Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CATuesday ~ Sharing

It's very hard to just sit there
staring out your garden door window
not being able to do anything

while other kitties
are in your garden
eating your cat mint

licking their lips
after partaking in
copious amounts of your nip

but it's very nice to share
especially when you have so much
much more than you will every eat yourself

"It is very nice to share Banjo,
but there really is no need to share
your kitty boogies and leave them all over
my garden door windows!"

Monday, May 30, 2011

What's Your Bliss?

another Monday off ~ last day of holidays
my boys gone to work ~ the house is quiet
Banjo by my side ~ curled up fast asleep
a hot cup of tea ~ I'm on my 2nd cup
playing with my photos ~ creative juices flowing
a long hot soak in my 24 inch deep tub ~ bubbles up to my neck
reading a good book ~ the best part of my bath
a day spent in my craft room ~ so many ideas in my brain
crunchy orange chicken ~ a new recipe for supper
going to bed early ~ clean sheets wrapped around me

a day of bliss indeed ~ doing all the things I love
if only I could shrink wrap it ~ keep it fresh
to bring it out again next Monday ~ or any day I need it

And you?

What is your BLISS for today?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Tea

Are you free for a cup of tea
in the garden today?

Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Years of Joy

10 years ago today
a 6 week old kitten
was scooped from the hands of fate
of living life as a barn cat

and brought home with us to
live the life of a
pampered spoiled city cat

never having to look for food
never having to search for someplace warm to sleep
never having to fear for his safety 
always having plenty of love 

10 years ago today
a wonderful addition to our family

10 years of Joy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thought For The Day ~ Be Kind

WikiHow has a whole section explaining "How To Be Kind".  While it seems ridiculous that we need to be taught what it means to be kind, there really is some good thoughts and ideas written about kindness and politeness.  Included is a short, very inspirational video filled with wisdom from many people.

One never knows how their words and actions can effect someone else's day.

one word of kindness
one act of kindness
so simple
so full of power

There are days when I think no one has learned this lesson, but then I can turn it around on myself and think that perhaps I too could use a little reminder on how to be kind.

The good thing about a new day is that there is a always an opportunity to do better.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photos From a Weedless Garden

OK ~ when I say 'weedless'
I just mean less weeds then there were
on Sunday morning!

I pulled weeds and worked in my garden for
3 hours Sunday and 2 hours Monday.
And I have the sore back and
stiff butt cheeks and legs to prove it!

Don't zoom into this photo.
You would still see weeds a plenty.
Nor look at the fence on the right.
It needs painting.
That's Wednesday or Thursday's job.

Now I just have to wait for the rain to quit
so I can get my pots planted
and the rest of my garden trinkets brought out of the shed.

"Gardening is a matter of your
enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it. " 
~ Author Unknown

Now isn't that the truth...  ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Many Choices

So many choices for a Sunny Sunday!

I am choosing to go out to my garden
and get to those weeds...

really I am...

right after I finish catching up with everyone's blogs...

by 8:30 am I will be outside...

maybe 9:00 am...

9:30 am at the latest...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

You've Come a Long Way Banjo!

Sometimes I forget how big Banjo was
when he was 30lbs.

So the fact that he is now down to 17lbs
(as of yesterday's vet appointment weigh in)
and can jump onto the kitchen counter

to sniff at an open window
and watch the birds, rabbits and people going by

I really should be happy for him
and pleased that he is so much healthier... right?
Instead of always giving him heck
for being up on the kitchen counter.

Banjo got a clean bill of health yesterday
and his vet Beth told me to increase his food a little bit
to start stabilizing his weight.

Keep up the good work my sweet Banjo!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It Makes Me Happy!

  • It's Friday
  • It's Payday
  • Blogger is all fixed
  • I start 10 days Holidays this afternoon

It Makes Me Happy!

  • I'm starting it off with a lunch date with my friend Catherine (that's not lunch with myself, I really do have a friend named Catherine!)
  • At 2pm today Banjo has an appointment for his shots and check~up (poor kitty!)
  • There is weeding and work to be done in the garden
  • There is photo shoots to go on
  • There is crafting to be done
  • A few rounds of golf... errrr... that would be Wayne, not me...
  • Nothing too extravagant planned, just catching up around home mostly

I hope there's something that Makes You Happy today!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it just me?

Is it just me?
Or does anyone else think this bunny
living in my backyard must be a girl bunny...

Look at those eyelashes!
And it doesn't even look like she's wearing mascara! ;)

Well... except for all the rabbit 'nuggets'
she's leaving all over the backyard.

Is it just me?
Or is anyone else still having blogger problems?

  • Can not sign out of blogger
  • Still missing comments from last Wednesday
  • Sometimes can see my side widgets (ie: Followers) sometimes can't

I've been commenting on the blogger forums
and others have been experiencing the same problems.
I've gotten suggestions from there but so far ~ no luck.

It's enough to drive a girl completely crazy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Did you hear me screaming?

We took a trip out to Saskatchewan Landing yesterday.
The sun was shining but the wind was cool.

Whatcha' writing in the sand Stanley?

Stanley.... you're so sweet!

We were the only ones around.

Not too 'lush' out on the Prairies.

Wayne's mom was out for the weekend.
Mother and son
side by side
with their walking sticks(???).

There was lots of drift wood.

Wayne thought this one looked like a dog.

There was lots of shore bubbles.

There was lots of rocks.

Some ladybugs.

Some 'Saskatchewan Sea Glass'.

Some more 'Saskatchewan Sea Glass'.

A Polar Bear.
{Honestly... some people are such pigs!}

And then,
as I was walking along,
eye in my camera
not paying attention
I accidentally

I screamed loud
and I screamed long!
Then I shook it off
and screamed some more!

Stanley ~ if it wants to go over the ledge ~ let it!!!!

So it was only a Bull Snake
and it was technically more scared of me
than I was of him
{yea.... right.... I don't think so!}
but when I heard that hiss
and that tail rattling
{they instinctively make themselves larger
and imitate rattle snakes)
I thought I was a goner!

I hope your weekend was
a little less stimulating!

Have a snake free week!


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