Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thought Bubbles On My Brain

I've been wide awake since about 1:00 am
random thoughts floating like bubbles around my brain
landing anywhere they choose
not willing to let go

these bubbles 'suction cup' onto my
serotonergic nuclei of the anterior raphe
part of my brain
causing numerous nonsensical thoughts
to dance around in my head
keeping me awake

I went to a sleep therapist awhile ago
I've been taking a herbal sleep remedy for a month now
clearly neither have helped

I think about writing in my "I Can't Sleep Journal"
that I bought for myself almost 10 months ago
that I still have never written in because
I don't want to ruin the beautiful pages
with my messy hand writing


I think this is all a sign of pure genius...

is it not???


Brian said...

I sure hope you get some sleep, that's no fun! Maybe Banjo can give you lessons!!!

It's me said...

I hope you sleep well soon darling.......have a nice

Katy Noelle said...

Moooooody Definitely, Cat! Surely it's a sign of genius.

Hello! Sorry I've been away for a little bit!

Psst! It's me...I changed my avatar.;)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Pure genius, absolutely. We'll go with that. Actually, by the looks of these photographs I would concur. They are wonderful. "...cannibalizing the trivialities of the day...brain is circling in on itself." Oh yeah. I understand. I hope your day is a good one and that you sleep soundly and peacefully tonight.

Katy Noelle said...

Ah HAhahaaaa! That first word is definitely a typo. I've been sitting here trying to figure it out because I can't remember what I....OH!

It's MoooooooST definitely. (See! The s is near the d and the t is near the y.) NOW, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt who it is. =D

heh, heh. sorry!

Love, Katy xo

Forever Foster said...

Winston Churchill apparently hardly slept, so you're in good company :)

Those photos are incredible!

Deb said...

I should not have tried to read this before my first coffee. Too many big words :-)
I know what you are going through. I have times too when I can't sleep. Right now I blame Ginny for keeping me from my much needed beauty sleep as she wakes with the birds and then starts her siamese yowl. I hope you get sleep tonight. One night you can handle....2 nights you become a monster.

lisa said...

I sure hope you get some sleep soon. :-)

Sandra said...

if i got up to write in a book when my thoughts are bubbling around and i can't sleep, i would never go to sleep. what i want to know is why hubby never has trouble sleeping due to thought bubbles. once my mind kicks in, it bounces all over the place. love the photos

Christine said...

bubble suction cup...great imagery here, I also love the words on the book, cannibalizing is such a great word. Sorry for the insomnia, does Banjo keep you company? Cats make great friends in the middle of the night, when their around.

Bossy Betty said...

Love those pictures. Yes, of course it is a sign of genus! I sleep all the time. Enough said.

S. Etole said...

Genius indeed! pure genius coupled with superb photography.

Linda R. said...

Your photo's are amazing my friend.
I can totally relate to the insomnia
and the bad hand writing.. hee hee..
I hope you get some rest soon..

Hugs, Linda

Hot Rocks said...

OK... that "I can't sleep journal" is HILARIOUS!! Hope you sleep better probably will coz you have been up forever already. I can relate though...sometimes that brain just won't quit and it is totally useless to sleep once that starts. Mine did that at 5:00 am today, so at 6:00 am I gave up and got up!

BumbleVee said...

Yeh.... great artists and sages..... that could be me.... if only I could wake up enough to get going after not falling asleep til about 2 or 3 a.m.! If I got up at that time to do anything...I would be up til 9a.m. and then what? have to sleep all day? Who would bake and make supper and do some laundry and the noisy stuff I could do at night or keep my poor sweetie up all night too? Of course, by that time in the eyes are dry too..and don't work what the heck would I do if I get up? They sure as heck don't feel like say the least...and so..I lie there...toss and turn every few minutes...with every conceivable thought possible racing around in circles in that teeny tiny pea brain space.

I'm using Melatonin... doesn't do anything as far as I can see..... maybe a Valerian and a Melatonin together?..hmmm... Sometimes an Ibuprofen seems to help...if I have a shot of port along with it. But, who needs that every night of their life? Some days I think a damn big rubber hammer might be the answer!

BeadedTail said...

I have so many journals with nothing in them because I don't want to mess them up with my handwriting either!

I hope you get some sleep tonight. I remember you battling insomnia before. Too bad we can't sleep like kitties! Sweet dreams to you!

Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed that this doesn't happen to me often (yet!) Hope you're able to get some sleep tonight. I love that journal!

♥Ingrid♥ said...

Hello Catherine,beautiful pictures from the bubbles in your brain but I wish I can help you with your problem,sorry but I sleep every night like a rose....for tonight sleep welx

Pamela said...

Hey those are big words there Catherine...had to get my dictionary out lol !!
Love the photos ...beautiful!
I wake up every time at 3am like clock work!!! I know what you are going through...drives my husband crazy because it wakes him up ha !
Here's to a night of sleeping well!!
Pamela xo

Ann said...

Well I hope that something bursts your bubble soon so you can get some sleep :) Sleeping is something I have never had a problem with and it annoys the heck out of my husband :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Catherine, I suffered from insomnia for a couple of years, and know the frustration that it can bring. I hope tonight those thoughts quiet themselves and you can get some rest!

I hope the rest of your week has been an enjoyable one!!

~Sleep tight!!~ :-))

Lin said...

Have you tried yoga? That might help. I'm sorry that you are going through that--I hear that it is awful. :(

In the meantime, go get another journal that you aren't afraid to mess up!

Romeo said...

Ah certainly genius! I mean "she" suffers from the same predicament - both the sleep thing and the don't write on those nice white pages thing.....yes, yes, certainly a sign of a genius.

Okay, NOW can I have a cat snack? I did say nice things about you and "her".....maybe just one?



Becca said...

Your photography here is stunning my it! Well for a minute there reading your post with all those words I thought I was at work you know I work in Neuro/Ortho surgery! Hope you are sleeping right now as I type this. If not, all I can say is humm...try a glass of single malt scotch right before for me! LOL!

Jen said...

Oh I hate it when that happens! Sometimes I am absolutely exhausted and crawl into bed only to spend a couple of hours laying there contemplating the fact that I am so terribly tired and really need to get to sleep, but I can't sleep and ugh, I'm SO tired and I really need to go to sleep, but I can't sleep, and I am just so tired and I've got to go to sleep....

Stacey Dawn said...

Insomnia equals - yucky!
Love those bubbles.....
Best wishes for a weekend full of restful nights of sleep!

missing moments said...

Awwk! Hate it when sleep will not come. Brain will not shut down! Did you ever notice, there are some odd tv shows on in the middle of the night?!! Another whole world. Great photos!

Naturegirl said...

I call it "the sleep robbers" and I think we creative beings have frequent visitations.
Remedy: Lights out at and lots of deep breathing focus on breath in and breath out..may help.
lights out.

Naturegirl said...

OOPS.. forgot to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! now get to sleep!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Love Love the photos.. I think not sleeping may not be so bad for someo of us. I read and then try again. It happens to me too but for some reason not as often.
and the book.. Priceless

Splendid Little Stars said...

Yep. genius! must be. love the complete title of the journal. There's a book called Mood Cure that might help you with insomnia.

Jaime said...

You used some pretty impressive terminology in this post..well done!

I love the pictures you paired with these perfect. So beautiful!


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