Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm So Confused...And What's The Answer?

Another dump of snow yesterday afternoon/night...

Well it's all so depressing isn't it?

But how joyful to see the first true sign of spring.
The return of the Robins.
There were over 20 in my yard yesterday afternoon.

I know little bird.
The weather is so confusing isn't it?
Not to worry.
It's melting today.


And the answer from yesterday's question
on which of my four statements was a lie?

1. True, I really was hit by a car when I was little with the driver taking off.  Not to worry, except for a bit of bruising, I was OK.

2. True, I really did total my mother's car off from playing 'chicken' when I was 16.  Not to worry, no one was hurt and I totally learned my lesson.  And no, no alcohol was involved.   

3. LIE, I did not spend the night in jail after doing doughnuts on the high school football field.  That was my girlfriend.  And her car was bigger than mine!  LOL!  I really wasn't as 'wild' as some of you thought.  Ha!

4. True, I did not stick around for a good night kiss after Wayne and my first date.  Even though we did hold hands that night, I was too nervous to stick around to see if he would kiss me.  Not to worry, we kissed on the second date and haven't stopped holding hands or kissing since.  ;)

Thank you for playing!


Hope you are having a happy weekend!


  1. well, glad you don't have a record after all... :)

    and glad the snow's melting, too! for you AND the robins!

  2. The sun on the first shot doesn't look very happy! lol
    Don't worry, your warm days are coming soon! It's so cool you saw 20 Robins in your yard, lucky you! :)

  3. The robins are so pretty! I'm sure glad the snow is melting. :) Glad to hear you weren't hurt in any of the car episodes! We have something else in common...hubby and I shared our first kiss on our second date. :)

  4. Poor robins, they will get chapped beaks! Hooray, I got the right answer.

  5. I'm going to be seriously p*ssed if we get snow here too. Though Monday and Tuesday's highs are slated to be just 4C. Very chilly, after our May-like weather this past week!

    I didn't play, though did read your post, couldn't really even guess which statement was false. LOL.

  6. Pretty robins, I wish you would come and visit me. I suppose then I would have to have the snow too, not sure I could handle more than a day of it.
    Pleased to hear you are not a jail bird Catherine. XO

  7. Your pictures are so lovely!
    Our weather might be nicer right now, but it won't be long before I will be envious of yours. I guessed right.

  8. Those birds are lovely. Hopefully that will be the end of the snow for you. You were a bit of a wild child! lol Have a great weekend. Hugs Anesha

  9. Gorgeous images.I will wish for it in about 7 more months lol.Makes me feel cozy,but we have had 2 weeks of just pure sunshine and 78 degree temps.For the east coast this early I will take it,lol.


  10. That must have been the snow we got on Thursday but it's all gone today. I'm glad you weren't in jail but I still can't get over the playing chicken one! With no alcohol even! You silly girl! :)

  11. Hi Catherine! What a fun game, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to play--Next time! :-)

    I'm sorry about your snow, but the Robins really are a sure sign that the spring we've been having is on its way to you!

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!!

  12. Oh no!!!! I can't believe you had all that snow. How horrible:( We have had very hot weather until today which was miserable and rainy....but not snowy....thank goodness. I hope it all melts for you soon.

  13. Poor little robins. It's cold here again but so far no snow. I'm curious as to what the blue is in the last photo.

  14. Sorry I didn't see your last post... I probably would have guessed the one about being in jail.... Cute post though...

    Sorry about more snow --but at least, it is melting quickly... You and the Robins will like it when it's all gone!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  15. Dearest Catherine,

    Glad to know you only had some bruises... Also good that you didn't have to spend a night in jail!
    But for the snow... it is unbelievable. I was weeding in the garden today in my bathing suit.
    May it soon change for you too!!!
    Love to you and sending you sunshine your way,


  16. I had to see snow!!!!!!!!! sandie

  17. UGH, I couldn't imagine seeing snow after experiencing spring....hopefully it will melt fast!
    I love yesterday's post; how fun and the old pictues of you are fun!

  18. S.D. and I didn't kiss either on our first date, he did this weird head bump thing that kind of made me think that a. he was a weirdo and b. he didn't really like me.

    A is still definitely true. But evidentially, b was false.

  19. That's the same way our neighborhood looked on Thursday morning. The robins here were also confused. Fortunately it was gone by the evening.

    Oh #3, did that but didn't get caught.

  20. Yes i was right !!...snow !! o my ....i hope spring will arrive soon darling !!

  21. You can blame the snow on the fact that my magnolia bush just bloomed
    ; )

    I'm expecting snow here any minute now.

    Fun shots!

  22. i am shocked, here i was thinking you were a wild child. this was fun. maybe we should all give it a try.

  23. Ha! It was fun playing your true or false game. You and the robins and lots of other creatures are pretty much confused this year. What season is it anyway? Our temps are climbing -- and will just go higher and higher. With no trees and grass, 80 already feels really hot. Best wishes, Tammy

  24. I'm trying really hard to send you some sun...

    ::flapping hands in the air::

  25. WOW! That is some crazy weather.. I am hoping for a quick melt my friend. Those birds are probably wondering what the heck is going on!

    Hugs, Linda

  26. So glad to know you didn't spend a night in jail..that would have been tough for a teenager and so glad you were not hurt in all the car incidents....

    Sorry you are having more snow but hopefully it won't hang around....

  27. Wow - so much snow again!

    We've had lovely warm sunshine for 2 days...

    Glad you were ok after being hit by a car & totalling your Mum's car. Also glad you didn't spend the night in jail!

    Have a good week.

    Kay :)

  28. Ah Spring, it's always confusing! I passed the test! Yay!

  29. sorry about all that snow you got. Those poor little robins.
    Well I guess I was wrong on the questions. Oh well it was fun trying to guess

  30. Holy doodle.... they threw her in jail?! Wow... there's no messing around with the Sask police dept., hey?!?
    I'm glad it wasn't you. :)

    And the snow! I thought you guys were done with the white stuff for sure! *shiver*

  31. Believe it or not, we're still getting snow and snow mixed with rain here in Seattle! Beautiful shots!

  32. Sorry I missed the quiz. Think I would have gotten them right though...:)

  33. Great pics Catherine! I'm hoping after we've had these record breaking highs, that we aren't treated again to a snow storm.
    Glad you're not a jailbird!

  34. Love the way you ended saying "I was okay," "no one was hurt," "I really wasn't as wild"-- You're too funny. Love the robins in the snow.


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