Sunday, August 7, 2011

Unexpected Gifts of Joy

When Nature honours you with a precious moment
it can leave you breathless.
I love owls.
To catch a glimpse and be this close
to a wild one
makes me feel very special.

Direct eye contact with this
magnificent bird from the wild
is indeed a gift

Until I get too close
and off it swoops to a tree
out of the reach of me
and my camera.

But oh the joy while it lasts.

Wild babies.
Another one of nature's gifts.
Overly brave.
Not yet knowing the fear of humans.

Purposely posing for me.
A few stray pin feathers still attached.
His/her 'bloomers' still nice and fluffy.

Until it has had enough
and it takes that mighty leap
and spreads it's wings to fly away.

And within minutes
who is swooping over my head
and delivering me a death cry?

Momma hawk!

Not to worry sweet momma.  
I'm leaving.

Thank you for sharing your baby with me.
It truly was a joy.


Speaking of gifts and joy...

the other day
I received a lovely parcel in the mail
from a dear blogging friend

A beautiful woman that lives in Greece
and does so much for feral cats and kittens.
This woman has a big heart!

A sweet little note from her...
in green ink! :)

She even sent my big boy
a lovely gift as well.
An adorable little blue wooden cat.

and as cats do...
he was perhaps a bit more
enthusiastic about the green and pink bow... 

{little wooden blue kitty now sits in a place of honour on my kitchen window sill}

And a gift for me too!

A 100%, handcrafted, one of a kind original bag!
Love it!
Sweet Joan
reading about my love of bags
and of course,
my favorite color being green
sent me this adorable bag!

Look at the detail!

Thank You so much dearest Joan!
You and your blog and what you do for others
is a very wonderful gift as well.


Wishing you all
unexpected gift of joy today!

xo Catherine


Pam said...

Fantastic pictures of the owl and hawk!!! And what lovely gifts you received!

It's me said...

What a great gift !!!...wonderful !!!...enjoy summer

Kimmie said...

Where I live is home to "The Powerful Owl" he is truly magnificent. Often times I spy him on my veranda late at night...I almost expect Harry Potter to follow lol

Sandra said...

I can see every ripple of the feathers on the Owl.. amazing shots, amazing bird and the hawk is gorgeous also. you were blessed to see these. I have yet to see an owl that was close enough to get a photo of. congrats on the bag,

Gods Little People said...

Dearest Catherine
I LOVE owls too. What amazing images you've captured. Unfortunately we don't get owls here in Greece but in our last home we lived right next to the woods and we could hear the owls call and response late at night - it was so magic.
And thanks so much for those precious images of darling Banjo - it just made my day! :-) Thanks also for your sweet words Catherine... the pleasure is entirely mine!

Brian said...

Those were all beautiful gifts today!!!

The Island Cats said...

Those photos of the birdies are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

And our mom says that bag is just gorgeous! What a nice friend you have!!

Cat said...

What wonderful pictures!!! We've been over to visit God's Little People, what a very special person to look after so many needy kitties :-)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lucky you! We have to travel all the way to Nepal to see such gorgeous winged creatures. Wonderful images! And lovely gifts from Joan. Love how Banjo was all over his package. Have a great day. Tammy

S. Etole said...

What exciting "gifts of joy" on all fronts ... and a special online friend.

TexWisGirl said...

1st, the owl shots are glorious! and the hawks too! love the raptor family!

2nd, what a sweetheart to send you a bag, but even more so to remember the little blue kitty for your sweet buddy. :)

Penelope's Beehive said...

Oh my...such amazing photographs! I do love owls, and am lulled back to sleep in the night by their "songs."

What a lovely and generous, surprise parcel...I am certain that you and Banjo shall enjoy your new treasures.

Happy day to you...

xo Judy

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Wow for your pictures of the owl!! Fantastic!

As for the presents, oh, how precious of your friend! The purse is spectacular and the kitty for Banjo... how sweet!!

By the way, the pictures of Banjo inspecting his present are great!!

♥ Helen said...

The "big bird" photos are amazing! I have never been that close to an owl and when I see them far away it`s kind of magic.
The gift was very nice, I love the little blue kitten :) and the bag is so beautiful.
Have a nice day.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful birds. We are fortunate in that a young Peregrine falcon has made our back yard one of the places he likes to visit ever since he was a young bird. He sits in one of our trees for hours when it is very hot. I love to watch him:)

BeadedTail said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of the owl and hawk Catherine! I just love those big birds but have never seen an owl out in the wild. Gorgeous!

Your gift is truly lovely! That bag is very special and it's nice that Banjo got some ribbon! The little blue kitty is very cute too!

Anesha said...

Stunning photos!! Do understand how you feel about seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild. Your bad is just beautiful, lucky you and Banjo, that blue cat is sweet. Thank you for your sweet comment and have a wonderful week. Hugs Anesha

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet gift.

And that owl was just fascinating - I love their powerful yellow eyes - they demand respect.

LĂșcia said...

I love owls too, look at those gorgeous eyes!
I'm glad to know Banjo enjoyed his gift too! :)
Have a good week Catherine!

Lin said...

Lucky you to have such fun these days!! Look how lovely that bag is and that little wooden kitty!! Mix in a rare sighting of an owl and the day is complete. :) Sigh.

Ann said...

Wow, the shots of the owl and the hawk are amazing. What a thrill to see them.
Sweet gift, how nice of your friend to send that. Very thoughtful

Kerri said...

Lovely Owl and Hawk - and what beautiful gifts!!

lisa said...

Oh my goodness, that little bag is gorgeous, and as always your photographs are wonderful. Love the owl, and how lucky you were to be able to capture it!
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend Cat!

urban muser said...

that owl is amazing and you captured it so well!

Deb said...

This post is so full of beauty. The owl...oh my! What a gorgeous gift from Joan. I also follow her and she is a 'hero' in my eyes.The photos of Banjo are amazing. You are so talented, Catherine. Have a great week. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

missing moments said...

What a lovely post Catherine and I love Joan and all the work she does. So kind and generous of her to send you the gift. Love that little blue kitty ... I want one!

Laurie said...

Amazing and beautiful pictures Catherine, what a special treat!! I love the bag, what a sweet gift.

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

What a rare treat for observing this adolescent owl from up close + the hawk with its bloomers!!! Precious. Love your new bag; oh Joan knows how to create her own couture bags and using upscale fabric and notions.
Loved your crow with the happy ending and Banjo chasing a rainbow... well, he was on the leash so little chance of ever catching one!

Enjoy your week ahead and love to you,


Mary said...

Oh my! what kind of owl is that? he is beautiful! I'm not sure we have those here in New England. We have barred owls which look similar...what a sight!

Linens and Royals said...

The Owl is beautiful, I thought at first he was one of those fake ones used to scare some birds away but the next pics. proved he was very real.
What a very pretty purse!! XX

Forever Foster said...

What a lovely gift. The owl is magnificent. They are my husband's most favourite of all birds, and we had two little owls on top of our wedding cake :) (from the human, obviously ;) ).
Thank you for your sweet message for Fui :)

troutbirder said...

Sweet gifts from Mother Nature that's for sure. On the other hand no fellow blogger has ever sent me a handbag or purse. :) Though one author/blogger (Ecorover) did gift me with his book on the The Big Hole River & It People.

Linda R. said...

WOW!! Your photos of the owl and hawk are amazing. How fun to be able to capture Gods creatures that way.. And your goodies you received look wonderful.. Looks like banjo is happy with his gift as well..

Hugs, Linda

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hello Dear,

Love the photographs...

How's everything going with you? Are you writing any other exams? I have been really busy with my exams lately... Finally it's over... Miss you a lot..

Sabi Sunshine

Sylvia said...

Amazing photos of the birds, Catherine !
And what lovely gifts you received from Joan, Banjo looks very happy with that cute cat !

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your visiting owl friend is magnificent...
How wonderful to receive gifts from afar and such beautiful ones at that...
Have a great week!
Susan x

Tamago said...

What wonderful photos of these birds!! Direct eye contact with owl is truly amazing.
And how sweet of Joan to send you such a beautiful gift! Banjo sure loves that bow :-)

Hot Rocks said...

How fabulous to receive such wonderful gifts from you blog pal! Your photos of the owl and falcon are beautiful. Ia few years ago I saw a very large great horned owl swoop past my window, and sit on top of a very tall spruce tree on our property. It is very cool to see those birds!

Jen said...

What a gorgeous owl! How awesome (I'm jealous *laugh*)
Sounds like you had a bang up day...a pretty little kitty and a purse too - wow! You deserve it girl. :o)

Barbara said...

Love your owl and hawk photos - truly joyous! And that sweet gift from Joan - I'm so glad I found her blog! Hope you keep having a great week!

Christine said...

I am so jealous of your camera right now. Great photo's, and write up. Banjo's a lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

Great shots, every one of them, esp Momma Hawk... better run & hide from her, she can get a bit scary! LoL! =)

That was sooo sweet of Joan to send those things... Wonderful person =)

Lisa RedWillow said...

Fantastic images. Im in aww.
Your joy was two fold.
Hope your well.


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