Friday, January 27, 2012


I had a week from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

The topper was some young snot yesterday
who had a huge Mary-Jane-Wanna
sticker on the back window of his car
parked in my paid for got my name on the plaque parking spot at work,
telling me,
after I mentioned to him that this was staff parking and 
that staff have to pay for their parking spots,
to "Get over my ******* self" and then again to "**** off"
and flipping me the bird twice as he drove away. 
(Why do they call it flipping the bird???)

I could not care less what some ill-mannered youth thinks of me
(Karma will get you Mr. Small Vocabulary)
and Thankfully
the reason I drove out of my parking spot at lunch time
was to go to one of my favourite stores where I
bought myself a lovely new purse!!!
Can you have too many purses? Nope.
$17.00!  How could I leave that in the store?  Well I couldn't.
Plus some lovely new green nail polish.
Retail therapy.
It's a beautiful thing!


After work this afternoon
(off at 1:30 pm ~ Flex-time!)
I am coming home to
exercise to "Just Dance 3"
 lay in my bath tub
with a mountain of bubbles
candle flickering on the edge
(fake candle!)
reading my book.

Then I will
get dressed in my favourite red sweater
paint my nails
(but not with my new green nail polish - too Christmassy with the red)
drink a Molson Canadian 67 Sublime
(0 points in weight watchers!!  Unless you drink more than 3 of course!)
and wait for Stanley to come home and pick me up.

We are going out for supper and then to
Dr. Hook in concert tonight at the casino.

gambling $5 in Las Vegas a few weekends ago
buying a $5 lotto ticket last weekend
drinking my one beer alone
and a concert at the casino this weekend...

maybe I do need help... 


  1. That red sweater is just the best! Have fun.

  2. Oh what a terrible person. Never mind at least you have a lovely evening ahead. Have fun. Hugs ANesha

  3. Oh, it sounds like you have a fabulous afternoon and evening lined up.

    I like that lite beer, didn't realize it didn't count in Weight Watchers. Neat.

    I don't need a new purse (as if "need" ever entered into it), but I certainly could make good use of a decent knapsack, not too big, not too small, one that fits on my back properly. Hmmm....Don't think I'd find that for $17, though!

    Have a fantastic day and weekend, no more surly, snarky, disrespectful schmucky "kids," please. (Anyone under 30 is a "kid" to me these days. LOL.)

  4. What a knucklehead. Not you--the idiot who took your spot. While we say "Don't let it bother you"--it does. Especially when you aren't used to hearing that sort of language.

    I dunno, I think your evening sounds wonderful! LOVE the sweater and the date. :) I hope you have a GREAT time!

  5. every time I come to your blog, I end up laughing my head off. I do love your subtle humor and sarcasm and so much enjoy your stories of your daily life. i rarely leave one of your post with out either a great big smile or a LOL. like that sweater, on the fence for the green nail polish, happy you did not wear it with the red sweater. you did the right thing, just consider the source and go shopping. thanks for my wake up smile fest.

  6. Love your red sweater! Hope you have a nice evening deserve it!

  7. I totally agree with you, that purse shouldn't be ignored!
    I can see your weekend starts earlier today, so I hope you and Stanley have a very good time together! ;-)

  8. THE Dr. Hook... I didn't even know they were still performing.
    You'll be a knockout in that beautiful red sweater, without the green nail polish of course and the faint hint of beer on your breath.
    Have a great night!
    And just think you already know who you're going home with.
    Susan x

  9. Now that's a "weekend to mend the week" plan I can get behind!

  10. Sound like a fab evening to me...have lots of fun:)

  11. Have fun tonight... 60s and 70s music is still the best!

  12. Some humans just need a good whap! Sounds like you have a good time planned!!!

  13. I love your red sweater .Hope you have a great evening.
    xxx Elisabeth

  14. Ralph Waldo Emerson said,"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." He will get his one day. "Sylvia's Mother", "Cover of the Rolling Stone" Dr. Hook? Really? Enjoy!

  15. i think it is called getting out and enjoying life and a red sweater means you are really stepping out!
    go girl!

  16. ALL week I kept thinking the day was really the next day, it really feels long then, must be some weird karma in the air, because I too have had a few rude people cross my path this week. I don't drink beer, but I will toast my glass of wine in the air to you tonight.

  17. All in a day's work I suspect regarding the little snot-boy. You handled it well.

    Love your outfit, purse and the fact you are having a real date with the hubby! Enjoy!

  18. Ugh, what a jerkwad. People like that really get under my skin. But, I suppose all you can do is laugh. You're right, karma can be a b*tch, and hopefully he gets what's comin' to him!
    Sounds like my kind of Friday that you have lined up. How do you like Just Dance 3? I almost bought that one myself, but ended up grabbing Dance Central 2 instead (which is pretty good, but has lots of songs I don't know).
    Have a great weekend, Cat! :)

  19. We hope that fantastic evening you have planned wipes away all memory of that rude little toad. Have a great time! :)

  20. on the contrary. i think you're just hitting your stride! :)

  21. Hello, Catherine.

      Your splendid works enhance charm spectator still more.
      The warmth such as the fireplace will be offered to the audience in harsh this winter.

      I praise your wonderful work.

      The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  22. Good girl moving forward and NOT allowing that "toad" to ruin the rest of your day!Shopping is the best this time of year! Love all your purchases! I would swap that Canadian for a Guness thank you!
    Great images..oh la la that red sweater!

  23. Love the red sweater and the bag is pretty too! No, you don't need're funny! :)
    Have a wonderful date tonight!

  24. ooooooh.... it is soooo much fun to quickly call a tow truck when some ass is parked in your spot.... and then just grin as they are towed..... sigh......

    They absolutely do NOT park there a second time believe me.

  25. LOVE your red sweater!!! Next time have the punk towed from our spot :-)

  26. That guy was an A-hole! Glad you got over it quickly!
    I love love your new sweater!!
    Dr.Hook? I have not heard of that band in AGES!!
    Have a fab time Catherine!!
    Pamela xo

  27. Enjoy your evening in that beautiful red sweater, love the purse too.

  28. You are turnin' into a party ANIMAL!! Have fun in your hot red sweater.
    And that snotty kid? He needs to spark up a higher quality weed and chill out!

  29. Hi Catherine, Cute blog... Looks like you all have a nice evening planned... Love your red sweater ---but please, no green nail polish... (They could put a light on your head and you would be a Christmas tree....ha ha)

    Have fun.

  30. Dr. Hook!? Can I come too!?
    I love your finds, and as for the low life kid, he'll reap what he sows. Have a great week-end Catherine!

  31. Hope you enjoyed the concert, I love Dr Hook.
    A bit of retail therapy will help get over most problems I think. XX

  32. Hey - you just go out and have fun - love the red sweater. And girl - can a girl have too many purses.

    Love, sandie

  33. Have a nice evening !! you look great the woman in

  34. Oh, I think you are just right! Have a great weekend!

  35. Oh, Catherine you crack me up, girl! Glad that you got an awesome deal on the purse, and the green nail polish sounds fab...but I agree not with the red sweater. Hope you and Stanley have lots of fun...and don't fret about that rude young man!

  36. That kid probably couldn't read - he's pretty pathetic! As for the red sweater - WOWZA! That's gorgeous! Might want to videotape the show to show Stanley later because he won't be paying attention to anything but you tonight! :)

  37. Well I would say that between the $17 dollar purse, the cool nailpolish, the awesome sweater and everything else, it totally outweighs the jerk kid who parked in your spot.

  38. I indulged in a little retail therapy the other day, I also got nail polish (four bottles for only $5.99!). I absolutely love that sweater. Wear it well and have a great time at the show!

  39. I always say that the biggest problem in the world today is that there are people in it (they mess up everything ;o)
    Cute sweater!

  40. No, Catherine, you are not the one who needs help! Love that sweater. Did you find it here at home?

  41. the sign on the parking spot should have told the young man something, but hey, who reads anymore? We are always ticketing college students who park in our department car spot. Aaahhh the "joys" of being young! :(
    Hope your doing great on the WW. I weighed this morning..lost 2lbs. yea!
    eating my portioned veggie ritz snack right now. Good luck and way to go on the purse purchase!

  42. Oh, no, this young person is terrible!! But I agree, karma will get him.
    I love your red sweater. Very pretty!

  43. Good attitude on your part, I'd say. :)

  44. Thumbs down to the nasty parking spot stealer (makes ya wanna repeat that "older but got more insurance" scene from the "Fried Green Tomatoes" two thumbs WAY up for new purses, gorgeous red sweaters, yummy sublimes, and much deserved nights out with hubby. I betcha Dr Hook was awesome!!

    PS: you need to hook a sistah up with the details of where you got that purse ;)

  45. So sorry you had a tough day, but it sure sounds like your evening will be wonderful!

  46. Cat, you would have had waaay more fun that night than the young dude with the 'tude. I've come to realise that nasty people really are mostly unhappy folk but sorry you copped that all the same. Gorgeous red top!!!


  47. oh mr nasty was having a bad day ..... hopefully he'll feel bad about the way he treated you!

    The bubble bath and concert sound like a nice way to end the week!!

  48. I let out a gasp with the potty-mouthed young man and think I would have towed his little car somewhere--or felt like parking in back to keep him pinned in. LOL! But then rolled as you told about the rest of your day and what you were going to do. Go Cat! Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for making me smile.

  49. Me thinks that little boy needs his mouth washed out and his fingers taped to his hands!

    Yikes - so sorry you were treated that way!

    So very glad you got to enjoy your afternoon. I bet you looked fabulous in that red outfit!!

  50. People can be so rude.. even after you told him nicely. But other than that, sounds like you had a fabulous day!! Where did you find such a good deal on the purse?? Haha hope the show was good, the colour scheme reminds me of Christmas. :) <3


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