Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week is a Rap

even though it's only Thursday
it feels just like it's Friday
'cause tomorrow is Canada Day
which means it's a holiday
to celebrate Canada's birthday
it's supposed to be a warm day
I'll have money 'cause it's payday
to the fair we'll go around midday
bar-b-que with family at the end of day
it's going to be a great day
hip hip hooray!!!

I feel like I've just written a rap song...

Have a terrific July 1st Canada Day tomorrow my Canadian friends
and a happy 4th of July to my American friends!!

Long weekend for both of us!
Woot woot!!!

Any of my foreign friends get a long weekend?
I hope so!
If not,
still have a good one!


Teresa Evangeline said...

A new career, perhaps? Now you have to have a rap name like Cat Mon Do. :)
Have a great weekend, Catherine!

Sandra said...

I did not know about your Canada day, it sounds just like our 4th of July holiday. enjoy it and i like your RAP

Tanja said...

Hi Catherine,

Here no extra days off, just a normal two days weekend but no problem, I only have to work for two weeks and than I have a long vacation, three weeks of doing only the things we want to do.

So enjoy youre extra day, I wish you a whole lot of sunshine and pleasure

Have a great long weekend, my friend

Deb said...

Have a wonderful Canada Day and tell Banjo his gift is on the way. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Christine said...

Suppose to be a nice weekend, no small town parade tomorrow :( where ever will my children find candy on the road to pick up now???
Happy long weekend, to all, and to all a sober safe one.

The Monkeys said...

Happy Canada Day! I plan to celebrate in a similar way! Enjoy the weekend!

Brian said...

Happy Canada Day to you and enjoy your long holiday weekend!!!

It's me said...

Enjoy a great weekend darling...have fun !!!

missing moments said...

Stars and sprinklers for all of us! Have a safe and happy weekend!

Bossy Betty said...

Lots to celebrate! Sounds like you've got a fun weekend ahead. Loved the rap!

LĂșcia said...

Cool and creative post you made today!
Have a very happy holiday! ;-)

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy Canada Day and happy long weekend! The mom is SO looking forward to having an extra day off.

Have fun!

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

Happy 144th Birthday to Canada! Enjoy your day. We'll celebrate the 235th Birthday of the USA on Sunday with our best friends who adopted us as family...
Enjoy this long weekend!

Lots of love,


Kerri said...

I Love your Rap!! and I LOVE looooong weekends!!

Anesha said...

Enjoy your long weekend and Happy Canada Day!!

Birgit said...

Happy Canada Day Cathrine! Enjoy the day with a lot of sun!!! Your Rap is gogeous.
xoxo Birgit

BeadedTail said...

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy your long weekend with all the fun things you rapped about! :)

Jen said...

LOVE the new look (am I nuts or did you change it?) I'll likely be spending the 4th out in the pasture with the horses (reassuring everyone they are not going to die ;o)
Happy Canada Day girl!

Linda R. said...

Yea!!! Enjoy your weekend my friend.
We are off on a camping trip up to Utah.. Getting out of this heat..

Hugs, Linda

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

As you know, my weekend started today and I can tell it's already going to be gone before I know it!!

I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend Catherine!!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Lovin' your rap!!

Have a safe and happy l o n g weekend!!

Ann said...

Hooray for long weekends. I think that since Canada day and our 4th of July are so close together that we should celebrate them together and we all get a 4 day weekend.
Happy Canada day to you and enjoy your weekend

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Canada's Day to you tomorrow!

Laurie said...

Happy Canada Day Catherine, we used to have joint fireworks over the St. Clair River. They were awesome. Wish they'd do that again!

Linens and Royals said...

Happy Canada Day, hope the weather is kind for any outdoor events.Be nice to William and Kate, they are visiting Canada right now. XX


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