Friday, May 11, 2012

Time's Disappearing Act

"For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work." ~ Doug Larson

Hello friends!
No complaining about a long week here today.
This one zipped on by.
And we are back at Friday ~ woot woot!

I've had no time for blogging,
no time for taking photos,
no time for creating,
where does that time disappear to!

It disappears into the mundane parts of life I guess.

I have lots of things planned for this weekend.
Enjoying the sunny, warm weather.
Photo shoot, blog catching up, reading.
Movie and Popcorn in Moose Jaw for Mother's Day.

Yup ~ it's going to be a good one!

I hope you get to do
exactly what you want to do
this weekend too!

xo Catherine


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  1. enjoy your movie, happy mothers day. love the flower photo.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, Catherine, and a happy Mother's Day. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth!

  3. Wish you a wonderful time this weekend, Catherine !

  4. Moose Jaw. I like that. And even visited there several time on our way to VanCouver Island... :)

  5. HOpe you have a wonderful weekend. Hope you get time to do lots of lovely things. Hugs Anesha

  6. Here's to a purrfect weekend! Hope you have one!

  7. Oh boy, isn't that quote true? I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes. I get so busy I forget about things, like brushing my hair before I came to work today. I was halfway here and thought oh my gosh, I didn't brush my hair. I'm losing it Cat!

  8. I hope your three "boys" spoil you a lot this weekend!
    Happy Mother's Day, Happy Weekend Catherine. :)

  9. I hope you get to do exactly what you want to do, though I always fail to do so.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  10. hope you have a great, relaxing, fun weekend!

  11. yea for the better week! We must be on the same schedules, because this week was 50 times better than last week and went so much faster. And there was no time for blogging or much else!

    Hoping that next week is even better!

  12. Happy Mother's Day weekend! It would seem we're going to have wonderful warm weather too, enjoy!!

  13. Time passes so fast...but I'm very happy Friday is already here! Weekend will be gone quickly as well...but I try not to think about it :-)
    I wish you a wonderful weekend and happy mother's day!

  14. Enjoy the weekend! It's beautiful here.

  15. Enjoy a happy happy sunny

  16. Catherine, that is a quote with a very good point!! Maybe my day is not really structured like that, but my... there's some disappearing acts around here too, lol! I'll soon have to get an assistant around here :-)
    Have a fabulous weekend
    - and thanks so much for the sweet mention!
    xo Joan

  17. Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day Catherine! Hope your weather is lovely too!

  18. Wish you a great weekend
    xxx Elisabeth

  19. I hope you have time to do everything this weekend. Home as the weather forecast predicts bright sunshine but the temperatures are falling. Have a nice weekend Catherine. Biz. CricriCat

  20. It's Mother's Day here too on Sunday. I wish us both a happy day with family. XO

  21. Our week's been busy too!

    Have a good weekend Catherine.

    Kay :)

  22. What a great quote and the flower is so pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's day

  23. you said it..the week went by really fast! I'm sleeping in tomorrow! have a great weekend!

  24. Sounds like a pleasant Mother's Day weekend! Enjoy! I know I will. :)

  25. Happy Mother's Day, Catherine. Enjoy. :)

  26. Where does that time go... Hee Hee!!

    I do hope you have a happy weekend my friend.


  27. Hi Catherine! Yes...time is flying! I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.

  28. Happy Mother's Day, Catherine! sounds like a good weekend ahead for you. :)


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xo Catherine


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