Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, Updates & an Award

Hello dear friends!

How amazing that
Halloween is upon us tomorrow.

Patches of snow still grace me with its presence.

The weather promises to be
warm next week.

Do you expect many
at your door tomorrow?

We usually only get
about 20 kids.

And after being away for a few days,
I look forward to catching up with all of you
this evening and tomorrow.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!


Grey Goose has found his way back home. The owners, who run a bed and breakfast outside of Swift Current, finally realized where he was (clearly they hadn't been listening to the radio for two months) and came to the park and took him home before the cold weather set in. Makes me happy!! :)

Fuzzy Grey Stray Kitty (a.k.a. Yogi) was adopted from the SPCA shortly after I and my CEO took him in. Makes me happy!! :)

Sweet Orange Stray Kitty (a.k.a. Chief) was taken to the SPCA after the girl who took him in spent a month looking for his owner. He is still waiting to be adopted to a forever home. Makes me sad!! :(

But at least he is warm, with food in his belly, and getting some love from the sweet people at the SPCA. Makes me happy!! :)

~~~~~~~~AN AWARD~~~~~~~~

A big thank you to Sharon from Random Thoughts for passing on to me an Animal Lover Award created by Gary from klahanie who's sweet little pup Penny is featured in the gold frame.
Well you know I love my furry friends... Thank You Sharon ~ you're sweet! Makes me happy! :)


Kat_RN said...

We don't get any trick or treaters, we live way out in the country. I do miss it though. No one to take trick or treating either and we are not allowed to wear costumes to work, bummer. Glad to hear about your rescues, and your award.
Happy Halloween,

Laurie said...

We don't get beggars either Catherine, but I go to my sister's where she gets many, and the nieces and nephews go to dump out their candy.
I'm so happy all your feathered and furry friends are safe now! It makes my heart very happy to hear!
and congrats on your award, you deserve it!!

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on the award, Catherine...Just moved into a new house, so I have no idea what to expect for Halloween; I've got candy and my parents will be over to watch the Saints game with me...Hope it warms up for you next week like they say!...Happy Halloween, kiss Banjo for me!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Halloween, Catherine.... You don't have 'frost' on the Pumpkin... You have SNOW on the Pumpkin... ha ha

Glad that the Goose is back home and that the stray kitties are being cared for....

Congrats on the Award.


BeadedTail said...

Your pumpkin photos are lovely! That first one is so cute!

We don't get many trick or treaters here which is good since Angel hates the doorbell. Plus we get the extra candy!

I'm glad the Grey Goose is back home and that Yogi has a furever home. We're purring for Chief to get a furever home soon too.

Congratulations on your wonderful and truly deserving award! Happy Halloween!

Katnip Lounge said...

We only get a few kids...which makes the kitties quite happy. Somehow our doorbell is Very Evil!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

We get tons of kiddos! Drives the dogs nuts.

I'm not waiting patiently to put up my Christmas deco's.....I made the mistake of looking in the garden dept today at walmart (i'll be posting about this later) anyway ended up buying a ton of deco's...they had dragonflies, in all colors! I originally bought them for crafting (cheep..6 for $2) but ended buying a tree shaped shrub (about 3' tall)!! Hopefully I won't kill it over the winter, anyway I want to put it on my kitchen table with the dragondly ornaments! Yikes I can't believe I bought Christmas deco's before Halloween!!!

Lin said...

Great photos and editing, pally! I'm so darn envious of your skills with that!!! Can I come over and learn from you one day???

Thanks for the updates on everyone. Glad the goose is back home. :)

S. Etole said...

loving that pumpkin in the snow ...

I'm in the country so no trick or treaters come this far out.

Ann said...

Love your pumpkin photos. Yes we do get LOTS of trick or treaters. I would just as soon skip it but my husband bought a ton of candy and wants to pass it out. Maybe I'll just stay inside where it's warm.

Tanja said...

I wish you a happy Haloween Catharine, I love youre photo's.


It's me said...

Wishing you a happy halloween darling............lovely pictures....enjoy !!! congratulations with the award!! nice !! lovely day.......warm hugs from me Ria....

amelia said...

We don't have kids around here, we're way too far in the bush.

We have just adopted our fifth rescue. A friend sent me an ad saying that some people bought a farm house and the dog came with it. Keep the dog or I'll kill it the farmer said so she kept her and put an ad in the local paper and we have her now. All our dogs are rescued and we have five acres fenced in for them but they are all indoor dogs, I can't bear the thought of leaving them out and wouldn't do it.

We have snow on the ground too!! I love it!!

*Ingrid* said...

Hey Catherine,beautiful Boo pictures,I wish you a beautiful BOO sunday...

Brian said...

Your pictures were way cool! We didn't have any trick or treaters this year, sometimes we have lots, sometimes none. I guess my Dad will have to eat the candy! Congrats on the very nice award!

4smartmonkeys said...

Happy Halloween! Glad the grey goose is home, happy the little kitty found a permanent home, hoping the orange kitty finds a loving home.
Congrats on the award!

Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

Happy Halloween to you! Love the photos :)

We usually get a couple of hundred kids and it is SO much fun! My kids are 13 and 15, so they go out for a little while and then pass out candy as well. I LOVE Halloween :)

bad penny said...

Halloween HAS crept up on me this year & I need to get some treats in as we get quite a few children calling. I don't carve a pumkin anymore since I had one kicked down the road broken up one year ( wish I'd seen who did it & put a spell on them ! )
Happy Halloween

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy happy Halloween, Catherine. We do not celebrate it that much, but I do celebrate today with treats ;)

The Chair Speaks said...

Congrats on the award.
Love the pumpkin pictures. Cute!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Cat, Love the pumpkin in the snow photo. Happy Halloween and Happy Sunday!

Hot Rocks said...

Happy Halloween Catherine! We will be lucky if we get 20 kids...being out in the country and still a few minutes drive from the little hamlet, its not as busy. However we do have our spooky graveyard set up for anyone who dares come down the long driveway!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Lovely pictures, Catherine! I can't believe the snow picture!!!! Thanks for sharing Gary's award with yor readers...

Wonderful news about the kittens. :)

lila Check said...

hahaha..that was all I needed to make my day!
love,love your sense of humour!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your post has given me a smile for a couple of reasons--One being that it's so clever and fun and another is because YOU have the snow and not us, but I know our time is coming!! Stay warm and I hope you're having an enjoyable day!

BumbleVee said...

hahah..... I'm glad the goose went home..... and all's well there.

I hope the orange kitty finds a home soon....

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween - we live way out in the sticks so no Trick or Treaters for us. So glad the goose and kitty found homes - hopefully the orange cat will too.

Sylvia said...

Lovely Halloween post, Catherine !
Congratulations on your award !
Happy Halloween and a great new week,

Tamago said...

I love the picture of pumpkin in snow! Beautiful!
You get 20 kids for trick or treat, that is a lot for me. We get NONE in our subdivision. I guess kids go somewhere else.
Congratulations on your wonderful award!

Velvet Over Steel said...

I live on an out of the way street with only 2 other houses, so I never get any. I'm sure the parents and kids don't think it's worth the 'walk'. lol That's ok, more 'treats' for our lunches this week. :-)

Cute post, Catherine!!

MedaM said...

Congratulations on the award!You really deserved it. Lovely photos with the pumpkins in the snow, and the last one is fantastic.

Jaime said...

Congratulations! There's no better reason to receive an award me thinks....animals are such happy makers.

I live at the bottom of a long windy dark trick or treaters here!


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