Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P.S. I Love You

When commenting on blogs
and replying to blog emails
I sign off with a
xo Catherine

I don't remember when I started doing this
but it's been for quite some time
It is pretty much a habit now
I do it without thinking

I am in Human Resources
at a large financial institution
I quite often work with
executive managers

Now imagine being one of the
'head honchos'
and receiving an email from me
something like this:

Hello (insert top management name here),

In regards to the information you requested,
I will have that report to you by the end of
this week.  I will email you the file and set
an original hard copy on your desk.

If you need anything else, please do not
hesitate to ask.

xo Catherine


Needless to say
I am trying to be more selective
and mindful of when I sign off
xo Catherine

So if all of a sudden I neglect
to send you my 'hugs and kisses'
please do not be offended

Please know that I still send you my love
it's just that I'm trying to break a habit.

Kindest regards,


zaza said...

Sometimes the head honchos are the ones in most need of xo!
It probably gives some of them a wee smile to their day!

Kea said...

OMC, that's hilarious!

I knew I had been writing as the cats when I typed "purrfectly" or some such in a work email...luckily I caught it, though. :-P


Sandra said...

yikes, hope it went to someone who "understood". I never did that, but once i sent and email to all managers and team leaders of payroll in the very large company I retired from, we were HR outsource company. I accidentally hit the word that sent the email to every single manager and and CEO CIO CFO VP PRESIDENT, all management in the company that was nationwide, our company was over 1000 at the time. WHOO hoo, never did that again.

amelia said...

That's so funny!! I'm sure it must make them smile!

Brian said...

Oh yes, that happens! I can think of a whole lot worse to send besides xo!!!

S. Etole said...

we will try to be understanding!

Pamela said...

haha this is so funny!!!! I love it!
It's like a movie scene! I bet you got a smile out of that person!! Maybe in some strange way they needed that ...you never know!

Pamela xo

Bossy Betty said...

Wish my administrators would sign off like that!

Tanja said...

This is fun and believe me I recognize the habbit, I send my boss an email and write: Love Tanja

You can imagine that the first time I saw him my head turned red. He gave me a very big smile and said: thanks for the lovely mail ;-)

Lovely post Catherine,


missing moments said...

Funny post and your are right, might be a bit awkward! Like how you go about telling us all.

The Chair Speaks said...

Hahaha, would mind getting xo-s! Wasn't so bad as typing out the word "love" when I was younger working in the media company. Now, I consciously check myself if I remember.

Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha! Thanks for the giggle!

xo Trish

Mariette said...

Dearest Catherine,

Oh, there are different etiquette rules for different levels. Being courteous doesn't mingle with XO and love...

Lots of love,


lila Check said...

hahaha..only you could be that crazy...love your humor, girl!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha---I'm certain that your bosses don't appreciate all of that love!!!!! ha ha....

I always sign my comments with Hugs, Betsy... I try not to do it when going to men's blogs --but sometimes I forget... Oh Well.

Catherine said...

It must make them smile, one smile in their day! that's good!kindest regards Catherine!

BeadedTail said...

That's funny! I bet they xo you too! :D

4smartmonkeys said...

That is something that should make them smile!!!

xo Rebecca

Linda R. said...

Oh My goodness.. That sounds like something I would do.. Hee Hee..

Hugs, Linda

It's me said...

I do the same thing as you darling...in my shop mails to custumers......o my......we look like eachother......whahaahhah!!...think think......happy day.....greetz Ria...

Ann said...

LOL, too funny. I understand how habits can overflow into other parts of your life though. At work I always had to answer the phone "Albion Shurfine, this is Ann speaking, how may I help you" I can't tell you how many times I answered the phone like that at home

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Matters not how you sign off it's the posts and the visits that count...
Susan x

Lin said...

I don't sign my emails at all at work because they already see who it is coming from. Maybe you can just go without any signature or design a signature in your email options. That might help.

And I work in H.R. as well, and that isn't the worst I've seen. :)

YHOSIE said...


im still gonna send you mine..
XoXo yhosie :D

Jen said...

As someone previously employed in administration at a large financial institution (before going into the educational field as an interpreter) I can say with great empathy:
Oh, how embarrassing!
As your buddy from the blogospher who has had many a mortifying moment herself, I can say:

xo Jen ;o)

Gods Little People said...

Well... that's gotta be an icebreaker LOL!

Gods Little People said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becca said...

This just cracks me up! Thank goodness I don't have to send any emails to my boss while working in surgery. LOL!

Tracy said...

That's too funny Catherine...perhaps they, most of all, need the hugs and kisses!

Christine said...

Oh that is just too sweet, careful with the xo, people in the office might wonder how you really got that raise. Please keep the xo coming my way they always make me feel special.

ox Christine

Stacey Dawn said...

As someone who worked 19 years in HR - I can relate! I accidentally slipped and called someone "honey!" once... ONCE!

Connie said...

I'm laughing WITH you Catherine - honest!! ;) Hilarious! At least now I don't feel so alone! Just last week, while leaving a message for a client, instead of leaving my work phone number I left my home phone number. Oh the silly things we do! Thanks for the smile.

Happy (sun-filled) weekend to you! Connie xx

Corla Rokochy said...

Yes everyone needs a little xo in their day! Good for you spreading the love.

Jaime said...

You are freaking hilarious! lol!
Oh, you poor thing. But it is really adorable. xo


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