Sunday, November 11, 2012

sNOw fun

Winter came...

it will be awhile before any
birds have a bath...

under there somewhere
is my Ford Edge...

the whole day was not spent
keeping cozy under a blanket...

I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway
(our driveway is about 30m or 100ft long...)

on the second round
I was thankful Kurtis got home to finish...

sometimes a person forgets to stop long enough
and watch the beauty of the snow falling down...

don't get me wrong...
winter still sucks the big one!


  1. i love the photos but am glad they are yours and not mine. got my morning chuckles from your comments about bird baths and lost cars. stay warm and thanks for the view

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope you all just curl up and snooze though it!

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks like the most beautiful "sucking" ever!! I hope there was some cozy time under the blanket after all the hard work (it's so darn heavy, isn't it!!). Good to see you had some help.
    Hugs from - as ever - sunny Greece,
    Joan + sun-worshipping kitties :-)

  4. We have lots of snow drifts that are like beautiful sand dunes. Very pretty, but difficult to plow through - especially with a shovel. It's great exercise though!

  5. Oh dear that's a lot of snow .I like snow but not in November!
    xxx Elisabeth

  6. you crack me up. you SO live in the wrong climate.

  7. Good grief but that's a lot of snow!

  8. Well, at least some people have finally caught up to us!! We Sasky girls are tough! Cheers!

  9. Wow---I cannot imagine ever getting that much snow. We get a 'dab' here in winter --but nothing like you get.... I love snow--but cannot imagine trying to drive in it.


  10. It's beautiful, but deep. I've never seen snow that deep in my neck of the woods. Y'all stay safe, warm and snuggly. I wonder what Banjo thinks.

  11. Waking up to that today. Drove through it last night coming back from a wedding, the two hour drive took four. One track on the highway, no one else on the road, at 1am. Glad to know we are sisters in the snow together! Now, where is my shovel?
    Have a great rest of the weekend, and keep warm with Banjo. :) Christine

  12. Oh boy you do have a lot of snow!!! I think Banjo will get lots in all of that, better to stay indoors. :) Have a great week. Hugs Anesha

  13. Oh my, I've got visions of the things to come but I won't tell you what our temperatures are right now. I'll be joining you buried in snow soon enough.

  14. So sorry you have winter already. we had a lovely couple of days in the 60s but snow is coming for us too.

  15. GAH!!

    ::runs and hides under the covers::

    Is it Spring yet?

  16. It is beautiful but there seems to be too much of it too soon!

  17. I'm torn between wanting snow and not having it. Check in when I'm snowbound like you and see how I feel! I do hope you've enjoyed your day, snow or not!!

  18. I am sorry but I loathe winter...I am a person who lives for nature, for winter is my biggest enemy ...Lovely photos though :).

  19. Yes, you got more, I am sorry, you poor thing.

    Can't believe there is a vehicle under there...but at least your Son helped you out.


  20. Oh.My.Gosh.

    And I thought my birdbaths freezing the other day was bad.

  21. Okay brrrrrrrrrrr to you. Hey don't you have a snow blower there?

    It did look like nice, light, fluffy snow. I remember when.


  22. Oh, yuck.'s certainly lovely enough....but have to shovel.....and it's DEEP too. :(

  23. My goodness!
    That is lot of lot of snow!!!!

  24. Essas imagens são maravilhosas. Fantástica sua postagem!

    Grande abraço e ótima semana!

  25. Dearerst Catherine,
    Poor you... What can we do in order to help you?!
    Did you clean the roof too? Strange that no snow is no there...
    Hugs to you,

  26. That is some serious snow my friend.
    It was windy and cold here today and now I feel bad for bitching about it.. I didn't have to shovel snow. And it was only in the mid 50's. So I will stop my complaining right now. I love you photos.


  27. wow, that is a lot of snow!

    please stay warm and heave a great week ahead!

  28. I just want a little snow. :)
    You really do crack me up!

  29. WOW sonw day.... Thank God , we are not experiencing that right now... It still seems like summer here in Canada.

  30. Wow that is too much snow! The kitty is almost buried! Your photos are beautiful...lovely snow. But still too much snow! Stay warm!

  31. It's going to be a long winter, isn't it? Especially if the snow keeps coming.

    I got away with no shoveling - my son said it took an hour and a half to do the driveway and sidewalk to the house...normally just a 20 minute job as neither are that large. YUK!

    Good luck getting to work on Tuesday!

  32. We got it too Catherine..... but, only about 9 inches ...and I did shovel 3 times ....we have a lovely big corner lot ..hahahha.... every time I got to the end..I turned around and other inch or so had I went in for tea and out again...trying to keep up instead of having to do it all at once ... not a good idea to wait to do that. As we know it could dump a huge amount....then we are in trouble.

  33. Oh my, oh my!!!That is a lot of snow! I'm so sorry, really!

  34. Wow, that's a lot of snow ...
    From the window when one is warm and looks out beautifully when it snows.

  35. Only the first snow I love ... all the rest, I agree, winter sucks!

  36. Oh dear! Snow would be great if you could just stay snuggled in with coco, your sweetie and your iPad until spring huh?

  37. Great photos Catherine!

    I love the thought of seeing so much snow, but would probably not want to go to work...

    Stay warm!

    Kay :)

  38. That's a lot of snow! Thank goodness for Kurtis, the hero, to arrive home early and save the fair maiden from her snow dilemma. LOL Men are awesome!!

  39. It does look lovely ..... but I'm hoping it stays away from here for a LONG Time!

  40. yay, Curtis!!!

    PHEEEEEWWW! Cat, you really got snow! WOW!



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