Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Ahead - That's Not Good

I think I have the 'mid-February blahs'
and it's only the end of January.

I appear to be about 3 weeks ahead of myself.

That's not good...


P.S.  The band from Dr. Hook was excellent Friday night.  Ray "Eye Patch" Sawyer
the last original band member...ummm...I shall be respectful and give no comment.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I had a week from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

The topper was some young snot yesterday
who had a huge Mary-Jane-Wanna
sticker on the back window of his car
parked in my paid for got my name on the plaque parking spot at work,
telling me,
after I mentioned to him that this was staff parking and 
that staff have to pay for their parking spots,
to "Get over my ******* self" and then again to "**** off"
and flipping me the bird twice as he drove away. 
(Why do they call it flipping the bird???)

I could not care less what some ill-mannered youth thinks of me
(Karma will get you Mr. Small Vocabulary)
and Thankfully
the reason I drove out of my parking spot at lunch time
was to go to one of my favourite stores where I
bought myself a lovely new purse!!!
Can you have too many purses? Nope.
$17.00!  How could I leave that in the store?  Well I couldn't.
Plus some lovely new green nail polish.
Retail therapy.
It's a beautiful thing!


After work this afternoon
(off at 1:30 pm ~ Flex-time!)
I am coming home to
exercise to "Just Dance 3"
 lay in my bath tub
with a mountain of bubbles
candle flickering on the edge
(fake candle!)
reading my book.

Then I will
get dressed in my favourite red sweater
paint my nails
(but not with my new green nail polish - too Christmassy with the red)
drink a Molson Canadian 67 Sublime
(0 points in weight watchers!!  Unless you drink more than 3 of course!)
and wait for Stanley to come home and pick me up.

We are going out for supper and then to
Dr. Hook in concert tonight at the casino.

gambling $5 in Las Vegas a few weekends ago
buying a $5 lotto ticket last weekend
drinking my one beer alone
and a concert at the casino this weekend...

maybe I do need help... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CATuesday ~ What's Wrong With This Photo?

Banjo likes to sleep beside me
when I am using my computer.

What's wrong with this photo?

What some us won't do 
for the comfort
of our four-legged friends.

Sweet dreams Banjo!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Product Review ~ Two Thumbs Down

Having chemical/scent allergies is not fun.
So it's always exciting finding new products
that are scent and/or fragrance free.

How lovely to find a shaving gel that is "Fragrance Free".

Until I bought it.
Got it home.
And read the ingredients.
(Next time I will do that in the store!!)

What the??

It has added fragrance!!??!

I emailed the company.
They sent me a 'generic' response.
Some mumbo jumbo blibber blabber.

All I say is
"Boooooo to Noxzema
for making false claims on the front of your product
and hiding the truth deep in the fine print.

Two Thumbs Down!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Shopping For Goats Needed

I didn't have to spend my time yesterday shopping for any goats... 
I guess it's back to work for me tomorrow.

I will tuck my dream away for another day.

The only thing on my list for today is:

I hope you get to do whatever you want to do today!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dream Big!

It is said that you should write down your goals,
to visualize them,
create that picture in your mind,
in order to make them come true.

I bought a lotto ticket for tonight.

 { Not to worry ~ I don't need the number. I'm the one
that could barely squeak out $5 for the slot machines in Las Vegas remember? }

I only buy a ticket every once in awhile.
I'm cheap.
And I'm NOT greedy.

I don't need the whole $30 million they are drawing for.
Just $1 million.
That's all I need really.

I just need enough to retire early,
buy an acreage with a big house
and a heated barn
and fill that barn with lots of
unconditional love giving

perhaps I should revise my goal and add to it
someone to clean that barn out every day.

"It" could get a little deep in there.  ;)

And you?
What would you do with $1 million dollars?

And no answers of giving it all to charity or buying 'World Peace' please.
And yes, I know money can't buy happiness
but come on,
if you are going to dream,
Dream Big!

Wishing you a happy,
may all your dreams come true,

xo Catherine

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now That's Good Stuff!

When I met up with blogger friends
Becca and Linda in Las Vegas
the other weekend
Becca had a couple of gifts
for Banjo and I.

(((Thank You Becca!!)))

Again, I do not know what kind of 'nip'
goes into the cat toys down in the United States
but it seems to have a much better
affect on Banjo than any of the ol' Canadian stuff.

Let's just say it's a good thing it's a dog
at airport security and customs instead of a cat...

Banjo's gift would have been confiscated!  

P.S.  We have extreme windchill warnings out this morning.
-46c (-51F)
Me thinks I will be wearing my 'long johns' to work this morning.
That's a bit nippy.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Spring...

Dear Spring,
I miss you.
Please come back earlier than you did last year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Baaaack!!!!

I knew my green grass and +10c (+50F) weather
couldn't last forever.
After all, it's January,
and I live in Saskatchewan.

It started snowing this afternoon.
It's still snowing.
Predictions of snow for the next 4 - 5 days.
Temperatures dipping to -26c (-15F).

But no matter.
I can take it.
We are looking at 3 - 4 months of winter tops.
5 at the most.
Certainly not more than 6.

Any way you look at it,
it still beats the 10 months of winter
we had last year!

And for the record...
I still have not caught up on my sleep.
More rest please...

Wishing you a warm and snoozy weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Need A Cat Nap

Why is it
that you always feel like
you need a vacation
after your vacation...?

If only Banjo had thumbs...
I would send him to cover me at work
so that I could stay home and cat nap all day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy To Be Home

Hello dear friends!

I made it home safe and sound!  I was able to muster enough Courage to get on a plane with my boys and fly to Las Vegas.  I am giving you two versions of my trip.  The "Condensed" with minimal detail for those of you who don't have time for me to babble on, and the "Detailed" for those of you who have nothing better to do but sit back and relax with your cup of coffee and read about our adventures.  :)

Condensed Version

  • Tim Horton's drive-thru screwed up my tea and gave me a coffee instead ( to a bad start)
  • Plane delay of 66 minutes (sick!)
  • Plane TVs not working (good thing we bought some magazines)
  • Westjet's fault they were late and they wanted to charge us $15.99 for a sandwich (ok...maybe it wasn't that much but still...)
  • The 'free' cookie they gave me for a snack was broken
  • Fremont Street (I'm thinking I could have gone my whole life without seeing that...maybe I was just tired as we went there Friday night after a long flight)
  • The shopping (is everything really that expensive or am I just cheap?)
  • Minnie Mouse passed out on the strip in the middle of the afternoon with half a bottle of Southern Comfort clutched in her little white glove
  • All the 'booty' (and I don't mean treasure) during the Pirates of The Caribbean show at Treasure Island
  • The noisy hotel room neighbour in the wee hours of Sunday morning (I know 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' but the sounds from that room will be etched into my brain for the rest of my life...and that's all I will say about that as this is a "G" rated blog...)
  • Visiting with my mom & George (only 3 more months until they are home from Yuma)
  • Meeting up with two blog friends (too much fun!)
  • Delicious meals (except for the iced tea which is just that...tea that is cold...huh?? and the toast at IHOPS that clearly they make the night before)
  • Seeing and standing by a famous Las Vegas entertainer, film and television star
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay (I touched a Stingray!)
  • Secret Garden at The Mirage (baby dolphins ~ adorable!)
  • The Fountains at Bellagio (I could watch that for hours)
  • Moving Statues at Caesars Palace (magical)

Detailed Version

Leaving Banjo in the care of my cat-loving friend Corinne (Thank You Corinne!), we set off for Las Vegas at 11 am on Friday morning. I knew the trip was off to a bad start when Tim Horton's screwed up my XL Steeped Tea and gave me a coffee instead.

With a plane delay of 66 minutes, we bought a pack of cards at the airport gift store and played cards for awhile to help move the time along.  I won...  :)

After finally getting onto the plane at 6:36 pm, already tired and hungry, Westjet asked if we would like to purchase any snacks.  Purchase?  Are you kidding me?  Opting out, we took the flight attendant up on a 'free' plastic glass full of flat pop and a cookie.  Of which my cookie was broken.  

Finally we landed and made our way by taxi to the Stratosphere Hotel where mom (a.k.a. Nana) and George were waiting for us at around 8 pm Las Vegas time.  (10 pm Saskatchewan time...already 1 hour past my regular bed time)  We went for a quick bite to eat at the Roxy.  The food was delish!  Except for the iced tea which is totally different than what we get in Canada.  It was just tea that was cold.  Sugar please!!!

Here is mom, giving us our $40 each to gamble with and our $7 each for the Deuce bus ticket.  (Wayne gambled his $40 away, Kurtis and I still have our money ~ no gambling for us!  Haha!)

After spending some time on Fremont Street (hmmm....some very odd things seen there) we headed back to the hotel with our heads hitting the pillow at 11 pm Las Vegas time.  1 am in the morning in Saskatchewan!  The beds were comfy and the room quiet...the first night.

This was the view from our room.  The M.A.S.H. mountains!  Very cool!  

After a yummy breakfast at IHOP at 7:30 am, except for that toast that was as cold and as hard as a rock, we set off to site see.  My first palm trees!  

Me and my boys, outside of Mandalay Bay!

Me touching a baby Stingray!  Courage!  May I add that I was the only one that touched one.  Oh yes, very brave I was.  LOL!

Kurtis, Wayne, George and mom.

Nana and George.  We were upstairs at M & M World. That was not as exciting as I was led to believe.

Shopping at the Outlet Malls.  Am I just cheap or is everything so expensive?  I always thought the word "outlet" meant good prices.  Nope...not here.  In the end, I bought a Pandora bead at Pandora for me and my mom, a $4 butterfly mood necklace at Mandalay Bay, a $8 Las Vegas T-shirt, a $9 Las Vegas Bunnyhug (hoodie for you non-Saskatchewan people) and 2 x $1 key chains at the hotel gift store.  Wayne bought a $20 baseball hat somewhere at the Outlet mall and a $8 shirt at the hotel gift store and Kurtis bought a $8 shirt and 2 x $1 key chains at the hotel gift store.  Needless to say, we did not go over the luggage weight restrictions on the flight home!

Kurtis and I were part of a street magic act.  There were so many homeless people begging for money and street characters (Minnie Mouse, Transformers, Spiderman, etc.) posing for money but then later on you would see them passed out on the street, surrounded by beer bottles and such.  Very sad.  And the card 'clickers' handing out escort calling cards got irritating very quickly.

Pirates of the Caribbean show outside Treasure Island.  NOT what I expected.  I didn't realize it was all about the 'booty' and not really about the pirates.  Hmmm..... It was cool seeing the ship sink into the water though and we did enjoy another excellent meal at Gilley's BBQ at that Hotel. 

The fountains at the Bellagio were excellent.  All three of us really liked them though we wish they would have done more than one song.  It was already getting late and we didn't want to wait another 20 minutes until they went off again.  It was time to hop back onto the bus and go back to the hotel room to sleep.  

Sadly, the second night at the hotel was not as restful.  I won't go into the details on my blog as I want to keep it clean, but let me just say that who ever the woman was next door, I hope she got paid well as she sounded like she was putting on a good performance.  Enough said.

But after catching a few more hours of sleep, it was off to Starbucks at our hotel to meet up with a blog friend.  And to my surprise, a second blog friend was there as well! 

Becca from Patina Moon and Linda from My Happy Place ~ how fun is that???

I had planned on meeting Becca but did not realize that Linda lived so close.  Being from 'small city Saskatchewan', we forget that suburbs can be located in the same city.  And if you follow these two very talented ladies, you know they have been friends for many years.

I was nervous to meet Becca.  Would I recognize her?  Would she recognize me?  Would she be surprised by seeing the 'real me' and not the 'photoshopped' me?  Hahaha!  

I walked to Starbucks and there was a gal waiving to me.  That must be her ~ she looks familiar!  Well here it was Linda and Becca had her back to me.  What a wonderful surprise to meet up with a second blog friend! They were both so lovely and kind and fun!  

I enjoyed listening to their stories of 'old Vegas' and what it used to be like.  Becca brought me a couple of lovely gifts, one for Banjo of course, that I will show you later this week.  As we talked and laughed, I realized how often us Canadians really do say 'eh'!  Lots!  I wish we had more time to talk but 1 1/2 hours was all I could manage.  

Wayne walked by and we got him to take photos for us.  Me with my sad little Panasonic Lumix (as I didn't want to haul around my big camera) and those two with their lovely big cameras.  Hopefully Wayne took some good photos with their cameras for them.  I don't let him touch mine too often.  Linda asked 'Stanley' if he would like to come home with her as she had some carpets that she would love for him to vacuum!  Oh that was a good one Linda!!

It was so wonderful to meet you two beautiful ladies!  Thank you for coming to meet me!

Onward that day to the Secret Garden at The Mirage.  All three of us loved watching the dolphins.  They are so clever and such beautiful animals.  And the two babies were adorable.

There were so many grand tigers, lions and leopards.  All of them stars in Siegfried and Roy's magic shows over the years.  They were beautiful.  All of a sudden, the tigers sat up alert, coming to the edge of the fence.  What was going on?

What was this entourage coming our way?  What was up with the costumes?

Oh my stars!  It's Siegfried!!!  Are you kidding me?  How cool is that??  All the cats sat at attention and gazed at him.  "They are remembering being on the stage with me." he said out loud to the audience.

Before I knew it, he was standing right beside me.  I totally could have touched him if I put my hand out an inch.  But, not wanting to be a total creeper, I nonchalantly pointed my camera his way and snapped.  Nope...that's not creepy at all... haha!  Very fun!

After a wonderful supper at The Grand Lux Cafe (oh that freshly squeezed lemon aid!!!) at The Venetian, it was back to the hotel where I hit the pillow at 6 pm, Las Vegas time (I know...I'm a wimp but I just couldn't take it any more).  The boys were close behind me.

Here we are Monday morning, sitting and visiting for awhile longer with mom and George at the hotel before jumping into a taxi and heading home.  

Mom and I.  Some guy asked Wayne and Kurtis if mom and I are sisters.  Honestly.... sisters with 20+ years age difference!!!!  ;)  It was her birthday on Saturday so we were able to spend the day with her.  She looks pretty good for 69 don't you think???  She's going to kill me.  She's not 69.  She is a little younger than that and she really does look terrific.  (Shhh...don't tell her I said that!)

And except for the flight attendant not letting me have Wayne's cookie to eat for myself (are you kidding me???), the flight home was actually 10 minutes early and we touched down in Regina at 4:20 pm.  By the time we had a quick supper, we were home by 8 pm and in bed shortly there after.  Tired but thankful that we made it home safe.

For the record, I hope to not have to be on a plane for a couple of years again.  That is enough Courage for one year.  :)

I have today off so I will be spending it on laundry, grocery shopping and catching up with blog friends.  

xo Catherine

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Please Give Me Courage...

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate

HATE it.

It takes every ounce of strength in my soul
to even think about getting on a plane.

I have flown 4 times in the last 12 years:
Madison WI, Edmonton AB, Abbotsford BC, Vancouver BC
8 times when you count I had to fly back
including switching of planes during 3 of the trips
that's 14 take offs - 14 landings


So for those of you who guessed
that I chose the word "Courage" for:
* starting a new job
(nope, I've changed jobs a few times, that wouldn't scare me)
* stand up comedy
(I like to think I'm funny so not a problem there)
* riding lessons
(I already know how to ride a horse)
* talking in front of an audience
(I used to do that for a living)
* wearing a bikini
(I'm going to wear a tank-ini soon - close enough?)
* bungee jumping
(ummm...there is a fine line between 'courage' and 'stupidity'...LOL!)

I'm not telling you when
I'm not telling you where

but you will find out soon...

assuming I can gather the 'Courage' to step on the plane...

stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Word For The Year

In a couple of days I will be stepping out of my 'comfort zone'.

Way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out.

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways."
~ John Wayne

More to follow soon...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012 ~ Hello January!

I am starting 2012 with post #1000.

1000 posts in 3 1/2 years.

How can that be?

I have so many photos left from last year unused.
But they have all been archived this morning.
Ready to start fresh for this year.

I am starting the year off healthier!
(I can do 60 minutes of "Just Dance 3" without passing out)
I am starting the year off wiser!
(or is that older?)
And I am starting the year off braver!
(to be explained soon)

Hello 2012!
I look forward to what you bring!


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