Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Wayne and I went shopping in Regina on Saturday.

So many
I don't have one with a cat and a bird on it
journals at Chapter's.

But I resisted temptation and simply bought
a little package of cute speckled eggs.

Such a
needs a forever home
shelter kitty at pet value.

(Don't you love pet stores that help their local Humane Society?)

But I resisted temptation and simply bought
some Cosmic Catnip Bubbles for Banjo.

Such a treasure of
that looks like just the right size
purses at Dutch Growers.

But I resisted temptation and simply bought
a cute little bird house bird instead.

"Lead me not into temptation...
I can find the way myself!"
~ Rita Mae Brown

Have you resisted any temptation lately?


TexWisGirl said...

the birdhouse is very cute. but i do like that cute journal, too...

LMWIEBE said...

Purses all the way......I am soooo proud of you my friend. Can't wait till our next shopping expedition :)

BeadedTail said...

You resisted journals, purses AND a kitty? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do that! I do like what you did get though. Hope we get to see Banjo playing with his bubbles!

LĂșcia said...

Hahaha, I'm not so strong as you my dear!
Have a good new week. ;-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Catherine, I would have a hard time if I visited a Humane Society --not bringing all of those sweet animals home with me.. That would be hard--but you did the next best thing. You spent some money that can help the Humane Society...

Love that little birdhouse... How cute...


S. Etole said...

I admire your strength ... I could get lost in those journals!

Becca said...

Oh my! I'd want the cat the purse, the journal...I'm terrible about that when shopping! Linda is somewhat the opposite, so we make a great team when shopping! Hee hee!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Try HomeSense for lovely journals that are a fraction of the cost of those at Chapters. :-)

Have I resisted temptation lately?

Hmm, well, except for the Rolo Easter egg, the single-serving of ice cream and the double shot of rye this weekend, yeah, I've resisted temptation!

The Smiths said...

What a sweet bird house!

Have a good week Catherine!

Kay :)

It's me said...

Beauttiful that birdhouse !!..have a nice week

Anesha said...

Love the birds nest with the eggs. Hope Banjo enjoys his bubbles, Skipper does enjoy it. Have a great week. Hugs Anesha

Brian said...

Such a fun time and so must to tempt!

Sandra said...

i resist temptation by staying out of the stores, but look what I am missing. these are all wonderful FINDS for FOTO's plus you had fun.

Anonymous said...

I went to Target last week and saw so many things I wanted, but I resisted the urge and walked out emptyhanded. I just rationalized that anything I bought, I'd end up having to pack up in a few months. Extra work is a motivation to NOT buy.

Nancy Claeys said...

One of my favorite sayings: I can resist anything but temptation!

Spring is a dangerous shopping time for me. I love what you decided buy. :)

Becky said...

Oh I have resisted temptaion its not easy though.I adore that bird house toooooo cute.Love the speckled eggs.The journals are all so adorable arent they? Here at Barnes and Noble I just browse,Im tempted but I have about enough of them lol.Great post cat.

Have a nice new week!Where did you get that bird house if I may ask?was that at Dutch Growers as well?Because we dont have one,I may have to cry LOL

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

Well, we all do some window shopping, being it real or viral. With common sense we manage to just get what we need!
Have a great week ahead and hope Banjo enjoys his catnip bubbles!


SweetMarie said...

I just take the teenager shopping with me. After I buy for him I'm broke! LOL I think I would have bought the journal. I probably would have adopted another pet and I LOVE that birdhouse. :) And I do love purses. I usually buy my coach bags on ebay and then when I'm finished with it I resell it. :)

Susan said...

Temptation? Oh hell no, I'm never tempted! :) ahem! Well almost never.
ahem, ok I get tempted but I usually resist because I don't have the money.

Michael Manning said...

Catherine: I know that Banjo will find his gift to be purrfect! Yes, it's hard to see allof the Cats and Dogs needing homes. But great organizations have rescued many, given them their exams, shots and now they have a new chance with a loving family. A great post!

Linda R said...

So many wonderful temptations here.
That bird house is adorable..

Hope you have a happy week!!

Hugs, Linda

Ann said...

Whoa, I'm impressed. You did good. Not only with the things you managed to resist but the cute things you did buy. I never heard of cat nip bubbles, very cool

Nezzy said...

You betcha!!!

I adore the little eggs in the nest!!! That's one I couldn't resist!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Linens and Royals said...

Banjo, you are a lucky cat- Catnip bubbles! whatever next. Charlotte and Emily agree with me when I say the shops here are sadly lacking in such essentials.

Hot Rocks said...

Glad you resisted temptation...but you got some cute things! I resisted temptation in Zara at Chinook Center on Saturday. I saw a lot of extremely cute spring clothes...I wanted them all....such pretty colors, but zi resisted temptation and bought a cream lace cardigan instead!

Barbara said...

love those little eggs, but how could you pass up that kitty? I went shopping with my daughter last week and really did pass up quite a few things I briefly thought I couldn't live without. Not without regrets, mind you.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh yes, there were lots of temptations on your Saturday trip. I would have had a hard time resisting the kitty journal.
I do like to see pet stores working with the humane society to help get cats adopted.

I have got to find some Catnip bubbles for my kitties!

Jen said...

Did pretty well there, sistafriend. Such willpower. *grin* Loved those journals (I probably would have caved ;o)
Cosmic Catnip? Bwahahahaha - too funny.

Jaime said...

I've never heard of catnip bubbles! Do they work? Does Banjo totally love them? Any funny reactions?


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