Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thought For The Day

I very seldom watch, listen to or read the news.
I like to stay in my 'happy bubble' as much as I can.
I find that anything I truly need to know (and even stuff I don't)
I overhear enough about at work.

But sometimes headlines filter in
as I am opening up the Internet each morning
and in those few seconds between
my 'home page' and my blog
my eyes unintentionally scan the headlines of
the news and that which classifies as 'newsworthy'.

This morning's headlines read:
"Nuclear Crisis: Japan braces for the worst"
"Japan weather hinders quake relief"
"Is drinking alcohol healthier than you think?"
"Whitney Houston sending daughter to rehab"
and something about Suri Cruise that I didn't finish reading...

(How can such sad and devastating news
such as about Japan
be printed beside the
latest 'problems' of celebrities???)

So when I accidentally read too much in the headlines,
I pop on over to Happy News to find the good in the world today.
(I've posted about this site before ~ love it!)

This mornings headlines read:
"Restaurant Owner in Japan Gives Food for Free"
"Japanese Student Finds Family Alive on Youtube"
"William and Kate Ask Wedding Guests To Help Charities"
"Man Sells Possessions to Help Kids in Africa"
"Dozens of People Perform CPR to Save One Heart Attack Victim"

I still learn about the happenings of tragedies such as Japan
(important to know)
but I read about the positive sides as well!

I have officially changed my 'home page' to

I should have done it a long time ago.

"Happiness is always here, but covered by
thoughts, desires and fears."
~ unknown

And that's my 'Thought For The Day'.

Happy Thursday to you!


It's me said...

It is not for st patrick day darling....we lost our friend sorry !

amelia said...

I can barely watch the news any more. I'm not one of those people who feel we 'should' watch to know what's happening and how they are suffering. Me watching won't change a thing...

Christine said...

Thanks for the link to happy news, I cried when my hubby told me about the baby found alive in the rubble in Japan. We hear awful news all the time, the positive should have equal billing.

Kerri said...


I am on my way to check it out now. We can always find goodness, kindness, and happiness if we chose to look for it. Unfortunately it isn't what the major news sources choose to report on.

Lesley said...

While I don't believe in burying my head in the sand when it comes to news,I think it's important to remember that happy things are happening every day too. I think the happy news site is a great idea!

Kat_RN said...

Thanks Cat, I get more than enough of the bad news when I am at work. It is nice to start the day on a more positive note.
We are what we choose to be. Today, I choose to be happy.
ps,your blog looks great as always.

Mary Ann said...

Happy Thursday to you too:)

Hot Rocks said...

Love your positive outlook, Catherine! "The glass is half full, not half empty".

Brian said...

I think we could all use more happy news!

Kea said...

That's a great idea, Catherine. There's only so much sorrow and suffering a Being can take in...It's important to practice Compassion, IMO, and if you can, do something (however small) to help. But sitting glued to a TV day in and day out, becoming mired in tragedy doesn't really help anyone, least of all your Self. Of course, I'm guilty of this to some degree: I go in cycles where I *am* glued to the news and then I turn it all off for weeks or months, then go back to it again.

Donna said...

hear ye! hear ye! i am bookmarking that website of happy news right now! thanks Catherine

Teresa Evangeline said...

Thank you for telling us about Happy News. I will check it out. I know good is always going on, but it's nice to read the stories.

Paul C said...

So true about the juxtaposition of news stories. Celebrity news is something I try to avoid. Thanks for the link to Happy News. They have created an interesting website.

Catherine said...

I think we all need happy news everyday.

Linda R. said...

Thank you my sweet friend.. I Love to live in that little Bubble also. So I will definitely pop over to that site..

Happy St Patties day to Ya!!

Hugs, Linda

Bossy Betty said...

I like the idea of a happy news page!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cheri said...

Happy St Pat's to you and thanks for sharing the happy news info!

Carolina Mts

zeth radtra syam said...

hi catherine,

i love happy bubble too.
i don't watch & read the news, even gossip.
i watch films, sitcom, knowledge & cooking show to keep my happy bubble around me.
i still have the latest information about the news from my husband,
i thought that's enough for me knowing a little bit about the news & keep the rest of my mind and heart in happy bubble..


sharon said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to you! It's a gorgeous day outside, beautiful blue sky, and daffodils are poking through!! life is good!

S. Etole said...

looking forward to checking out the link ...

your photos carry such peace

Jayne said...

Hello - I came by from Sharon Mayhew's blog - I have 2 cats - the Ginger Whinger and the Naughty Tortie (Ginger and Abigail). What lovely pictures on your blog of you, your boys and your blue-eyed cat! And I love the sound of Happy News. Thank you so much for introducing it to me. :)

Penelope's Beehive said...

A very thoughtful post Catherine...I shall take a peek at "happynews" surely.
Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed St. Patrick's Day!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I stay away from too much news too. As you said, in this day and age we get enough of the "bad" news quite by accident. Thanks for the Happy News link!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

PS: For those who may like to help text redcross to 90999 for a $10 Red Cross donation to Japan.

Pamela said...

I applaud you Catherine!!!
I never go to MSN to get my hotmail I go through a different way. I couldn't stand to hear about these celebrities and there silly problems.
I like to hear positive sides too.
My son had me crying this morning over a video he was watching in Japan about a dog not leaving another injured dog. I posted about it and another blogger let me know they were rescued.
We need more happy news in this world of ours!!!
Happy Thursday to you as well!
Pamela xo

The Smiths said...

Happy News - What a great idea! We don't have a TV or buy newspapers, so it's only big news that finds it's way into our household. Nice to see that there is some positive & inspiring news around for a change!

Thanks for posting it.

Kay :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen, Catherine... I have had to quit watching so much news lately because it upset me so much.

In fact, I'm glad I just read your blog... I just went to a blog where the comments were very nasty... That upset me also... I don't these people (thank God)--but why does someone have to spout such hate????


Ann said...

I'm the same as you, I rarely read or watch the news. My husband on the other hand reads the paper, watches the news and read the news on the computer. He's always bummed out about what's going on in the world.

Linens and Royals said...

Any news about William and Kate seems to jump out at me. Prince William will be in Australia tomorrow to inspect flood damage in Nth Queensland. He'll be a bit too far north for me to see him this time. Happy Weekend XX

BeadedTail said...

I love your positive look on things and certainly agree that we need more happiness especially when dealing with so much sadness in the world today. Last night I watched the news and there were stories about pets in Japan and I was crying so hard by husband didn't know what was going on. Today I have refrained from any news but I could see happy news!

YHOSIE said...

lovely thought dear catherine..
we do need more happy news nowadays

bring the positive thoughts everyday!
XoXo ...

Laurie said...

Thanks for the happy headlines Catherine, they're so important amidst all this depression coming from the media. I'll take to heart what you've said! We all should.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Thanks, Catherine. Balance is so important and bad new makes better headlines. There is so much good in the world, if only we look. Thanks for directing us to a place that some of it is gathered!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Catherine!! I'm with you on the news--While I'm a 'news junkie' I also love hearing the good stories that get put on the back page and left out so often. THANKS for sharing a link to a place where I can find those stories that provide hope in a world where it is sometimes forgotten!

Forever Foster said...

Happy News is a great idea!

Becca said...

Hi Catherine! Thanks for the link to that site! While I do watch the news for some of the local and world stuff, I don't like to dwell on the "bad" and always love to hear the positive. Ok, I now Know what's happening in Japan, so now instead of just watching it on TV lets see how we can really "help!"

troutbirder said...

I rarely watch TV myself and there is so much drivel on it. Still I was spellbound by CNN coveral of the muliple trajedies in Japan and heartened by the steadfastness and resilience of the Japanese people. There is a profound lesson to be learned there in the patience and community spirit they have shown....

Splendid Little Stars said...

I am totally with you on all counts!
Off to check out that happy news site....

Sylvia said...

Interesting positive thought for the day, Catherine !
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness glory...there is Happy News!!! There are days that the news tries to steal my joy. Thanks for drawin' attention to Happy's goin' in my favorites sweetie!

God bless and have a bright and beautiful weekend!!! :o)

lila Check said...

so agree with you!
Some times it's best to stick to the happy news as the bad news are so gloomy and makes my heart so heavy!
We can choose the side of life we want to stick to after all...I choose the happier one.Am i being selfish?

Stacey Dawn said...

I am soooo with you!
I'll have to check out the happy news link! Cool and thanks for sharing (email comign soon!)

Sarah Knight said...

Interesting : )
I still take the good with the bad. Where I work there's always a People, In Style, Us, In Touch, Time, Newsweek, & Guns & Ammo in the break room. Okay, so I don't "read" Guns and Ammo, so much as I chuckle about the fact that it appear regularly in the break room. I do pretend to be interested in looking at pictures of celebrities though...

I have a subscription to Rolling Stone, which I have had for like a decade.

Sometimes I watch the news, sometimes I don't. It depends on the day and what happens to be on at the time.

But the lovely thing about freedom is that to each their own, and sometimes that makes us all happy.

Alina said...

So true! Thanks for the link XO

Lin said...

I'm going to have to visit too. I like those articles much more than hearing what the latest drugged/boozed up faux celeb is doing. I honestly have NO idea what is going on with Charlie Sheen--I just keep switching the dial to avoid it.

Jaime said...

Oh wow....the timing of me reading this post couldn't be more perfect.
I was just looking for good news sites yesterday, as I am feeling weary and heavy with the goings on in this crazy world. I'm going on a news fast. Well, a bad news fast.

I just saved this link....thank you!


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