Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love and other such things...

I have not been
feeling the love
so far in February!!!

This weather...
it is just so tiresome is it not?
{unless you are living someplace lovely
and can not relate to those of us who are
experiencing February's cruel weather...}

I have received some love
from other sources!!!

A big thank you to my friend Tamago
and her two loveable felines Goro and Niko
for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award
to me the other day.
If you've never visited these two sweeties
~ please do ~
they will bring a smile to your face!!

And so we all know the rules,
post 7 things about myself that people may not know.
But since I feel like everyone knows
everything there is to know about me,
how about I share 7 things about my favorite feline!!!

Oh sweet Banjo
how I love you...

7 things about Banjo:
  1. He is declawed... scandalous I know ~ but please remember... he is an indoor kitty and only goes out about twice a year, on his harness, with me outside with him. After his operation to get declawed (and getting the 'boys' snipped), he was jumping around within 30 minutes of getting back home ~ perfectly fine.
  2. He was up to 30lbs at one time and I had him back down to 18lbs. As of this morning, he is back up to 19lbs since being on his new food. I now have to cut back on his food again.
  3. His eyes really are that blue.
  4. He was born on a farm and was scheduled to go live in a barn but I rescued him from a fate of outdoor farm life to live the pampered lifestyle of an indoor city cat.
  5. He used to have a white tip on the end of his tail. One day I accidentally ran over it with my computer chair. It pulled all his white hair out and it never grew back. I still have guilt.
  6. He loves to eat strawberry tops, pea shells and raw spinach.
  7. His vet Beth thinks he is sweeter when he is in a drug induced sleep. ;)

I know I'm supposed to pass the award on
but it is so hard to choose
so I will be lame
and just ask anyone who wishes to take it to please do
~ you are all so terrific!!!

Thank you once again Goro and Niko!

xo Catherine & Banjo


The Chair Speaks said...

Congratulations on the award.
OMG! 30 lbs! Very cuddly. Our human loves big fat cats.
Purrs to Banjo. :)

BeadedTail said...

Concatulations on your award! What great facts about the handsome Banjo! I'm glad he lives the pampered lifestyle with you! Give him smooches from the BeadedTail Girls! :)

Velvet Over Steel said...

30 lbs.. wow! My dad had a cat that big. His name was 'Trouble' and he was. He got nasty is he didn't feel he got enough of the can of cat food. Never mind that there were 6 cats in the house and each one got 1/2 a can each, twice a day. :-) He obviously wasn't starving, but he always thought he was. LOL Great memory!

Congrats on the very well deserved award, Catherine!!

Linens and Royals said...

Soon be Valentine's Day and you will feel better, I'm sure Banjo will give you a card. XX

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I am sending you tons of love right now, dearest Catherine. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.
I'm still smiling over your first line in your previous post!!
Have a happy Sunday xxxx

ratieh said...

Congratulations for the award Catherine! i love Banjo's blue eyes. =D

Happy Sunday!

Laurie said...

He's so precious, and I love those eyes! I had to get my Andy declawed, all 4 paws, as he climbs on my back, was scratching me to pieces, and being diabetic they weren't healing so it was that or get rid of him. That was not an option! We do as we must, no shame involved!
Congrats on your award!!

Ann said...

congrats on your award. Nice to learn a little bit about sweet Banjo. At 19 lbs he's about the same weight as Duke :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

Our son tells us the perfect place to live is Florida but I tell him it won't be around long due to global warming. And he says, you're old enough it won't matter. lol

Such beautiful photographs. I have no doubts that you deserved the award.

Sarah Knight said...

He's a cute kitty : )
Hope you had a weekend free of "more snow"! ;D

It's me said...

Beautiful Banjo post...congratulations with the award!!! lovely day i hope spring will come soon in your country !!! love love

amelia said...

We had eight indoor cats at one time and every one was declawed and spayed or neutered. As they were indoor cats, we really had no choice, declaw or lose every bit of furniture we had!!!
Getting rid of the cats wasn't an option as they were all strays to begin with.

4smartmonkeys said...

Congrats on the award! Banjo is one cute and lucky cat!

Moniek said...

Congrats! The cat is adorable!

Brian said...

Congratulations on an award so purrfect for you! Stylish you are! It was so nice to learn more about that handsome Banjo.

Marg said...

Congrats on your award. You certainly did deserve that one. And it was great fun to learn more about Banjo. It sounds like he has a terrific life there without a care in the world. Hope you have a great day.

Alice said...

What a Beautiful cat!!!
And what a beautiful blog, too!
I’m already following your blog! Really loved it! Very gorgeous!!
So, could you please follow me?
Well, my blog is in Portuguese but you can comment in English, I’ll understand…
Thanks a lot!

Cheri said...

Wow - 30 lbs! That's a lot of cat. We love Banjo's blue eyes. Sorry to here he is declawed - none of ours are. Just can't do it to them even if we lose our furniture! Spring is certainly coming. Hang in there.

Carolina Mountains

Sylvia said...

Congratulations on your award, Catherine !
Nice to know all those things about Banjo, he's lucky that you rescued him, he's so sweet !

Tamago said...

Your blog is so stylish with all the beautiful photos and words!! I enjoyed reading Banjo's 7 things. I am so surprised the he weighed 30lbs!! Oh Banjo, what were you eating?! I love his blue eyes :-) I am glad Banjo is rescued and happy kitty now :-)

BumbleVee said...

I love you too Banjo.... you sweetie you!

Becca said...

Hi Banjo! I do love your blue eyes! Help keep your Mommy warm this February!

Lin said...

Hobbes is up to 19 lbs as well, so I think we are going to have to limit his food as well. I dread that. I have two cats to deal with and Grace is a skinny 9 lbs.

My kitties go outside, so I will not declaw them. That is such a personal choice, but some folks get really heated about that.

Lin said...

Hobbes is up to 19 lbs as well, so I think we are going to have to limit his food as well. I dread that. I have two cats to deal with and Grace is a skinny 9 lbs.

My kitties go outside, so I will not declaw them. That is such a personal choice, but some folks get really heated about that.

Christine said...

Please tell me how to get a cat to loose weight, I fear our Slippers is getting too fat and will end up dying like our last cat Tattoo (horrible story can't mention it).
We went away for 2 weeks and our sitter overfeed the the poor cat, we have cut back on the food but he cries ALL the time. (He is an outdoor cat so we can tune him out)
You cat is gorgeous by the way.

*Ingrid* said...

Hello Catherine,I love your post ful of love and Banjo is SUPER!!!!
have a lovely week!!x

Linda R. said...

Ahhh, He is such a cutie.. I can see why you love him so.. My cats are declawed also.. Like you said both of them were up and running around shortly after it was done!!

Your photo's look amazing...

Hugs, Linda

Naturegirl said...

Now how handsome is that Banjo!!
I have my two girls declawed front only...that's ok done when they were babies...makes for a more enjoyable family without claw scratches on furnishings.

Lesley said...

Banjo has got to be THE most photogenic cat-Luna hates the camera! I love those blue eyes!

Gary Heller said...

What a gorgeous cat Banjo is. . amazing eyes.
I have three, and its hard to explain to non cat people how attached you can get to them.
All the best, love the winter scenes on the header!

Jaime said...

This blue eyed charmer is not so charming towards the vet huh? I don't blame him! lol. But he charms the pants off of me.


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