Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Major Accomplishment

My first Monday of holidays is over.
It was a rainy and cool weekend.
Wayne's mom was here for the weekend.
We got into a family game of wii bowling.
I think Grandma is addicted!
And I finally got my Sparkly Ball!!!!!
I'm a wii bowling pro!
Woot woot!!

My life is complete.... :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Naughty Behavior - Part 1

There are times when I think Banjo feels he is not getting enough attention. It always seems to happen about 1/2 an hour before his timed feeder goes off. Coincidence? I think not.

I would like to introduce to you my new series "Naughty Behavior" or "How I tell Banjo is seeking attention or getting hungry." I will randomly put up short and naughty videos of this impish behavior Banjo seems to display around the same time every day.

Now I know what you all are thinking...

"Oh that Banjo is so sweet."
"Look how cute he is ~ he just wants a little love and attention."
"No harm done ~ what's the big deal?"

Well wait....

It gets worse.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Looking For The Sunny Spots

Twist: It's raining this morning
Sunny: As of 12 pm today I am on 3 weeks holidays
Turn: Our water heater broke Wednesday night ~ the warranty expired 7 weeks ago (figures!)
Sunny: Not too much water damage ~ a few rows of our click laminate which we are hoping will dry
Twist: The furnace went Wednesday night as well (was it and the water heater in cahoots with each other?)
Sunny: We will finally get a new energy efficient furnace
Turn: New furnaces are very expensive
Sunny: We will save so much money on our monthly bills the furnace will pay for itself in a few years
Twist: Last night the downstairs toilet pump blew off with water spraying everywhere
Sunny: The water was clean and the bathroom floor needed to be washed anyways
Turn: It's supposed to rain for my full first week of holidays
Sunny: I'm looking forward to watching movies and doing some crafting in my craft room
Life throws you twists and turns but you must always try to look for the sunny spots!

Have a terrific Friday ~ I know I will! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disagreeable Predictions

3 more sleeps until holidays ~ and then 3 glorious weeks off!

No special plans ~ decisions to go anywhere will be made on the spur of the moment.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts chilly with rain for practically all of September. I hear the 's' word was been thrown around as well. (That would be 'snow' for all you lucky readers that have never experienced the nastiness of having snow in September.)

Who are these 'Farmers' and how dare they make such predictions for my September holidays?
Well.... no matter... I have Jackee's Gingerbread soap that I won from WindedWords to use in a hot bath if the weather becomes so disagreeable! (Thanks Jackee!!!)
Happy Tuesday! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Productive Sunday

I woke up to cool weather this morning (again!)
so I decided to make pickles.
A very simple refrigerator pickles recipe
that I like to make each year.
I like when my pickles have faces! :)

As my pickles sat chilling in the refrigerator,
I thought I would bake some cookies.
I left the pantry doors open too long....
It's hard to get any work done around the house
when you have a cat...
Get out of there Mister!!!
10 dozen of my favorite cookies.
Oats, craisins, chocolate chips...
Most will get sent to Wayne's
work place tomorrow.
Banjo eventually got out of the cupboard
in order to watch the birds for awhile
and the rabbits.
It was a very productive Sunday
for both he and I.

Now I am going to cuddle under a blanket,
with my laptop
to just sit and relax
with my feet up
and catch up with all of you!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Me, Myself & I

quite often...
when I bring out my camera
all three of my boys run away
(hubby, son, cat)
I think it's sad when even the cat runs away ~ no?

so when there is no one else around you
and you want to photograph someone
instead of something
photograph yourself
and don't be shy

after all
if you are the one always behind the camera
there are never any photos of yourself ~ right?
no... I didn't have a headache here
I think I was fluffing my hair
and I think I was sucking in my cheeks as well
cheeks on my face that is
maybe my other cheeks too
I can't remember (age? denial?)

that's the nice thing about taking your own photos
you can choose which parts to show...or not show :)
label: woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend
aspiring: writer, photographer, artist, singer, kitty wrangler
destiny: limited only to my own imagination

I am who I am and I am OK with that

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is 3 An Epidemic?

Ok... enough already!

A 3rd kitty was found outside at work yesterday. This makes the 3rd kitty (4th if you count the one that didn't survive) in about a month. All of them tame. I work in the middle of the city. Not really any residential homes.

Where are these kittens coming from?
So off to the SPCA ~ me holding the kitten (OMG he is sweet!) and the CEO driving. You have to enjoy an organization who's CEO is also a pet lover ~ no? Shout out to Susan!! Woot woot! Love her!

She has a big chocolate lab who doesn't enjoy cats ~ otherwise ~ I think she would have kept this sweet little guy herself. And well ~ I know my big boy wouldn't appreciate me bringing home another kitty ~ been there done that ~ not good!
He is about 6 weeks old, longer haired, very tame. He didn't meow while we drove all the way out to the SPCA, nor during the time it took for them to fill out the papers. But oh my he was giving some sweet kisses! I took the opportunity to hold and kiss that little ball of fluff!
So that makes 2 kittens at the SPCA right now who where brought in by someone at our organization and then there is still Orange Kitty who I posted about on July 17 with an update on August 2 who is still living with the gal from the office behind us.

sigh... and to see all those adorable kittens and cats out there just waiting for someone to come and take them home and love them.


Lost a kitty? Go to the SPCA.

Need a kitty? (or a pup) Go to the SPCA.

And for all you people that keep leaving kittens downtown ~ stop it!!! My heart is breaking. :(


SPCA - Swift Current

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On The Bright Side: Fall

Predictions of rain for today and tomorrow??
Well now... that just seems odd...
(said with sarcasm)

OK ~ so bring on fall if you must Mother Nature
because I am ready for it...
I am ready for all the beautiful colors to appear
the golds ~ the yellows ~ the oranges ~ the reds
oh those reds ~ they truly are so wonderful!
And I bought my first holiday magazine the other day...
say now... that is enjoyable...
oh the many crafts I shall make during my upcoming holidays.
How about the stores starting to bring out their Christmas decorations?
(been to Costco lately? they're out!)
I look forward to searching for more white feathery birds
to sit upon my Christmas tree.
(I found these two over the summer!)
And can we talk about flannel pyjamas girls???
I bought this wonderful new pair the other day...
$9.99 ~ are you kidding me?
and they have cats on them?
Come on...
Now these are enjoyable!
I'm so lucky Stanley finds flannel pyjamas sexy...
especially ones with cats on them...

Am I right ladies??? ;)

(Disclaimer: Flannel pyjamas should not be worn during the those evenings
when hot flashes are present. Please wear wisely.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Giving Up

like my garden,
have given up hope
that summer will return

there has been rain...
and the flowers bent their heads...
and then there was some more rain...
and all the apples rotted off the tree...
and that was followed by some more rain...
and the lattice broke apart on my garden arbour...
so then it rained some more...
On the plus side?

When I start my
3 weeks holidays as of
1:30 pm Friday, August 27
I won't have to spend time
tending to my garden
as all the flowers will be dead! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making The Best of A Rainy Day

what dreary rainy afternoon
can not be put to use
by drinking tea
with a cookie or three
and an hour or two snooze
~~~~ Catherine

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fog Mist and Beauty

The other morning I woke up to find mist and fog thick in the air outside. I grabbed my camera and went outside. {After I got dressed of course!!}

There had been spiders at work in our garden over night. I didn't see any spiders but there must have been scads of them as there were many many spider webs all over our house and garden that hadn't been there the night before. I couldn't even count how many webs there were. I have photographs of at least 28 of them.
The strings were covered in mist and dew creating the most beautiful images. I should have went back into the house and changed to my macro lens but as it was so misty and wet out, I didn't want my camera being outside too long.
Then there were the numerous strings of webbing that weren't actual webs, but simply strung about from thing to thing. Connecting everything in my backyard.
As the sunlight started piercing through, it created little rainbows of color, reflecting in the droplets of water, seemingly spaced so evenly on the strings of webs.

Webs from branch to branch. Tree to tree.
From high up to down to the ground.
It was amazing.
It was magical.
It was beautiful.


Yesterday I learned from Cats of Wildcat Woods that today is Fragrance Free Friday!!! And as a person that has chemical allergies ~ I find that most enjoyable! Go check them out for more information.

Sometimes I find it hard to find good fragrance/scent free products ~ especially beauty products. I had used Dove Scent Free hairspray for years. Now they stopped making it (or at least I can't find it anymore). There is only a few other companies that make scent free hairspray. But the product is crap. Needless to say... I've been having some very bad hair days... :(


Have an amazing magical beautiful weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Banjo ~ Double Feature

Imagine my surprise {and delight} yesterday at work when I opened up an envelope that was laying on my desk and pulled out this cute journal! It was from one of the sweetest gals that works at another branch ~ who also loves journals and animals and is very crafty. Love her! She thought it looked like Banjo.

What do you think Mister?

I shaded paper kitty's eyes a little bit bluer in photoshop (they are the prettiest sea green). What do you think??? Yup ~ looks like Banjo to me!

Thank you again JF ~ you are adorable!!!

I am going to keep it beside me on my desk at work so I can think of Banjo and You all day!! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Lighten It Up a Bit

If you have a problem
it's nice to know
that there is someone
out there
with a
helping hand...
when you need it! :)

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sleep Keeps Escaping Me

I wake up...
12.33 am...
I toss and turn for the next couple of hours...
I can't shut my brain off...
It races and roars...
Thoughts going through my head...
Worry worry worry...
What if what if what if...
I try to stop thinking...

I try to think of pleasant things...
I try everything to help me fall back to sleep...
Including counting sheep...
1 sheep...
2 sheep...
3 sheep...
I try reading my book "The Worry Cure"...

I'm about half way done...
I'm not sure it's really working...
I bought myself a beautiful new journal...

The "I Can't Sleep - A journal for passing the time when insomnia strikes and my brain is circling in on itself, cannibalizing the trivialities of the day and exaggerating the ticking of the clock, reminding me that every minute spent awake is another minute closer to when I'll have to get up, though many of the great artists and sages were insomniacs and that's part of how they got so much done, so if I can't sleep I might as well write and channel my misery into something productive."...
Each left side of the page has an insightful, thought provoking, cute quote about sleep...
Or lack there off...
I haven't written in it yet...

I'm worried my writing will be too messy...
{I know... it's a sickness...}

"Stop worrying - nobody gets out of this world alive." ~ Clive James

Any helpful hints of what you do when you can't sleep?


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