Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Promise ~ Sunday #3

Sunday #3 of December
And as promised
from my connecting 3 posts,

I accomplished two more activities last week.

Gift #5:
Continuing from my donation of
warm mittens, toques and scarves
for the Newcomer Welcome Centre,
I asked friends from work
if they had anything to contribute,
along with our Marketing Department,
and contribute they did!

Along with more warm woolies,
I also collected a few warm coats as well!
Thank you everyone for your help!
(I work with some fantastic people!!!)

Gift #6:
I am giving my old (but still very stylish!!!)
eyeglasses to the Lions Club.
(Most optometrist offices take the donations.)

The gift of site for someone who can't afford it.
I am getting new glasses tomorrow and usually,
I throw my old glasses into a drawer and forget about them.
But not this year!

"I never see what has been done;
I only see what remains to be done."
~ Buddha

Watch for my last "My Promise" post next Sunday night.

Have a beautiful week!

Peace on Earth


S. Etole said...

These are very enjoyable updates ... hope your week goes well, too.

4smartmonkeys said...

Way to go!!

BeadedTail said...

That's wonderful that your co-workers helped out too! The gifts of warmth and sight are both extremely important so thanks for the reminder of donating old eyeglasses too!

Clara said...

Just wonderful. Now that's an set a goal and you are doing it!

Linda Robinson said...

You guys rock..

Hey my hubby was up there in Canada Last week. Some where near the Toronto area. He said he frozen his A** off! But he said the people were the most freindly people he had ever met! Hope you had a great weekend..
Hugs, Linda

It's me said...

So good of you to do this !!! ....lovely day Ria...

The Monkeys said...

I just love reading this post! It is very heart-warming! Keep up the fabulous work, Catherine!

Kea said...

Fabulous, Catherine! What a great idea to donate your glasses, too. I don't wear any yet (soon, I think -- lol), but it's such a simple thing to donate your old ones, but means the world to someone else. Ditto for the donation of warm outerwear!

Forever Foster said...

What wonderful, wonderful gifts.

Sylvia said...

Great donations, Catherine !
Wish you a wonderful Christmas time,

Anonymous said...

It is always a good good thing to give to those who need...when we can! good for you!

have a great day!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How wonderful, Catherine. You made lots of people extra happy at Christmastime.
Have a happy last week before Christmas! xxxx

Ann said...

You are doing great. I've never thought about the old eye glasses. I do the same just throw them in a drawer and forget about them. I'm going to have to dig mine out.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

You go girl! Awesome job!
Wishing you and yours a very Magical Memory Making Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Tanja said...

Hi Catherine, great to read the beautiful things you are doing other people.

I wish you a nice christmas, with a lot of love, candlelight, music en lovely food.


Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

Again, I am inspired! It's the little things (like the glasses) that I forget about. We (I) take so many things for granted. If we just open our eyes, we'll see there are so many opportunities for sharing with others. Thank you!!! xxx

Jaime said...

Aaah...I'm all caught up, as I read this last are such a thoughtful and generous soul. And so true to your word. You are lovely, Catherine.

Have I filled up enough of your inbox yet?
So sorry about that.


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