to drink the cherry juice lol! Oh Catherine you need to meditate with me.. get your cushion out, not your pillow but a sitting cushion on the floor and....say a mantra...I am breath.. I am rest...inhale when saying I am breath and exhale when saying I am rest....
    sleeep little sheep!

  25. Oh dearie...I am so sorry to hear of your must be weary surely. Perhaps a cup of Chamomile tea, a sleepy book, and a spritz of lavender on your pillow is worth a try?
    Wishing you a restful night!
    Peaceful hugs...

  26. i love cherries and cherry pie, so would like this i am sure.. but i doubt it will work.. hope i am wrong.

  27. Those sheep are so cute.
    Sorry you can't sleep. Small annoyances turn into major hassles without shuteye.
    I've tried several things over the years.
    Right now I have Sleep 8 by New Roots Herbal.
    If you find something that works, I would love to know.

  28. I can completely relate, I often suffer with bouts of insommnia which leave me feeling not only tired but ill. Hope you find a solution that works for you . . . wishing you plenty of Zzzz's. Love the photos.

  29. I'm so sorry to hear you're suffering from insomnia. I rarely have trouble sleeping, but when I do, it's awful, especially if I know I have something important to do the next day that requires I be awake and alert.

    Have you tried making hot lemonade before bed? It's an excellent remedy for a sore throat, but honey is also a natural relaxant for the nervous system. Just put enough lemon & honey in a cup of boiling water, to taste and enjoy.

  30. Oh yes, and what Deb said - melatonin is also a good remedy. It comes in pill form, so there's no cherry pie to endure.

  31. Catherine, I feel your sleeplessness. I have many many sleepless nights and have tried lots of sleep remedies. Perhaps we should start a club for sleepless nights. I have a feeling there would be quite a few members.I am up many nights with Sleepy Time Tea and an old movie or reading.
    Enjoy your weekend and maybe get caught up. =^..^=

  32. So sorry you have trouble staying asleep. It must be difficult... I rarely have such problem (I fall asleep as soon as I lie in bed) but do have hard time sleeping when I travel to Japan due to jet lag. I take melatonin and it helps most of the time :-)

  33. Catherine, so sorry to hear that you are having problem sleeping it, try yoga music at night and you will sleep quickly and it does help . I am very energetic person and have trouble sleeping it on other side i was born night time so i am night person but i do try to sleep at least four hours and with yoga music it really helped me with my sleep :)

  34. Bless your heart. That's just nothing worse than insomnia... Hope you can find something that works soon. I have a Teavana Tea version of sleepy time tea called "Tranquil Dreams"... You might order some of that.

    Hope you have a good weekend. We finally got some SNOW this morning... Yeah!!! BUT--it was 10 degrees when I got up early today...


  35. I feel for you. We take melatonin and it works. But my cat has developed a new annoying habit of meowing in the middle of the night for no reason, which is causing a new problem. Once I wake, I can't go back to sleep.

  36. Oh Catherine - that's awful!

    Camomile or lavender & hops tea are really good... I made my Nan a little pillow with dried hops & lavender to put under her pillow & it worked wonders!

    Hope it passes soon & you have a lovely relaxed weekend!

    Kay :)

  37. Sorry to hear you're having trouble sleeping. I wake up often during the night but normally don't have a problem getting back to sleep.
    Hope you find something that works.
    Cute sheep pictures though

  38. Not being to sleep is a troublesome thing; I know I have had bouts with it myself.....The days after are very hard to get going.....
    I do want to tell you that the way you handle the issue in this post is refreshing and creative....
    I do hope you are able to get some sleep soon....

  39. I'm so sorry to hear that you can't sleep.

  40. Sleepless nights are the worst. I don't have them often, but when I do it certainly sets a rather blah tone for the day. I usually have cereal or oatmeal for dinner and that seems to help me. In fact, I can't sleep when I know I haven't had one or the other before bed. Maybe it's all in my head. :/ I've never heard of drinking cherry juice before. There's so many "expert" opinions on so many things out there. I don't tend to believe much of it. What works for one, might not work for another. We are all made so differently. Hope you get some zzzzz's this weekend. :) Tammy

  41. I wish you from now on good sleep nights,I think the tea can help you.....x

  42. I feel your pain my friend. I used to have that same problem.. Ever since I started HRT I sleep like a baby once again. I know its not for everyone. But it is for me.

    You also could ask Becca to send you some Knockout tea from Seattle.
    I love that stuff...

    Your little sheep look so cute.


  43. I can not sleep either, Catherine !
    About counting sheep my husband always says 'you have to count the legs and then devide by 4' ...
    maybe we can try this :-)
    Hope it will be better soon !

  44. sad for you my friend! I think the big M may be to blame, as I too have had some of those sleepless nights recently. I find that on the days that I exercise, I tend to sleep better. Hope you get some shut eye soon! Oh.amd have sure had some cold weather in your area lately.

  45. So sorry you are having sleepless nights. They have to be the worse thing on earth. Everything is magnified the next day. My daughter(31)has had trouble sleeping for years. All the natural remediesare out the window and prescriptions are in, but they don't always work either. Years ago you used to be able to buy tryptophan over the counter. Theres tryptophan in turkey and milk. Since going through this unending divorce (3 court dates this month) I have lots of trouble with sleeping too. Benedryl works for me. Sometimes I use Nyquil. Alteril is really good, it has diphenhydramine (Benaryl), melatonin and tryptohan in it. What ever your choice I hope it works for you xoxo
    *hugs* deb

  46. I don't sleep I can relate. It doesn't matter what I try.... some folks swear by doesn't help me... or Melatonin.... not any difference either....

    In the summer ...if I walk 18 holes and eat light...and do more gardening and other walking ...maybe I get an hour or two more than I do right now... .... I've been trying to go to bed early ....(not is already 11:04), but most nights the past few weeks, so I can at least rest with my eyes closed...but, honestly...I feel like I am wasting perfectly good time tossing and turning and just getting angry ...although, what can one do at 2:30 am when others are trying to sleep? nothing, that's what. So don't bother baking or sewing or exercising or anything like that.... it just creates more havoc....

    if you find something that actually does work?...Please let me know.

  47. I just come back from Dubai and had a small problem with the jet lag, but this time I went back to normal sleep quite fast.

  48. How frustrating! Hopefully by the time you are reading this you are fast asleep! Next time I run over to Seattle I'll get you some Knock-Out Tea...until then, the Yogi brand "Bedtime tea" helps me sometimes. Take care.

  49. Grrrr... I hate it when I can't get to sleep or stay asleep... wish I had a cure for you, I don't, if you find one, give me the tip, okay? Hoping for hours of delicious sleep tonight for you, my friend.

  50. Oh there is nothing worse, you poor thing! I've had a few sleepless nights myself lately, it sux :(

  51. Like that second picture (imaginative)
    What I do (when my eyes fly open) is I get out of bed and do things in the house.... like sitting on the comp or clearing the pending papers etc.
    And whenever I feel sleepy (it can be anytime) I just sleep.

  52. Alright... I've just read through a little flurry of posts - on the edge of my seat.... apparently, you got that nasty cold/flu that's been going around and.... not sleeping... and poor Cat! I'm glad that you're feeling better, though. and it's amazing how you keep your sense of humour! =P =]

    and I can see below me - the last post that I saw before I disappeared! It's about -41! Brrrrrrr! We've had some scary cold weather but not like that!!!

    and, Cat! I've got the winter blahs... I started getting worried about what a frumpy grump I was turning into and, then, remembered.... it's just February - almost March! blaaaaaaaah! So, I'm sorry that I haven't visited you. I've just been a hermit! A hermit who should come here because you always make me smile and bring perspective! =]

    So thanks so much! =]



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