Thursday, March 31, 2011

Naughty Behavior - Dashed Hope

I got home after work and
headed out to my back yard.

I wanted to find some
that spring was arriving.

Stepping stones uncovering
with sprigs of green popping out...

Old flowers slowing showing
their little faces...

Wire Kitty finally having
his head above the snow again...

I went into my kitchen
to admire the flower seedlings
growing so nicely...

I thought I would take a photo
of my Ornamental Corn
that is almost 20 cm (8 in) tall...

What the....?????

Are you kidding me????

What happened to my 5 stalks
of Ornamental Corn???

I hardly think that Kurtis
was digging in the dirt
and eating the corn leaves!

I do not believe that
Calico Bunny was in the house
wrecking my plants either!!!

I forgive you...

oh you are a naughty boy...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Award, Bamboo and Calico Bunny

Calico Bunny seems to be doing well
despite the snow and ice still on the ground.
By the size of him, I would suggest he's been
getting enough to eat at least!

I decided to draw him some pretty flowers
and fresh green grass to munch on.
This is the best I could do so far...

...with the Bamboo Tablet.
It was a Christmas present for my son.
He hadn't taken it out of the box yet
so I pretty much laid claim to it this weekend
until the time that he decides he wants to use it.

Now I just have to figure out how to use it!
So far, drawing lame flowers and grass
is all that I have accomplished with it.


A big Thank You to Sharon K. Mayhew
from Random Thoughts in bestowing
"The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award" onto me.

I'm supposed to tell you about 4 'Guilty Pleasures' that I indulge in. And my list is:
  • I sometimes watch "Toddlers and Tiaras"... there... I admitted to it... I'm more embarrassed by that fact than guilty... but it's like watching that train wreck and you have to keep watching for the morbid curiosity of it all
  • I often eat ice cream right out of the container and then return the rest to the freezer
  • I'm a 'screener'... in that if the phone number of someone I don't want to talk to at the moment comes up, I won't answer. Except for my mother ~ I always answer her calls!! (Really I do mom....!!)
  • I like to try and squeeze one more piece of garbage into the garbage bag before Wayne takes it out... OK, that was Wayne's actually. I couldn't think of a fourth one and he believes it gives me pleasure in doing that. I'm not sure if I feel 'guilty' about it though.... ;)
I think I'm supposed to pass the award on but I will wimp out and do the standard "you are all irresistibly sweet so please take the award".... because truly you are!

Thank You again Sharon ~ you're awesome!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It started with cracked eggs...

Don't you hate it when the shells of your
Cadbury Mini Eggs are all cracked???

Don't get me wrong...
I ate them just the same...


Friday, March 25, 2011

A whole bunch of nothing...


I have a whole bunch of nothing
planned for the weekend!

And you?

Are you the kind of person that
has to have every second of your life planned?
are you OK to 'go with the flow'
and see where life takes you?

I think I'm a little bit of both.

I like to know which way I'm headed
but I'm alright with blocks of unused,
unaccounted for time!


Happy Weekend Friends!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring??? Really?

Yesterday was the 1st Day of Spring!
Could you tell?
Not here you couldn't.
These Canadian Geese flew home a few weeks...
errr... months early I think.
Poor things!

But on the bright side...
how beautiful is this
Horned Owl that Wayne and I saw
yesterday morning?

Owls are one of my most favourite birds.
What a rare treat to see one out and about.
S/he wouldn't let me get too close!

We have heavy snowfall warnings out for
Southwest Saskatchewan today.
Up to 25 cm. (10 inches)

First day of spring....
yeah right...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Week Later...

"Think small. Planting tiny seeds in the small space given you
can change the whole world or, at the very least, your view of it."
~ Linus Mundy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thought For The Day

I very seldom watch, listen to or read the news.
I like to stay in my 'happy bubble' as much as I can.
I find that anything I truly need to know (and even stuff I don't)
I overhear enough about at work.

But sometimes headlines filter in
as I am opening up the Internet each morning
and in those few seconds between
my 'home page' and my blog
my eyes unintentionally scan the headlines of
the news and that which classifies as 'newsworthy'.

This morning's headlines read:
"Nuclear Crisis: Japan braces for the worst"
"Japan weather hinders quake relief"
"Is drinking alcohol healthier than you think?"
"Whitney Houston sending daughter to rehab"
and something about Suri Cruise that I didn't finish reading...

(How can such sad and devastating news
such as about Japan
be printed beside the
latest 'problems' of celebrities???)

So when I accidentally read too much in the headlines,
I pop on over to Happy News to find the good in the world today.
(I've posted about this site before ~ love it!)

This mornings headlines read:
"Restaurant Owner in Japan Gives Food for Free"
"Japanese Student Finds Family Alive on Youtube"
"William and Kate Ask Wedding Guests To Help Charities"
"Man Sells Possessions to Help Kids in Africa"
"Dozens of People Perform CPR to Save One Heart Attack Victim"

I still learn about the happenings of tragedies such as Japan
(important to know)
but I read about the positive sides as well!

I have officially changed my 'home page' to

I should have done it a long time ago.

"Happiness is always here, but covered by
thoughts, desires and fears."
~ unknown

And that's my 'Thought For The Day'.

Happy Thursday to you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now That Was Fun....

All 3 of us (hubby, son and I) went to An Evening with Colin & Brad at the Living Sky Casino, here in Swift Current, last night. Talk about fun!

With interaction from their studio audience, these two guys (Colin being Canadian woot woot) knew how to keep their audience laughing!

It really was like the show "Whose line is it anyway?". Ever seen it? They certainly proved that nothing is scripted ~ they really can think that fast!

And who should be the last audience member up on stage? My Kurtis! He did sound effects for Colin in the Sound FX game. Oh if you could have seen him up on stage ~ he was having the time of his life!

Sadly, no cameras or videos allowed, but here is a clip I found of how the show works with the audience interaction. (This is mainly for my mother who didn't understand how this could be a 'show'...)

Photo Credit: Taken off the Living Sky Casino website.

Sample of the Sound FX game:

I'm still smiling....

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wishful Monday

there is never enough time on the weekend
to do everything creative and fun that I intended to do

mundane things like
laundry, cleaning, cooking,
and grocery shopping
get in the way...

I wish I had a fairy godmother...

or a maid...

"A spotless house is a sign of a misspent life."
~ Anonymous

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forcing Spring ~ Forcing Love

Tired of waiting for spring to arrive
I am forcing it to come.
These cute little flower packages
says they are for kids.

I never did follow directions well... :)

A little sunflower and cat grass would be nice!

How about a 'make your own' greenhouse?
Yes please!
I hope they don't take long to grow...
I need some spring!

I received my sticker in the mail on Friday
from Angie at Catladyland ~ cute!
And an extra surprise for Banjo ~ a new blue mouse!

Thank you Angie ~ you're sweet!
Go visit Angie and her kitties ~ they'll make you smile!

I will think of someplace fun to put my sticker,
right now it's on my photo board above my computer.

Banjo started playing with his new mouse immediately
it got tossed
it got tousled
it got trampled

trying to fulfill Angie's request
from her note
of giving Banjo a smooch for her.
I grabbed my camera and I grabbed Banjo.

I tried Angie ~ really I did!

Sometimes you just can't force love onto a cat.... ;)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend ~ Happy Sunday!

NOTE: For those asking about my first kiss being in grade 1 from hubby, as mentioned in Friday's post, you can see the 'movie' of "Catherine & Wayne" via Aug 19/09 post "Lucky In Love". :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Smiles From My Past

  • crystal door knobs
  • twirling on a tire swing
  • the smell of barn kittens
  • tea made by my grandmas
  • a new coloring book and crayons
  • the taste of fresh cold well water
  • the very first episode of Sesame Street
  • the smell of sawdust in my grandpa's shop
  • Sunday afternoons spent playing with cousins
  • my first kiss from a boy, grade 1, from Wayne a.k.a. Stanley a.k.a. my husband

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I would like to be a cat today...

It's Wednesday
I'm tired
I would like to stay at home today
but it's 'hi ho hi ho' off to work I go
I wish I was a cat...

Picture Credit: My favorite birthday card I received this year from my friend Michele ~ original art by Charles Wysocki for Leanin' Tree cards.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Too Intense For A Monday

0 - 12 is a haze
13 - 20 I would partially like to forget
21 - 30 was about marriage and family
31 - 40 was about school and career
41 - 46 has been about exploring my creativity

do you ever reflect on your life and wonder if you are
on the right track?
where you are supposed to be?
doing what you are supposed to be doing?

do you believe your life is already planned for you?
do you believe you control your own destiny
by the choices you make in life?

so far I've spent my 40's thinking I'm supposed to be
doing something different...

is it just me or is it hot in here????


thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes
you are all so sweet!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

46 is...

46 is so much closer to 50 than 40
46 is middle aged only if you live to be 92
46 is vitamins, progressive lenses and hair dye
46 is grey hair in places that can't be dyed
46 is anti-wrinkle cream and age-spot remover gel
46 is body parts that seem to have a mind of their own
46 is the age I thought my mother was
46 is cottage cheese and fruit instead of chocolate cake
46 is better than not being 46
46 is the age I turn today


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