Friday, July 29, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part VI - The End

Upon finding out that Pete had
three more entries to his underground condo
via the adjoining three neighbours backyards,
Stanley decided in order to ensure the
happiness and well being of his marriage to Catherine,
he should 'live and let live'
and hence gave up trying to 'discourage' Pete
from living under his shed.

Pete continued to live a long and enjoyable life
living under Stanley's shed,
eating neighbour Steve's vegetables,
munching on neighbour Dell's perennials,
and scampering through neighbour Joe's sprinklers.

Although Pete never did receive
the extension cord from Stanley
in order to plug in his jacuzzi,
Pete decided to skip the jacuzzi
and put in a wet bar beside the pool instead.

Francine and the gang continued to
venture over to Pete's place
every Saturday night
for a dip in the pool
and some good eats.

The End.

or is it....

I sense a 'Squeekquel' before the end of summer...  ;)


And upon phoning Stanley and
asking him to pick a number between
1 and 42
he picked the number 26 for his birthday this week.

So the lucky winner
of the "How does it end?" comment is...

Linda R from "My Happy Place"!

This crafty, cat loving, photo loving gal
will soon be receiving a little gift for playing my game.

Send me your address Linda
and I will send it on it's way.

Thanks so much to all of you
for playing and I hope
you all have a super weekend!

If it's a long-weekend where you live
as it is here in Canada
have an extra good one!

Much love
xo Catherine

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How do you capture summer?

I haven't figured out
how to capture summer yet.

Winter was easy.
Snow was in abundance
and it freezes nicely.

I feel like I am
running out of time...


Have you entered the
Pete & Stanley

I will be making the draw
at 2:00 pm tomorrow (Friday)
and posting the 'ending'
for all to see.

Speaking of Pete ~ a quick update:

I don't think Pete is too scared of me. The other evening, I was sitting outside on the patio, enjoying the warm weather and all of a sudden, I could feel something at my left foot.  I looked down, there was Pete, nibbling on my sandal and sniffing my toes.  It tickled!  I sat very still and the next thing I knew, he was sprawled across my foot having a rest. And where was my camera? Sitting inside on the kitchen table of course!! Isn't that always the way....  He stayed for a few minutes and then merrily went on his way over to the bird feeders to partake in a bit of left over bird seed on the ground.

I love Pete...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time Is Slipping By

How can it be July 26 already?

I can almost feel time slipping through my fingers.
Does it keep going faster, the older you get?

How come the summer months were so long
when you were a kid?

Is it an 'age' thing?

Speaking of which...

Happy Birthday
Hubby a.k.a Wayne a.k.a Stanley

Have a terrific day today!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part V

Feeling sorry for how hard Pete
was having to work in keeping
his home safe from Stanley,
Catherine left some bird seeds
on the chair outside his door
in order for him to feed his guests
scheduled to arrive for the
pool party Saturday night...

it soon became apparent
that Pete wasn't exactly the
brightest crayon in the box...


"What's a guy to do? Part VI"
The Final Chapter
will be posted on Friday, July 29/11.

How will it end?

Will Pete prevail?
Will Stanley win?
Will peace and harmony reign?
Will Pete and Francine get married?
Will Stanley blow the whole shed up to end it all?

For my Lovely Followers,
add your guess to this post
and the closest guesses
will be entered into a draw
for a FANTASTIC prize!

No limit to what country you are from.  :)

Have fun with it!
Let your imaginations fly!

Pete and Stanley Recaps:

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part IV

Feeling secure in the belief
that Pete had moved on
due to not seeing him around for 2 days,
Stanley was once again very pleased with himself
for getting rid of that pesky little nuisance once and for all.

He was therefore very discombobulated
when appeared by the original re-dug
gopher hole the other day,
an envelope addressed to him.

It was a letter from Pete.
Surprised by Pete's articulate hand... 
errrr... paw writing
Stanley proceeded to read the letter

Dear Stanley,

I want to thank you so much for gravelling my front patio for me.  I think it looks really nice.  Quite a few stones and dirt plugged up my doorway, but not to worry, it only took me a couple of days to dig them out.  I used the extra stones to build up the walls in my home and of course, all the water you keep spraying down into my hole has afforded me the luxury of being able to put in that indoor pool I've always wanted.   

Stanley was starting to get a
mental image of what
Pete had been up to for the
last few days he'd been missing.

Stanley read on.

Might you be so kind as to when the next time you spray water down the hole, aim the hose a little more to the right.  It should then spray directly into the pool.  Please hurry.  It needs a little more to top it off and I've planned a house warming party for tomorrow night.  Francine and the rest of the gang are really looking forward to relaxing in my pool after all these long hot days we've been having.

Also, I was wondering, would it be too much to ask for you to run an extension cord out to the shed.  I am needing electricity to plug in the jacuzzi.

Thanks so much Stanley.  You are a real pal!

Your truly,


Happy Friday everyone!
Love Pete & Stanley

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jar of Winter

Anyone else hot?

The humidex was up to 42c (107F) yesterday.

I broke down and took out my "jar of winter"
that I stashed in my freezer in February.
I knew it would come in handy this summer.

Aren't you wishing now that you had bought some
when I was selling it back then?

I can't explain how good that snow felt
melting on my hot feet!

It melted so fast...

but oh the joy
while it lasted.


Isn't it amazing
how something you loathed so much
just a short 5 month ago
can bring you such joy and happiness today?


Speaking of happiness...

A big thank you to Deb from Just Cats
for the sweet little dish
Banjo and I won off her blog.

It arrived safe and sound
and Banjo and I love it!

Hey Mister!
You just had a snack!
No need to put the bitey on Deb's
pretty card she sent us!

Deb is a fellow Canadian (Ontario)
and runs a 'in home cat care' business.
How fun is that?

Thanks again Deb!
The little dish is even cuter in real life!


And not to worry friends,
the story of Pete and Stanley
will be continued on the weekend.  ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Keep cool!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part III

Feeling pretty darn proud of himself
for proving once again
that man truly is the dominate species, 
Stanley decides that his job here is done
and happily goes about his day yesterday.

Imagine Pete's surprise later that evening,
returning home with his new love interest Francine,
to find his belongings packed up and sitting by his hole
with the tunnel of his new 'bachelor pad'
filled with rocks and a big rock blocking his doorway.

Imagine Stanley's surprise
in returning home this morning
after a relaxing game of golf...

to find Pete's belongings
sitting outside a freshly dug hole
on the other side of his shed.

Needless to say,
Stanley's embarrassment
soon turned to anger.

And in the infamous words
of Bugs Bunny...

To be continued...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part II

Feeling confident that this was a
safe yard to live in
as long as the lady of the shed
was looking out for him...

Pete decided it was safe to set up house
and completely move in....

little did Pete know
that Stanley had other plans for him...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's a guy to do? Part I

It soon became apparent that Stanley was going
to have to come up with a new plan to get rid of
the gopher living under his shed...

because clearly running the garden hose into the
gopher hole with the water on full blast for hours on end
was not persuading this little guy to leave...

{no Wayne... you are not putting out poison to get him...
don't be ridiculous...!}

I almost have him eating out of my hand!  

the gopher that is...
not Stanley...  ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why mess with perfection?

nature so often leaves us breathless

we are unable to capture it's true beauty

no matter the camera
no matter the light
no matter the eye of the photographer

no photoshop
no digital enhancing
no improvements needed

for a dragonfly
is nature's perfection

by the way ~ you know I chose 'B' Sunday...
with a photo shoot and a little laundry 
thrown in on the side!  ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To B or Not to B...but rather A...that is the question

it would be so nice to know
the true meaning of life this morning

is our path already mapped out for us
our destiny written in the stars

or are we floating in the breeze
letting the wind of our choices
drive us to where we go next

if only it was clear to me
for then I would know whether to

A) do laundry, vacuum, clean the bathrooms
B) go outside, feed the birds, watch the weeds grow

A or B?

which do you think I will choose to do today?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something's Missing

What do you think Banjo?

Plenty of dogs at the parade
and not enough representation
of the feline family?

I concur.

Next year,
could someone please add some cats
to the Canada Day Parade please?

Banjo and I would appreciate it.  :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts About Yellow

I find the color yellow
brightens any setting

any thought
any mood
in the house
in the yard
I feel it's a happy color

I shall try to think yellow thoughts today...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

It Makes Me Happy!

The sun shines through the
window of my kitchen
making the flowers giggle
with delight.
It makes me happy!

I had a 'computer free' long weekend.
Friday was Canada Day.
And a lovely day it way!
But now I'm way behind on my blog reading.
I look forward to catching up with all of you this evening.
It's off to work I go!

Happy July 4th my U.S. friends!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello July

Hello July!

Please feel free to stay
as long as you can!

Can anyone believe that
half the year is over?

Or is it that we still have
half the year still left?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

In this case,
I'm going with the glass is half empty.  :(


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