Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bird in the Hand and an Award on the Side

It's just a common sparrow
there are hundreds and thousands of them
one looking just like the other

but I believe it still has feelings
and as it hit my living room window
sitting on the rocks

I can not help but think
it's not 'just another bird'

so I gently pick it up
place it high in the bird feeder
out of harms way
to give it time
to catch it's breath
and recompose itself

I kept peeking in
every few minutes
to see if it was OK

it looked at me
little heart still beating wildly
but not looking as scared as before

the next time I peeked
I saw it was gone
flown off to I don't know where

I wonder if it will remember me
and not be scared
the next time it is at my bird feeder


And a big THANK YOU for the Kreativ Blogger Award from Mariette at Mariette's Back To Basics that she bestowed on me awhile back.  You are sweet Mariette!  Go check her out to see her beautiful flowers!

I'm getting really lame at these as I feel I have told you all everything there is to tell about me.  But here it goes:

5 facts about myself:
  • I wish the 80's hair styles would come back (big hair = small hips)
  • I once ate a salmon salad sandwich (gag me!) as to not hurt my friend's mom's feelings
  • I hate spaghetti (I will not eat it and don't care who's feelings I hurt)
  • I can't stand having anything between my toes; sandals, toe ring, toe socks, etc.
  • I love wearing socks to bed

And to pass this on, I always feel bad as there are so many terrific bloggers out there that I enjoy, but I am going to pass it forward to a couple of blogger friends that I would like you to meet:   

Well you know when a blog has kitties in it, it's just got to be good!  :)


Happy Thursday!


Tracy said...

Catherine, thank you for being so kind to that little sparrow. It reminded me of the story about the man who was throwing all the starfish off the beach into the water...did you ever hear that story? let me know if you haven't and I'll fill you in.
Congrats on your award; yes, you are certainly creative! and in the winter I wear socks to bed; do you still in the summer?
Have a blessed day!

Brian said...

Congrats on the very nice award, Kreativ you are fur sure. That was so nice of you to help the little birdie, that made us all smile!!!

Linda R. said...

That was so kind of you to help that little sparrow out.. Your photos look wonderful..

BTW - Spaghetti is my hubby's favorite dinner.. I go ahead and eat it.. But I could probably go the rest of my life without it.. Now pizza another story.. Maybe I will have some pizza for breakfast.. YUM...

I hope you have an awesome day my friend..

Hugs, Linda

Hot Rocks said...

How wonderful that you were able to put the little bird out of harms reach, while it recovered. We have had some birds fly into our window too, dazed for a bit, then off they go.

missing moments said...

Truly kindness on your part. We are also wacky people when it comes to creatures and critters ... even when there are bugs in the house, we catch 'em and put them outdoors where they belong!
Kitty blogs ... gotta head over there now!

Stacey Dawn said...

Congrats to you!!
And wow - so neat how you helped that poor bird! So glad it was okay!

Sandra said...

a sweet little sparrow and a sweet story with a happy ending. we had a cardinal hit our window once, we watched it for about 5 minutes and it finally flew away. it hit really hard. i love spagetti, would not eat the salmon salad even with a gun to my head, also do not eat anything i don't like to save feelings.

S. Etole said...

A deed well done ... and congrats on your award.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Poor little sparrow. I'm glad it was okay and managed to fly away.

I remember last summer walking up Days Road after a hair appt (no sidewalk, just a wide gravel shoulder) and seeing a little sparrow obviously in distress, but no sign of blood, etc. I picked it up and put it on the grass, really hoped it was just stunned, but suspect it was dying and I didn't have the heart to put it out of its misery. I felt so guilty about that.

So I'm glad your little sparrow was okay!

And congratulations on the award!

Bossy Betty said...

Love the little sparrow and your kindness towards him.

Still reeling from your #3 fact though.....

It's me said...

Sweet bird....congratulations with your are a crazy from ear to

The Monkeys said...

Very sweet what you did for that little bird! Great for your Karma.

Tanja said...

O Catherine what sweet of you to help the little bird and lovely photo's.

And youre 5 facts, that gives my a big smile, I saw it all before me, the great warm socks in bed and the greeps of sand between your toes.

Have a great weekend, my friend

Becca said...

I am SURE that little sparrow will remember you and return feeling safe in your garden always!
Loved the things about you...I'd probably wear socks to bed too if it got as cold as it does there! I'm with you about the 80's thang too. Love the big hair, and well, the hips now are probably bigger than my hair ever was! LOL

Gods Little People said...

Sweet Catherine
How I love your story of this little sparrow - I'm sure it'll remember you!! If nothing else it will have felt a special kindness at the hands of a human.
And thanks so much for the award (most of all the mention) - oh dear, five facts about myself... I'll have to do some thinking :-)

BeadedTail said...

I'm glad the pretty little sparrow was okay! That was so nice of you to watch out for it!

Congratulations on your award! My hair would have to be really, really big to make my hips look small!

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

Thanks for this post! I love you because you care for nature!!!
Did visit the other animal lovers and follow them.
Have a wonderful remainder of the week!

Lots of love,


Pamela said...

Poor little guy but i am sure he bounced back. He sure looks cute in that photo!
Remind me never to make you my pasta dinner lol!!
Eighties hair? Well okay but please don't bring back the music...i do love the skinny jeans though!!!
I always wear socks to bed in the winter!!

Pamela xo

Ann said...

Aw that poor little sparrow. How nice you are to help him out. I hope he does remember your kindness on his future visits.
Congrats on that award

Nancy said...

I had that happen one winter with a nuthatch. I brought him in to warm up and he was ready to go back outside after a couple of hours. I'd do the same for a sparrow as well -- they are all such wonderful little creatures.

Yay for you on the award. :)

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you were there to help that little bird. I'm sure it will remember your kindness!

sharon said...

gorgeous photos, love the clarity. poor little bird, hope it got to it's destination in safety. Congrats on your Kreativ Blog award!!!!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Catherine, last summer people got upset when I stopped and picked up a little goldfinch that was in the middle of the road--It was just stunned too, but you just can't see something so small and precious and not help if you can!

I loved learning a few more things about you and I'm again reminded that you and I share the same thoughts on socks!

Kat_RN said...

Sweet post. You made me smile again, you deserve lots of awards.
Looks like spring has finally set in to stay awhile.

Lin said...

Hooray! You saved that little bird! They usually snap out of it after a minute or two. I sure hope he remembers you!

congrats on the award!! You certainly deserve it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Catherine, Poor little birdie. They do get stunned when they hit the window like that... I'm sure it is okay --and hopefully, it will come back to your feeder.

Congrats on the award... I don't wear anything like flip flops or something like that between my toes either.


Christine said...

I where socks to bed too,only it makes me so sad when I am still wearing them in July. Can we have some heat this summer, please!!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

aawww...sweet little sparrow. a great rescue!
Birds sometimes hit our windows, too. sad.

Anesha said...

So sweet of you to lend a helping hand. Bet I know a furry boy who would have loved to help as well! :) lol. Love the photos. Anesha :)

Jen said...

I guess now we know who has some mighty clean windows, don't we? *laugh* Poor little birdie. Congratulations on your award!

YHOSIE said...

i hope the sparrow will be OK ...
love the idea of having a bird feeder at home ..

i really want to have one ..
:D it's nice of you ..

BumbleVee said...

It's the reason I go to kitty blogs..... just because there are kitties there. Don't have any of my own anymore...but, still love looking at them..... and seeing the beautiful photos of them.


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