Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Running From The Rain

we left the rain behind on Saturday

in search of sunny skies

two hours West in Medicine Hat, Alberta is where the sun was

supper, shopping, swimming, movie for Saturday night

Sunday morning relaxing in hotel room, Timmy's Tea, iPad

in-between shopping there was the

so many pretty birds

inside and outside of their cages

pretty flowers

pretty butterflies

more butterflies

here and there, unexpected and delightful

turtles, fish, bird houses, so many things to look at

a mini-petting zoo at the garden centre
(where I made friends with the goat)

hey there duck!

how cute was this chicken rolling in the dirt?

and what garden is complete
without a sweet kitty roaming around it?

back home to the rain on Sunday

we were gone for only 25 hours
but our mini-vacation was just what this little family needed.

Happy May!


  1. Oh, wow! What a great weekend getaway! I have been saying that I'm wanting to do that--to just get outta dodge for a weekend. But,what a lovely place you went to!

    What?! No frogs????!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time away. Great photos, just love the one of the butterfly and cat. Hope Banjo had a good time as you did. Hugs Anesha :)

  3. the photo just above the words more butterlies just grabbed me. so beautiful. 25 hours of wonderful fun and all these gorgeous photos. so happy you could drive out of your rain and see all this wonder.

  4. Looks like fun! Such beautiful butterflies :-)

  5. Ooooh, what a magical weekend adventure! Perhaps it made the return to rainy weather much more tolerable.
    Wishing you a lovely May Day!
    Judy x

  6. I am so jealous. Butterfly gardens are my favorite, and Medicine Hat looks like a great place to take a retreat! Raining today, but we really needed it, many brush fires all over Manitoba. Hope you have more sunny days coming. :)

  7. How fun! I'm jealous! But happy for you and your family.

  8. What a fun, fun, fun time you had fur sure!

  9. What a fabulous mini-holiday! Just long enough to rejuvenate!

  10. Look like just what you needed! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I feel like I had a mini-vacation too!

  11. Wow....what fun that was. Love the beautiful birdies.... and the butterflies..... how lovely ...

  12. Oh Cat,
    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time...It looks beautiful and those my dear aren't pretty flowers, they are downright gorgeous as are the butterflies and birds. I love places like that! and you presented them so lovely!
    Great works of art! :)

  13. Congrats on your mini getaway. Looks like a very fun time!

  14. looks like you got a good dose of beauty and sun. :)

  15. Glad you had fun! Was that slide for real!!! Love it. Happy May Day from all of us!

  16. I think the mini getaways are wonderful! Love the butterfly pics!

  17. Looks like the perfect little getaway! Your photos are beautiful! Makes me want to go visit!

  18. Oh I need one of those mini vacations!!
    You got some GREAT pics!!

  19. Nice your little vacation post......love love love Ria...xxx..

  20. Wow, all of your photos are so pretty! I especially love all the butterflies oh, and of course the kitty! Glad you had a nice sunshiny time!

  21. I'm glad you had fun Catherine!
    But I hope Banjo is not jealous... ;-)

  22. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, Catherine !
    Happy May !

  23. Some times you gotta leave home and come back! Looks like you saw so many pretty things while you were gone - love all your pictures - and the little kitty was cute. Did you bring yours? sandie

  24. Fabulous mini vacation. I think I need one of them

  25. I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your mini-vacation. Sounds like you had a great time. Now can you please send us some of your rain.. It would be much appreciated. Hee Hee!


  26. I've been through MedHat many times. Never knew anything as lovely as the butterfly gardens existed there. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Dearest Catherine,

    That was indeed a very exotic min-vacation. Banjo didn't mind the rainy day alone?
    Love to you,

  28. Sometimes a short mini-vacation is exactly what is needed. Obviously, it worked for you all. Glad you found some sunshine ---along with many other wonderful things. Love the birds and butterflies... Gorgeous!

  29. Looks like so much fun! We love little road trips! Love the waterslide inside! So different than here. I would go on that one. The one's here in Orlando are way too high for me, but not for my son. LOL I would be in bed with Dunkin Donuts coffee and the paper. :) 25 hours of family paradise! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Sounds like a fabulous little weekend break! It is always nice to rejuvenate the soul.
    Still raining here.

  31. Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

    Kay :)

  32. What a gorgeous place to visit. I loved your pictures.

  33. Wow, so gorgeous, looks like you had a great time! And a kitty! Squeee!

  34. Looks like you had a wonderful time... love those birdie photos..no african greys?? You home to the rain and the flat of the prairie looks like eastern Montana to me...

  35. You speak my own language and I can only bow gracefully and invite you to a cup of tea, when available :).

  36. Wow, great getaway. I bet Banjo would have loved the floaty things you saw--feathered friends and butterflies. Have a good weekend.

  37. Sometimes a mini vacation is just what the Dr. orders to refresh one's soul!

    Sweetie, this looked like the perfect getaway and your pictures a magnificent. I wanna go!!!

    Have a delightfully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  38. That looked just perfectly enjoyable. Amazing what you can find just a car ride away. Seems a bit of a shame thought to have found sunshine to be driving away from it again! :) Therefore I'm sending you lot's of sunshine and warmth from Greece (the aircondition is already on!).
    xo Joan

  39. The Butterfly house looks intriguing. Looks like you went on a nice little vacation. I do believe I need one too!

  40. woow ! These are really beautiful photos!

  41. Oh, what wonderful fun!!! =]

    I'm so glad for you!

    and, that duck has the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen! =]



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