Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forcing Spring ~ Forcing Love

Tired of waiting for spring to arrive
I am forcing it to come.
These cute little flower packages
says they are for kids.

I never did follow directions well... :)

A little sunflower and cat grass would be nice!

How about a 'make your own' greenhouse?
Yes please!
I hope they don't take long to grow...
I need some spring!

I received my sticker in the mail on Friday
from Angie at Catladyland ~ cute!
And an extra surprise for Banjo ~ a new blue mouse!

Thank you Angie ~ you're sweet!
Go visit Angie and her kitties ~ they'll make you smile!

I will think of someplace fun to put my sticker,
right now it's on my photo board above my computer.

Banjo started playing with his new mouse immediately
it got tossed
it got tousled
it got trampled

trying to fulfill Angie's request
from her note
of giving Banjo a smooch for her.
I grabbed my camera and I grabbed Banjo.

I tried Angie ~ really I did!

Sometimes you just can't force love onto a cat.... ;)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend ~ Happy Sunday!

NOTE: For those asking about my first kiss being in grade 1 from hubby, as mentioned in Friday's post, you can see the 'movie' of "Catherine & Wayne" via Aug 19/09 post "Lucky In Love". :)


It's me said...

Oowwww Banjo is the sweetest cat him !! ...have a nice day

Tanja said...

Hi Catherine,

First I watched the film of you and youre love. By the way thank you for explaining a.k.a ;-)
I like the film you made, it put a big smile on my face.

But the biggest smile came from youre photo's of trying to give Banjo a hug.

Have a nice week

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Catherine, I just saw your video for the first time. LOVE it... How special!!! You all do have such a great relationship... That is SUPER.

Enjoy your Spring in a pot... ha.. AND--enjoy the love of your kitty....


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Banjo loves him a blue mouse!!

S. Etole said...

I love that little kitty nose kiss Banjo is giving you in the last photo.

Brian said...

Bravo Banjo! Such great pictures...Spring is ready to spring!

Ann said...

I saw some of those little greenhouse things in the store the other day and thought about getting some. I'm impatient to see things growing.
i think that was a valiant effort to give Banjo a smooch. He sure had a blast with that new mouse of his

Christine said...

Never get tired of watching a cat play, or sleep. Need to plant some cat grass this year too. Nice post.

BeadedTail said...

Snuggling with Banjo is just as good as a smooch sometimes! He sure enjoys his blue mouse. That was a very nice gift! Hope your flowers and cat grass grow!

Linens and Royals said...

Well that's the fickle nature of cats. Banjo prefers a blue mouse over you, tomorrow you will be the favourite again I'm sure.

Sylvia said...

Hope the flowers and grass grow fast, Catherine !
Lovely gifts, Banjo really loves that blue mouse ...
Beautiful pictures of you and Banjo, cute !
Have a wonderful week,

Clara said...

Banjo is so cute and loves his new toy! I'd say he deserves it. The seeds are a definite sign of spring...yay!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

That lower right photo looked pretty lovin' to me! :-D

Tamago said...

LOL, you are so funny! Forcing spring to really can't wait! :-) But it's a good idea to build a little greenhouse at home.

I love the photos of you and Banjo together!

sharon said...

Love the pictures of your cats. I miss having a cat around so bad. My sweet grandson and son-in-law are extremely allergic to cats, so we had to give our sophie away. I miss her running to the car whenever we would come home. thanks for sharing your cats with us.

Linda R. said...

I just did the same thing today.. I put some seeds in some dirt and now they are sitting on my Kitchen window sill. I can't wait to see if they pop up soon.. Your photo's of Banjo are so darn cute.. They just make me smile looking at them.. Hope you had a great weekend my friend..

ratieh said...

aaahh..Banjo is soooo cute! please give Banjo a smooch from me to. =P

have a nice day!

YHOSIE said...

im stopping by just to let u know, im off to see a "movie" ..
bye! :D


Laurie said...

Banjo is such a sweetie, and very photogenic! Even when he objects!

Charlene said...

Love the kitty action pics!

Becca said...

Ooooo! Banjo kisses! Those photos make me happy!


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