Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Wish I Had A Magic Lamp

Coming back into the city during a country drive a few weeks ago,
Wayne and I came upon a new suburb just outside the city.

It appears someone is building my 'dream home' where I can
have a heated barn to keep all my adopted menagerie of animals.

And look where it is being built!
Stanley Road!!!

Well that just makes it seem like it's meant to be doesn't it?
Now all I need is about $750,000 dollars and I am set.
Heck...let's say a cool million which will give me some cash to build the barn.

Perhaps I need a Magic Lamp for wishing on!

I have mentioned my love for The Waltons quite a few times on my blog.

And it appears I have mentioned it once or twice at work too because
some sweet co-worker left on my desk for me to find yesterday morning
a cute little book of The Waltons!
(I've asked around, no one will confess!)

Elizabeth and the Magic Lamp.

Yup...that's what I need,
a magic lamp.

The whole family is in the book ~ I LOVE IT!!!

I want to go live with them.
Loved the Grandpa!
I have the DVD collection
and I watch the reruns on TV all the time.
John Boy...
how dreamy was he?

Maybe not "Keith Partridge" dreamy but still...

So sending a big Thank You to
whoever left this book on my desk for me to find.

if only someone would leave that
cool million laying on my desk for me to find
I would be set.


  1. Oh, man. If you find that lamp, send it over my way!! I would love to live about that close to my neighbors. :P I can't even imagine all that space around me--heaven!

    I liked the Walton's, but my favorite is Little House on the Prairie. I loved that little family and how good they were to each other. I loved Pa and Half Pint's relationship. I hated Nellie Olsen. I was happy when good prevailed and bad (Nellie Olsen and her mean old mother) would get what they deserved. I get weepy when I watch that show--it's just so sweet.

    I know they are sappy, but I like those shows.

  2. you don't have to send me the lamp,but if you find it, would you wish yourself here with lamp in hand and let me borrow one wish? cool book, looks really old.

  3. i am back, went out and thought when was the walton started, it has been 50 years, it was the year i got married in 1963, no wonder the book is old.

  4. At least $2M, Catherine. $1M to spend, $1M to invest for income. Actually, at today's interest rates, if you don't want to lose the principal, you'd need a few million to invest for interest income!

    Not that I've spent much time fantasizing about it or anything.

    You know Zoomer TV (Vision TV) is showing The Waltons, right? Runs at 5PM our time, week days. Not sure if you get that station. I actually can't watch it, though did from time to time when young.

  5. I had no idea there were "Walton" books. It appears it was/is well-loved.

  6. I loved the Walton's! Hey - go out and buy a lottery ticket. Beautiful home. sandie

  7. OMG, I was trying to remember when The Waltons were on tv, it's been a long time...
    If you find the lamp, please let me know where I can get one! ;-)

  8. Oh my gosh, I love The Waltons, too! My grandparents used to watch it all the time... Grandpa on the show was always my fave & I even have the theme song on one of my playlists at the bottom of my blog. =)

  9. We need to have a lamp hunt, it has to be here somewhere!

  10. hey Catherine....this is serious! dont laugh because their is a message here for you finding this house on Stanley Road in the country (i can hardly believe this) you need to keep this dream alive...

    happy reality dreaming!

  11. It's fun to dream, isn't it?

    If I had a million, I'd pay off the farm and enjoy the rest of my days here, debt free. :)

  12. I would use my magic lamp to win the lottery.

  13. Have you checked the seat cushions of your couch? Could be the money is there. Or maybe just an old cookie. Either find would be good!

  14. I take it you didn't win Mega Millions. bummer.

  15. too funny. you and my Sis in Wis would get along very well. she loves the waltons, too.

  16. Dearest Catherine,

    Too good to be true... Stanley Road!
    But dreaming is far better than fighting inside a place one cannot afford.


  17. What a sweet friend!! I actually have a photo of me with "Grandpa Walton" Will Geer from the night of my high school prom - he just happened to be in the same hotel.

  18. I think you have to start looking for that magic lamp, Catherine :-)
    Loved your 'bubbles' post, so cute !

  19. Wow what a wonderful spot for a house. You never know it might be yours one day! Have a great day. Hugs anesha

  20. So sweet that book !!...what a beautiful place to build a from

  21. The house looks nice and it is on Stanley Rd - it is totally meant to be yours!! Yeah you just need few dollars with many zeros....:-)
    I wish I had magic lamp, too. If you get one, please let me borrow it!!

  22. Oh my my mother lovesssss the Waltons.She watches it over and over.I cant remember how many times shes watched the same episodes lol.

  23. This is a series of lovely photographs.

  24. I LOVE the Walton's Catherine, and still watch every day! I was disappointed when they got a new John Boy, but I never did miss a show. We need more shows like this on tv again.

  25. Maybe Stanley is building that house for you in secret and he just was testing it out to see if you were pleased so far! Yeah, wouldn't that be great? :) I didn't know the Waltons had a book but that's nice someone got it for you!

  26. Ooooohhhh....wouldn't it be fun if they were secretly building it just for you and you ruined the surprise by looking in the closet and finding it before Christmas? Well, I dream like that, sometimes. =]

    The Waltons.... I know that I watched it a lot but I don't seem to remember a single thing from it except overalls and 'goodnight, John-boy!' That's it! That's all I can remember.

    Well, er....that's all!

    xo =]

  27. Oh my big brother and I loved the Waltons too!! John Boy was underated as far as I'm concerned!
    Every night my brother and I would yell from our beds...good night John Boy good night get the story!

    That is one beautiful house Catherine!
    I could use that lamp too!
    Pamela xo

  28. Well - HELLO!!! That million for sure has got to be just around the corner... I mean your dream house has already manifested - it's obvious, the signs are all there! You've got a powerful mind Catherine :-)
    P.s. How cute is your co-worker, whoever they are!
    xo Joan

  29. when you find that lamp could you give it a little rub for me too?
    That house should definitely be yours being located on Stanley Rd.
    My dad was a huge fan of the Waltons and I used to watch it with him all the time. Every now and then I still catch an episode. I didn't know they had made any books about them

  30. Oh My ---that is perfect!!!! AND --being on Stanley Road makes it even better....

    Buy a lottery ticket and WIN!!!!!!

  31. What a fabulous gift! And anonymous giving makes it so much better, I think!

    Yep, looks like the perfect place for you and the menagerie that would follow. Let me know if you make any progress on the cool million... I'm sure I could find equally suitable digs down my my with a little bit of lookin'! ;-D

  32. I just love that show.. We would never miss it. So different than the shows you see on TV now days! And what a cool book!

    I say you send me a $100.00 and I will take it down to the strip and let it ride.. I am pretty sure I could win you that million!! HEE Hee.. If only!!

    Hugs, Linda

  33. You would need the change from the million dollars to buy some trees, it looks a bit sparse. I don't think Banjo wants to move.
    I am going to look on eBay for a Waltons book for my daughter, she loved the Waltons and I didn't know there were books. XO

  34. I have always been intrigued by Saskatchewan ever since I heard the name in a geography lesson at secondary school! I have come to you via Betsy from Tennessee. We all have that dream for when we win the jackpot million!! I will sign up as a follower.

  35. On Stanley Road no funny is that? *laugh* I liked The Waltons too.
    When you find that gazillionaire, give him my number will you? The golf course around the corner just went up for sale. Oh, all that lush green land. *sigh* What a fabulous pasture that would be ;o)

  36. Mmmm. When you get that house, I recommend reading Little House On The Prairie for backup. Actually I taught some descendents of Almonzo Wilder here in Spring Valley

  37. I say steal the sign one night, it might be cheaper.

  38. Tonight I'm buying a mega-millions- lottery ticket for my brother who feels lucky and thinks that we should get a ticket--They don't sell them in Florida where he lives--But I told him we're not that lucky, and I/we never win. But when I get little gifts like that sweet book, I feel like I already have!! :-)

  39. I used to love watching The Waltons & made Sime watch the first season with me recently & he loved it too!

    Hope that money comes your way!

    Have a good weekend Catherine.

    Kay :)


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