Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tickle Your Taste Buds

next time you go to bake a boxed cake
try substituting the eggs, oil and water
for 375 ml (1 1/2 cups) of your
favourite diet soda and one whipped egg white
(any kind: pepsi, root beer, orange...)

mix it just like you normally would
so that it's nice and smooth

bake it the same amount of time
as you normally would
for a full cake or cup cakes

go ahead and add a scoop of frozen vanilla yogurt
all the taste with no added calories or fat!
my boys couldn't tell the difference!

next time
I am going to try
diet cream soda with a white cake...

how about homemade ice-cream sandwiches?

you can use any kind of
instant jell-o pudding mix
I happened to choose Oreo

mix the pudding with 1/2 the
normal amount of milk (skim or 1%)
once thickened
add one cup of cool whip

put down one layer of graham crackers
in a 8 x 12 cake dish
spoon the cool whip jell-o mix evenly over the crackers
place another layer of crackers over the mix
let freeze for 24 hours

cut into squares (easily cuts when frozen)
and let thaw for about 10 minutes before eating
yummy yum yum!

it's going to be hard to chow down and enjoy
my boring multi-grain toast this morning... :)


The Monkeys said...

My protein smoothie is going to be even more difficult to down this morning! Yum!

ilovemyhouse said...

This looks soo yummy, i started dieting today (again:)), i need low cal recipes so i can hang on. I want to lose just 4 kg but it's very hard these days, all my wardrobe is too tight!That first recipe might fit in my diet.....but portionsize is my main problem.
You have a lovely week too, dear friend.


Brian said...

Yum! I know I said I don't like human foods, but hmmmm, whipped cream might be good!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Someone has a sweet tooth eh?
The cream soda sounds different. I bet the cake will be a yummy shade of pink. Let us know.
Stay warm!
Susan x

Kea said...

Oh, the mom has a real sugar addiction, so those pics were just too tempting! The diet pop in the cake mix was unusual, but obviously works!

CatherineLovesRoses said...

Catherine!!! Did I read you can buy Oreo pudding mix?? Ooooh so delicious!!
Everything you show us looks so yummy, I especially love those cakes made with cookies, they remind me of my childhood!

Thank you so much for your sweet words my dear friend, I´m so happy you are feeling better!!


4smartmonkeys said...

Wow, great ideas! We don't do diet,so I'm gonna try it with regular soda. Let ya know how it turns out.
The ice cream sands look yummy!!

Linda R. said...

These sound soooo good.. Going to have to give it a try.. Thanks for the little tips! Hope you have a wonderful Day!!!!

Hugs, Linda

BumbleVee said...

hmmmm.... I'm off to have my egg whites on home made toast now.... seems pretty dull by comparison too..... sigh.....

Our chocolate cake is all gone now.... must bake something ... perhaps I'll try another one of those "sponges".
I have no clue as to why they call it that...it's just a cake to me....trust the Brits to come up with more interesting names for just about anything...

S. Etole said...

I think I hear this calling my name!

It's me said...

That looks verry nice !! love Ria....xxx....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Catherine, The homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches sound delicious... Think I'll try that --but will wait 'til spring (or until it gets warmer outside)...

Thanks for the recipes.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I would LOVE to tickle my taste buds with this yummy looking deliciousness, Catherine.
Enjoy a lovely Tuesday xxxx

Ann said...

oh my both of those sound delicious. I may have to do some baking this weekend.

Tracy said...

Okay, CAtherine, now I'm hungry! ...and tonight I go to my WW meeting to weigh in :) but I'd rather have one of those yummy treats! Why does it work with the soda, do you think?

Linens and Royals said...

Too bad I've given up baking, I'm almost tempted to start again just to try the soda in the cake mix idea. Never seen graham crackers here so I'll pass on that one too and just admire yours. X

Becca said...

OMG! Now I'm starving...that looks so good!

BeadedTail said...

Those look so good! I've heard of mixing the cake mix and pop before but didn't know how it'd taste. Now I'm anxious to try it soon!

Stacey Dawn said...

ooooh - now I'm STARVING....gotta go find some to make!! ;o)

koralee said...

Yummmmm..these look amazing...I think those ice cream sandwiches are calling my name...thanks my friend. xoxo

YHOSIE said...

since my health is under the weather, 100% im gonna save this recipe for later...

looks YUMMY! cant wait to have one soon ..

XoXo, thanks for sharing catherine!

Velvet Over Steel said...

We love simple recipes and additions like these! Sooo easy!! You know my culinary son loves to bake the most! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you're having a Great week!!
Coreen xoxo

Jaime said...

Oh my god...cream soda with white cake? That sounds soooo gooodd!!
And those ice cream sandwiches...yum!

You are being a very bad influence, my friend.
Deliciously bad.


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