Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It runs in the family...

HEY!  The neighbour beat me.
Her tree and lights were up yesterday.

The funny part is
this neighbour happens to be my cousin.
Clearly, putting up your Christmas tree early
runs in the family...LOL!

4 more sleeps and I put mine up.


On a non-related note...

My 3 newest teas:
Chocolate Cake
Cookie Dough
Salted Caramel


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hahaha, you know what to do next year!
    It's the first time I see chocolate cake tea! ;-)

  2. My goodness, you westerners sure are an organized lot. Now I feel so behind. HAHAHA! Onwards and upwards. Enjoy that tea.

  3. our neighbor beat both of you, he put his up last week, not just a tree, but the yard is jammed with stuff. last year they put it up the last week of sept

  4. Ah, can't wait to see your tree :)

  5. We are putting ours up this weekend!!!

  6. I'm still working on my Sweet Husband. I love decorations! Where do you find your tea? I am currently hooked on Twinnings "Pumpkin Chai Spice" and their "Christmas Tea". Can't wait to see your tree and the rest of your decorations.

  7. Did you tell your cousin you were putting yours up? LOL Very pretty especially with that snow (burr). sandie

  8. You have got it bad, Woman! Your tea flavours prove it. and, no wonder! With all that snow? I'd have the Christmas cozies like crazy, too!! =]

    Love ya!


    PS I have to tell you ... it's kind of funny... I've been all excited about your tree going up too, now, for ages! If I can't put mine up, yet - at least I can have the satisfaction of seeing your beautiful tree and knowing that somewhere in this world... ;)

    In the meantime, Christmas spring cleaning continues with a flurry - yay! =] er, my house really, really needs it! =/

  9. That's the one thing I can't get used to, the tree growing up early... the tradition in our family (I was born in Scotland), was the tree went up Christmas Eve and I have not yet been able to adapt to putting it up early, if I get it up a week before, I'm doing great! Cheers.

  10. It's looking like Christmas in your neck of the woods. Might have to put my tree up soon too. Have a great week. Hugs Anesha

  11. Too early for us, still recovering from Sandy but those teas look yummy!

  12. Oh boy, I'm only just now even turning my thoughts to Christmas and decorating. I think I must have been a tortoise in another life.

  13. It looks already like christmas and it is a a lovely picture with the snow.Here in Holland most of us are decoreting about two weeks before Christmas.For me tree weeks with Christmas decoration is enough haha .
    XX Elisabeth

  14. =0 *Gasp* Snow? That much snow, already? Well, you ARE in Canada, after all! LoL!

    I'm thinking it does run in the family, but very pretty tree... I always refrain from putting up mine too early because of the electric bill... it's always higher in the winter! =0 =)

  15. Hahaha it clearly runs in your family :-) Your cousin's tree and decoration look very beautiful. I just saw our neighbor decorated their house yesterday.
    These teas sound very yummy! I wanna try cookie dough!

  16. This made me smile, Catherine :-)
    I'll wait to put up my tree ...
    Enjoy your teas !

  17. Pretty photos. The lady has a skinny tree like the one shown, 'cause we live in a tiny place. She needs to get started putting it up...she takes forever to decorate it.

    Those tea flavors look yummy.

  18. O my o my......that is early !!...that tea......is that only in Canada available you think ??? ...that taste !! wowwwwww...love Ria...xxx..

  19. Do to a certain little kitty, mine won't be going up until very close to Christmas.

  20. Wow, already the Christmas tree? What will you do ... when your cousin have defeated and decoration before you do :-)

  21. My goodness it just doesn't feel like time yet... But funny that it's a relative that's beat you to it!

    Your teas sound interesting...

    Love the snowy photos!

    Kay :)

  22. We just looked up David's Tea online --and my hubby about went crazy... Cookie Dough is his fav. ice cream... NOW--to find it in a tea makes him a happy camper. There are TONS of flavors we want to try... Have you tried Carrot Cake????? YUM.....

    You can put Christmas UP earlier than we can because you have already had Thanksgiving. I always wait 'til after Thanksgiving (end of Nov.) to decorate....

    Love the picture of that tree in the window --with SNOW on the ground. That is Christmas to me.


  23. I normally wait until December, but with all the snow on the ground, I might just join you in decorating ... but probably not for a week or so.

    Enjoy your tea!


  24. Oh my, it is to soon for me that's for sure. Those tea's sound wonderful!

  25. NOOOOOOOOOOO! You are both NUTS!

  26. Dearest Catherine,
    How special to have a cousin for a neighbor. Funny for your Christmas tree urge... but can't blame you with all that snow.
    Hugs to you,

  27. It's so pretty!!! I want some snow at Christmas!
    You are making me want to put ours up early!!! :)
    Is the chocolate cake tea tasty??

  28. That sure does look like some yummy tea. Sure to keep on warm on a cold and snowy day!

    Christmas is getting here way to fast.. I'm not ready yet. Oh what the heck.. Bring it!!!


  29. oh no! way too early! it all looks very pretty though

  30. I like the simplicity of your cousin's design and the size of her house too. If given the choice of having a house this size, or a mansion in Malibu, I'd select the smaller home because it has a "lived in" quality tha I admire!

  31. It looks pretty with the snow! I am sure yours...will be the best!!!

  32. with all that snow I can understand the urge to put up the tree!

    I have caramel apple pie tea.. Your salted caramel sounds so interesting!!

  33. NO... it's too early! I'm not ready!

  34. How funny that your cousin beat you to the punch. I can't believe ya'll are putting up your trees. It doesn't even seem like Thanksgiving is this Thursday or that the holiday season is just around the corner. The end of the year is almost here -- how in the heck did that happen? :/

  35. P.S. Never, ever have I seen teas like those before. Very interesting!

  36. That happiness will fill your soul..and rejoice in all that is good.
    God bless


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