Monday, January 31, 2011

3 Cats Away ~ Part 1

I have stuff.

Many things I can't bare to part with.

You know I like to keep books I've read and magazines that I've looked at.

I love collecting stationary supplies.

I have lots of Kurtis' baby clothes, toys and school papers still.

I have craft supplies that if I craft until I am 100 years old I will never use up.

I think I'm
3 cats away from being a hoarder.

My house is not that big.

Storage is at a premium.

Here are just a few examples of some of my collections:

I have over a dozen cat mugs and cups.

I have 37 beanie baby cats.

I have over 20 Quarry Cat Critters.

I have cat books, and cat playing cards.

I have cat nick nacks.

I have home plan magazines, craft magazines and craft books.
Now honestly, if I am ever rich enough to build a house
would I pick a plan out of a magazine form 1986?
I don't think so.

I have over 20 notebooks.
These are the ones I haven't started writing in yet.
I have 7 others that are currently being used.

Now just to be clear,
for the most part
my house is pretty clutter free.
My kitchen and living room....

The downstairs family room....
not a whole bunch of stuff laying around.

But it is my craft room and computer room that houses
all my trinkets, treasures and toys.

I am declaring February as
"de-clutter month".

I will let you know
at the end of February how I made out.

Wish me luck!


*Ingrid* said...

I wish you many luck Catherine!but you have beautiful stuff I see!!!have a beautiful week my friend x

amelia said...

What a beautiful 'uncluttered' home you have!!

I think you can be forgiven for having the little that you do!!

(You might want to add some 'dog' to your collection!!)

judy in ky said...

Your collections look so much like mine. I have all the Beanie Baby cats too! Books about cats, books about quilting, knitting, and collaging. And favorite old magazines I just can't bear to part with.
Let us know how you do with the decluttering. It's a very brave thing to tackle, I know. Good luck with it... I will be inspired.

Laurie said...

I love the stone critters, I have some of dogs. My niece calls me an animal hoarder. 4 cats and 2 dogs.
Much luck with the de-cluttering, I really need to follow your stride! But really Catherine, clutter aside, your home is beautiful!!

Kea said...

I LOVE to de-clutter! I'm constantly doing it, there always are bags of "stuff" for donation on the go, moving from a spare room to the garage.

Yet even so, my house does look cluttered, IMO. Might be because it's only 800 square feet of finished living space, plus the basement. LOL.

So good luck with it; if I lived close by I'd offer to help. I'm ruthless. Seriously.

Linda R. said...

My house is the same way. My craft room is filled the brim with all kinds of stuff. That is one project I don't want to tackle.. Not Yet!! Good luck!!

Hugs, Linda

The Monkeys said...

I have a collection of mugs too, except they're not just cats. I collect unusual ones.

Maybe you should have a big garage sale! It might make it easier to part with some of your collection if you get paid to do it!

Becca said...

Your house looks so clean and pretty! Good luck with your goal. I think everything in your craft space looks nice! I am planning to attack my closet in my craft room soon...or at least that's what I'm saying. :-)

GreatGranny said...

I too have a lot of clutter and when there's Kodak moment is when It's exposed. It's in my computer room/bedroom. I once had about 8 or nine cats inside. It was my home so nobody, like a landlord could meddle. I cared for them and my home.

Your blog is so neat, but if you'd like the Stylish blogger Award, it would be my pleasure to pass it to you. It would look good here too. I love your background.
Just come and Right click, save it to you PC and add it to your blog.

I am Cat's Mom said...

You would never know you have "hoarded" all that stuff as you are so organized. Perhaps the suggestion of a garage sale would be fun. I would help you on your day of the sale. Love you. Miss you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Holy Cow--your home is gorgeous and VERY VERY NEAT... I cannot believe that you think you are a hoarder... I have a friend who hoards --and you wouldn't believe her home... Yipes!!!!

I love all of your little cat treasures.. How in the world are you going to get rid of them????? I say as long as they have a 'place' -- then keep them...

About books and magazines, get rid of the ones you have read unless you are positive you are going to read them again (especially magazines).


It's me said...

Nice your cat collection !!! i like it ...i like your home !!! so beautiful neat ans tidy !!!! a very cleau house!!! my compliments darling.....lovely

S. Etole said...

Should be a very interesting project!

Brian said...

I like all your stuff, you can't have too much clutter fur me!

Just Who I Am said...

Hi Catherine
Lovely post .your cats collection is so nice .Youre house is soo tidy!!wish you luck when you De-clutter .hihi I'm a hoarder to
Love Elisabeth

BumbleVee said...

hahaha....yeh....and good luck with that! Every time I try it..I get engrossed in looking and admiring my little things..and reading and looking at old mags and books...and days go by...............................................................................................................if ya know what I mean..........................................................

Tanja said...

Hi Catherine, O I wish al lot of luck, it is always hard to organise your things. I like your house, nice tot see the pictures.

Good luck with the cluttering.


Deb said...

Get rid of what you can but DO NOT throw out that BAD CAT book. It is fine reading :)

Katnip Lounge said...

All the craft stuff you don't want--How about a senior center or women's shelter? I donated several boxes of stuff that way and dang, it felt GOOD.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Your home looks clutter free already! But you really do have a lot of kitty collections. LOL

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

4smartmonkeys said...

What a great cat collection! De-clutter???....your house looks awesome!

Ann said...

Just look at those clean uncluttered rooms. Even your craft room looks pretty tidy to me. I think my craft room would make you

BeadedTail said...

It looks like you have controlled clutter confined to a small space so until it takes over the other rooms, you're a long way from being a hoarder! Good luck if you do declutter. I know it's not easy since I have to do it myself every so often. I just ask myself if I love it and if I don't, out it goes. Sometimes I keep the things I just like and not love though. :)

Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

Wow! Where are you hiding all this stuff? Your house looks so tidy! I like to keep things too, but have gotten so much better at letting things go. It can be hard, but feels so free! It's sort of a relief to let go....

Naturegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hot Rocks said...

All of your cat collections and beanie babies are very cute! Your house looks so neat and tidy, I don't think you are approaching "hoardom" anytime soon. However, if one needs to organize a few cupboards ( as I have been doin this month)there is no better time than in the middle of winter.
(Oh's friggin' cold here, and I know you are freezing too!)

Alisa said...

You house looks lovely!

I just helped a friend empty 4 storage lockers of her stuff. She is in Florida and couldnt pay the rent. They were going to auction them off, so I loaded all of the stuff into my garage, it filled it. I gave stuff to consignment shops, goodwill, had a garage sale and tossed a lot of stuff. It was a huge task. When I was done I made a decision to only keep what was really important. I have been cleaning out all closets and drawers. It feels great!

Linens and Royals said...

The book I picked up from the library today is 'Lessons in Letting Go-Confessions of a Hoarder' by Corrine Grant. I hope the book works for me, not sure you need it as your house looks so tidy. I spotted the 'Bad Cat' book on your shelf, I have it too. Very funny.

Tracy said...

Your house is lovely and looks so warm and inviting...I think i'll hve y tea in the pink cat mug! I like that one :)
ahh, like I tell my husband, we all have our vices; at least mine is not drinking, or drugs or any of those so why not hoard? it's virtually harmless and you do have it well contained.
On the other hand, the magazines? I use to have stacks and stacks and decided to go through and tear out the articles I wanted and found through the tedious process that none of it was really that important so they all got dumped.

Jen said...

You know if you just swapped out the word "cat" with "horse", you'd have my house (ha).
I'd have to keep the whole mug collection though. They're adorable and functional...I mean really, what more could you ask? ;o)

Jen said...

P.S. Your craft room is disgustingly tidy ;oD

Lesley said...

Your house looks VERY tidy and uncluttered- I think you should hold on to your collections(well, maybe not the old magazines :) ) What's the harm if it doesn't impinge on the rest of the house?
Actually, Catherine, don't even listen to me, I'm a serial hoarder!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Catherine!! Your post has given me a good smile to start my day!! I was looking for something on Sunday and came accross my cat collection that I had packed away--I took out a few of my favorites; You have a great collection and I don't think you can ever have too many cats!!! ~Enjoy your day!

ratieh said... have a lot of cats' stuff in your home! good luck Catherine! =D

Stacey Dawn said...

You go girl!!! You can do it!!! And I bet you'll feel better when you are done! Though those cat things are veeerrryyyy cutte!

YHOSIE said...

love all your collections and your home! beautiful ..

good luck with your february project! :)

Jaime said...

I think it's a healthy and wonderful thing to have a creative space brimming with all the things that make you happy. Don't declutter too much or you will be left with a sparse creative space, and where's the fun in that?


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