Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mission Complete...sort of...

OK, so clearly I need either
longer arms
or a remote for my camera.

This little guy was not as brave
as the one the other day who sat right on my hand
but he would snitch the seeds from my palm
while securely perched on the bird feeder.

I had my camera on a tripod
set on automatic
and so in the close up photos
my hand is clear
but little Nuthatch is blurry.

I'm not very happy with these photos
but it's the best I could do with this set up.

I will try again one night this week
with my pocket automatic in my one hand
and hopefully sweet little bird sitting and
eating seeds out of my other.

This is for you
Jane Hathaway*!

*Jane Hathaway - member of the "all woman's bird watching club" from The Beverley Hillbillies.


Brian said...

Those really are great pictures!!! Hey, I didn't know you knew my Aunt Jane!

S. Etole said...

I remember Jane Hathaway!

This is pretty amazing that that little nuthatch would come that close.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Amazing photos!!
Miss Hathaway would be proud!

Lúcia said...

It was a lovely moment anyway!
Have a good new week Catherine! ;-)

BeadedTail said...

That bird is so trusting! Those are sweet photos Catherine! Jane Hathaway would certainly approve!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, what a great hero - Jane H. :)

i'm so impressed at your bird luring! we so rarely see nuthatches here. that's awesome!

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

Amazed for seeing a long sleeved sweater on you... here it is still around 40+ C each day. But you did get some great shots of the nuthatch! Don't be too hard on yourself for downgrading your photos.
Love Jane Hathwaway too. That were great movies and healthy for the laughter they caused.

Love to you and have a great week!


Laurie said...

Catherine I think the pictures are amazingly perfect! What great shots! By the way, I loved the Beverly Hillbillies and never missed an episode. The ceement pond and the pot passers at the pool table always cracked me up. And of course Miss Hathaway's crush on Jethro!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

That's the coolest! I could never imagine doing that. I'm very pleased with your photos and you should be too. Have a happy week.

Anonymous said...

I think they're great! And I love the Jane Hathaway pic - makes me want to dive into some old re-runs.

Linda R. said...

I my gosh girly.. That is so cool how you got that bird eating right out of your had.. And I used to love the Beverley Hillbillies. That is to funny!!

Hugs, Linda

Ann said...

Those are really cool. The birds around here never let me get that close.

It's me said...

These pictures are also great !!..i can´t wait to see more......enjoy a happy from

Dany, die mit den Katzen strickt. said...

Wow!!! Bird is cool!!!

Forever Foster said...

What great shots! It must have been very cool to feed the bird like that :)

Fuzzy Tales said...

We think you did well to get those shots. A remote definitely would be handy, though!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Wow! You did it! You may not be very happy with the photos but I still think they are the best!

It is fantastic how you managed to gain the trust of that little bird. Sweet!

Anesha said...

Love the photos, what a wonderful experience to have this lovely bird eating from your hand! Have a great week. :)

Sandra said...

i am sure Jane loved your post as much as i did. i think the photos are wonderful and you did a great job. how thrilling it must be to have them eat from your hand.

zaza said...

Fantastic Catherine!
It has inspired me to try the same. The white breasted nuthatch is at our feeders quite a bit but the little red breasted guy is more illusive. I hear him but can't see him. Of course chickadees abound.

justine said...

this is a great shot, wonderfully captured

Gods Little People said...

Oh my goodness Catherine, all the glorious images I've been missing!! Well you're just not that easy to please are you not being that happy with your new images LOL, I love them! Just a hands reach away - wish it was me!! And LOL to that last image :-))

Tamago said...

Oh what great photos!! You may not be happy with them, but I love these photos!! I can see this cute bird eating out of your hand and it's just amazing!! I hope you will get photos you are really happy with :-)

Cheri said...

Great shots - nuthatches are bold little birds.

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Christine said...

Jane Hathaway!!! boy you brought back some memories for me, after school with a plate of fries in front of the TV, avoiding my math homework. Perhaps the Nuthatch is camera shy.

Linens and Royals said...

Great little bird and very trusting. If I put any food out for birds I would have every seagull and sparrow for miles around at my door. XX

Kerri said...

How Fun!!!!!

Becca said...

I think the photos are great! I just love the thought that he is eating right out of your hand! Such a cute little bird!

Sylvia said...

These photos are great, Catherine, wonderful how close that bird comes, so sweet !
Have a great week,

Cat said...

Great pictures :-)

I always liked Jane Hathaway she was such a pragmatic career gal and quite in contrast to my other role models of the day; Ginger Grant, Madam Yes and Cat Women - LOL!

Lin said...

Hooray! You did it!!

I love nuthatches. :)

BumbleVee said...

I used to love Jane....she was hilarious!

bettyl said...

I remember Jane!!


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