Thursday, April 19, 2012

What was I saying?

I'm having problems with my memory.
I am repeating myself.
I can't recall names.
I freeze in the middle of a sentence,
not remembering what I was talking about.
I say the wrong words for things.
I walk into a room and forget why I'm there.
I'm having problems with my memory...
Oh...did I just tell you that?

I think I am missing a few rolls of film in the camera of my brain.

Now ladies,
you know what I'm talking about.
I'm confident it's the big "M" word.
But try explaining that to your husband.
No matter how sweet and understanding they are,
no matter what reading material you give them,
they still look at you like you have
completely lost your mind.
Which technically you...
...what was I saying?...
Oh yea...
I'm having problems with my memory...

You know the joke, "I bought some Ginkgo Biloba because
it's supposed to help with memory loss but I keep forgetting to take it!"

Yup, that's me.

So now I ask you,
my more 'seasoned' friends,
does it get better?
Will these brain cramps clear up after awhile?
PLEASE give me hope and tell me it does!!!!

"As you get older three things happen.
The first is that your memory goes...
and I can't remember the other two..." ~ unknown


  1. Hi Catherine! I have thought about using this same subject as a post on my own blog, but I always 'fuhgetabout it!' :-) I just read in a report that the memory does start to improve, but I can't remember where I read that, or what to do to make it better....sorry...

    Enjoy your day Catherine!!

  2. my big M started when i was only 50 and now i am 67 and not only do i still have these very same identical symptoms, they are ever worse. i just told my friend I have ordered a brain transplant, because TWO days in a row,, i scheduled auto post 2 per day. the part about freezing mid sentence is the worst thing i have goig on, and remembering to take my drugs at the assigned time is horrible. i have a timer sitting here TICKING and driving me nuts, to remind me of the 8 am pill. i have one that this one has to be 4 hours away from. the great thing is, the hubby you described that doesn't get it, NOW he does because he is doing the same thing, but it hit him at 75

  3. I only have the memory issue when I'm tired--well, that I know of anyway!

    Menopause has brought very interesting changes to my body--all an "adventure". When something is weird, I just blame menopause and hope it all goes away when my hormones stabilize. Oh, it's so fun being a girl!

  4. I'm only....ummm.... (hold on - counting on fingers behind my back)...forty three. (That's funny - I thought that I was forty four - hmmmm!=/) But, this year....oh, heavens! My memory isn't necessarily worse (it was already bad) but my concentration is just right out the window. I finally figured out it has to do with the lead up to the big M. All that I can say is that I feeeeel for you! I really do! and to think of how many woman have gone through all of this since the beginning of the world.... =0!


  5. What was the question?

    Hugs and smiles...
    Judy x

  6. The post was great, the comments are also great. It makes me giggle and stop worrying about the fact that it really doesn't get better.

    Thank goodness for internet calanders that keep track of your day for you.

  7. No, no, no, no....not that. :-)

    It's all because we have too much to keep track of, Catherine, and our brains are being altered by the sound bite times we live in. Right? Right!

  8. Love your photo, beautiful. I am sure it's just because you are busy. :)

  9. I had to have a hysterectomy at 21, due to endometriosis, so I can't help ya... I'm so sorry!
    Pray! =)

  10. I hope you are able to remember the fine answers you are getting!

  11. Oh my, wish I could give you some hope but for me, my memory has gotten worse. It's frustrating as hell! So, hopefully your husband will be able to remember things you can't! They (who, I can't remember) call it the golden years, I call that bull****!

  12. I just chalk it up to having too much on my brain....and I need to relax and do fun things and it will clear up....I'll let you know if this works...haha

  13. Hmmmmmmm..what was the reason of this post...i from

  14. There,there, dear. It will be fine. Sorta.

  15. I've been there and I'm past it and YES it does get better. Then of course age takes it's toll on our memory but it's much better after the BIG M passes and you can relax some. Hang in there! Hugs, Linda

  16. I'm 62 and I don't remember having any problems with the big "M" and I have always had memory problems specially with names. I always remember a face and can describe a person in detail but their name...for get about it. It's very embarrassing:(

  17. Ohh dear .That big M is gone over here .But with it a lot of my memory is gone now Haha .Do i know you ??
    xxx Elisabeth

  18. I'm forty-three and I have some of those issues. I've thought it's because I'm trying to keep up with so much. I feel for you..

  19. I had no idea the big M caused all this. Boy am I in trouble! I get that way when I'm so tired like during tax season when I ask my husband things such as if he put the elephant in the closet. So far he usually understands me but if it becomes more of a daily occurence he might need an interpreter!

  20. For me now it's a big SEVENTY issue. And it will never get better. So I deal with it. Not being high tech I carry a little old fashioned notepad around and a pen writting things down I need to remember. It works very nicely.... :)

  21. Been there. Done that. Exercise helps, it really does. I also try to do "Words with Friends" or other games that make me think.

  22. I knew it was menopause by the end of your 3rd sentence! Yes, I occasionly get those brain freezes, but the part I hate the most are the hot flashes! When does THAT go away??

  23. I have that problem with names. When I get a call of a unknown person I have to write a note with the name of the person that calls me to remember later.
    I have to note dates and names !

    When I have too many dates and a lot of stress I forget everything. Maybe we have to relax more !


  24. my memory takes frequent vacations and it invites along my concentration. I sure wish they would ask me to go with them

  25. Aww you'll be fine. Love that quote at the end lol ;o)

  26. Catherine, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I had that for 2 years. It was so weird. Even my doctor didn't believe me! But it passed completely :) Just wish the other thing, um, weight gain, would pass as easily.

  27. I'm 40 and half of the time I have no idea where my mind is. I dont' know what I'm going to do whem my memory starts to follow my mind...
    Probably I'll buy lots of post-it. ;-)

  28. HA HA ----I went through that "M" thing many years ago ---but I have had some of the symptoms all of my adult life.... ha ha ha

    Now--I can just call it having a Senior Moment... I have a bunch of them!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  29. I've been going through the same things, along with hot flashes, and night sweats. I even did a test to make sure it wasn't alzheimers - it isn't according to the test thank goodness.

    The memory thing isn't getting better yet, but the flashes seem to be getting less.

    As my Dad used to say, getting old ain't for sissies.

  30. I think you go straight from the big M into old age and forget everything. The good news is you can't remember what you forgot. Or something like that. XO

  31. Loved reading the comments ,what was the question again?

  32. I was SO there before I had my hysterectomy at 48! They took my ovaries out too, so I had Instant Menopause, which actually I'd been doing for about 5 years. It's been a year now, and I feel a whole lot sharper. I took black cohosh and evening primrose oil which seemed to help; but nothing compared to having it all over with! Don't be hard on will get better.

  33. Oh dear Catherine!

    My doc said I was beginning the menopause last year, but since giving up dairy - there has been much improvement, besides I don't feel old enough yet at 46...

    Have a good weekend!

    Kay :)

  34. Oh- Oh....the "big "M" word...I'm Portuguese,as you know...but I guess you are talking about...menopause!!! Is that so??? ..Ohhhhhhh...I'm 51, and my doctor says I "on it". My "period fails"...some months, I have hot moments, but I have cold too, I forget things...OH YES!...But I'm more crazy about sex than I was before!!! that normal?
    Oh...and...well...never mind...I forgot what I was going to say next!
    Oh, yes...My tired...I do not let him sleep...
    And I want to eat everything...and I eat, and I get fat...and I eat!...and I'm sleepy...and I eat...and I want more sex... (Oh...I said that already), sorry!
    Assuming that we are talking about the same thing...because if we are not...What a shame....

    Isabel /BlueShell

  35. I am 43, never had kids so I think my big M is starting early. I feel the same way and sometimes I think it is a blessing...because stuff I used to worry I just don't remember. :-) Have a great weekend!

  36. Oh yes... I can totally relate. I think the memory loss could be from the lack of sleep I'm getting because of the "M" word! There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I HOPE!! :)

    Hugs, Linda

  37. Oh my goodness Cat - you and me both - you and me both. Sandie

  38. Seems like the big M is different for all women - I have been going thru it for 15 years off and on - now more on than off. It does settle down and gradually taper off. Hope yours is shorter than mine!

  39. love the quotes today, my memory went as soon as I had my first child, I am convinced I killed some brain cells with each delivery, it gets worse??

  40. I have the same problems all the time! I go shopping for a certain thing and I forget what to get. I take shower and I forget if I did shampoo or not.... Need brain exercise!

  41. Uh, I'll let you know...still doing the big 'm' and still forgetting. It's awful but the teacher comes out in me because my kids who have memory issues I tell them to repeat in their head what they are going to the cabinet for or whatever, so they know when they get there...I do that now and I make lists so while it hasn't gotten better I have found ways to cope with it.
    ...but I'm right there with ya!

  42. My dear friend it does NOT get better! The fun part is when you and your spouse meet in the kitchen and forget why.You tell each other something and forget what it was you wanted to say.You play name games trying to get the name!! Oh aging is NOT for whimps!
    A member of the "M club" :)

  43. There was a Gary Larson Far Side comic a bunch of years back. Kids are in a classroom. One raises his hand ans says, "May I please be excused? My brain is full!"

    So there you have it! That's the issue. The older we get, the more stuff is stuffed in there.

  44. I try to look on the bright side -- at least I have something I can blame for having a crappy memory. :) And no, it doesn't get any better. Sorry.

  45. I am right there with you. And it's not getting any better!! I blame it on being too busy. :)


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