Sunday, April 29, 2012

Destination ~ Sun, Fun, and Relaxation

I had intended to stay home all weekend
hiding out from the rain and the snow.

But by noon yesterday,
I had enough.

Wayne, Kurtis and I
have put in a lot of extra time at work
over the last few weeks.

We all needed a break.

By 3 pm yesterday we were on the road,
chasing the sunshine West.

Any guesses as to where we ended up?


  1. someplace fun! that's for sure!

  2. Are you at a children's petting zoo? Trouble is we often long for a weekend at home, then feel we must go out somewhere-anywhere. XO

  3. Looks like fun, wherever you are!

  4. Looks like loads of fun wherever you are... A zoo perhaps???? Love that last picture of you laughing... That brought a huge smile to my face.

  5. It looks like you went to the zoo. We had an icky weekend here. Couldn't even walk the dog. :(

  6. Well I know you are probably at a petting Zoo of some sort. I googled petting zoo- Saskatchewan, and got one called Griffiths petting zoo. Is that in your neck of the woods? Hope that snow is heading on outa there! We had a pretty nice weekend here.

  7. Wherever you went it looks like you had a great time! That little goat sure had a great time with you!

  8. Looks like you had fun!

    We had 2 goats at our last house & they were adorable!

    Have a good week Catherine.

    Kay :)

  9. We're so glad you had a wonderful time! Humans deserve breaks too. :) Purrs!

  10. Owww so from

  11. Looks like you made a new friend! He's adorable! You look very happy! :) Were you at a local zoo?

  12. I think i know. that last shot is beyond priceless. LOVE IT. i love goats, especially miniature goats and i have a post coming up this week sometime with me holding a baby one..

  13. Looks like you had a great time, Catherine !
    That goat likes cuddling, so cute !
    Nice week,

  14. It looks like a fun little pal! We you at Goatopia?

  15. i haven't a clue where you went? maybe M H?

    i too did not stay home either, i ended up in Regina shopping with my mother!

    sweet goat. I hear they are great lawn mowers!

  16. Looks like you made a new friend. LOL Hope you have a great week and more photos of Banjo please. :)

  17. yikes...almost dangerous with those little pointy horns...I was worried about a head butt to your face....

  18. I'm guessing some place with sunshine and warmth!
    Hope you're having FUN!!

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  20. Where did you go and hope you had fun! (And sun.) sandie

  21. Looks like you went to a zoo. Look at the goat, he is a cutie! And very friendly! Glad you had fun. I love your big smile in the last picture!

  22. Not sure where you went but that's a cute old goat you're hanging out with there :)

  23. Let's see - you went west so that's heading to or almost to Alberta. The weather this weekend wasn't very nice along the border so maybe you went further northwest? However it doesn't appear the weather was much better in Lloydminster where, apparently there is a petting zoo.

    Apparently, also, my detective skills are very poor...because I can't figure it out. You'll have to share.

    Cute goats!

  24. Goats are so sweet, moments like these are really special, aren't they? :)

  25. Ha Ha! Cute! These shots remind me of an old photo of me as a kid wearing a pink dress at a petting zoo and the goat started chewing on my dress.

  26. Great photo of you, Catherine! Happy happy happy.....


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