Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, Updates & an Award

Hello dear friends!

How amazing that
Halloween is upon us tomorrow.

Patches of snow still grace me with its presence.

The weather promises to be
warm next week.

Do you expect many
at your door tomorrow?

We usually only get
about 20 kids.

And after being away for a few days,
I look forward to catching up with all of you
this evening and tomorrow.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!


Grey Goose has found his way back home. The owners, who run a bed and breakfast outside of Swift Current, finally realized where he was (clearly they hadn't been listening to the radio for two months) and came to the park and took him home before the cold weather set in. Makes me happy!! :)

Fuzzy Grey Stray Kitty (a.k.a. Yogi) was adopted from the SPCA shortly after I and my CEO took him in. Makes me happy!! :)

Sweet Orange Stray Kitty (a.k.a. Chief) was taken to the SPCA after the girl who took him in spent a month looking for his owner. He is still waiting to be adopted to a forever home. Makes me sad!! :(

But at least he is warm, with food in his belly, and getting some love from the sweet people at the SPCA. Makes me happy!! :)

~~~~~~~~AN AWARD~~~~~~~~

A big thank you to Sharon from Random Thoughts for passing on to me an Animal Lover Award created by Gary from klahanie who's sweet little pup Penny is featured in the gold frame.
Well you know I love my furry friends... Thank You Sharon ~ you're sweet! Makes me happy! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts About Cats

I'm happy to report that Banjo slept very well again last night
{as did I albeit a drug induced sleep...}

Do cats ever not get a good nights sleep?

I guess if they didn't sleep well at night,
by having no other responsibilities
other than looking cute and shedding hair onto furniture,
they can always catch up on their sleep during the day.

They seem to have it all figured out.

Happy Wednesday!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Reality for Today

I wish I could be all
'sunshiny' and 'happy flowers'
for you today
~ but alas ~
I can not
for that is not
my reality for today

For my reality is that
I have had less then 90 minutes of sleep
It is almost 3:30 am
I do not anticipate going back to sleep
before heading to work around 7:30 am

My reality is that
I am tired
I have too much
on my brain

The snow
like my thoughts
are piling up

On the plus side
{there must always be a plus side in life}
I completed four assignments
between 12 am and 3 am
for the course I'm taking...

To my instructor:
Please be gentle on me
when you mark my work
for my brain knows not
what it writes...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thoughts Of Frost

60% chance of flurries for tomorrow...

grab on to your flannels people

it's about to get frosty out there...

have a cozy day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

When old friends meet...

Feeling lost...

The recognition...

The surprise...

The joy...

The love...

I took photos for a family friend's
80th Birthday party last Saturday

There was a lot of love
in the room that day

Wishing YOU a love filled weekend!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Thoughts

a waiting bench
leaves on the ground
silence except for
a falling leaf
i wish you were here with me
we would awaken the forest
with our laughter

Monday, October 18, 2010


Things that discombobulate me:

Hot chocolate that will not mix
no matter the number of times you stir it.

Beautiful animals
killed and stuffed
and used in retail stores
to sell items.

Wings of a dead fly
stuck on a spider web
attached to an ornamental cherry.

The inner workings
of a really big clock.

A blue glass bug
in the middle of nowhere
missing his wings.

A black frame
left up against
a wagon wheel.

A long white fence
leading nowhere.


Sunday, October 17, 2010



Friday, October 15, 2010

Thought For The Day

sometimes it really is just a
'sheep in sheep's clothing'
{or in this case, a sheep in sheep wool slippers}

no hidden agendas
no underlying meaning
nothing to be suspicious of
no need to read more into it

it is what it is
accept it

and that is my
Thought For The Day

Happy Friday Friends!

Thank you friends for all your concern and love sent on my previous post of Banjo's diagnosis of Megacolon. To answer some of your questions on what Megacolon is:

Cat Megacolon is a bowel disorder. The colon of the cat is chronically dilated or enlarged because the nerves in the colon do not function properly. The causes of feline megacolon can be acquired through trauma for instance, congenital, or idiopathic (unknown). Clinical signs of feline megacolon in the cat can be simply chronic constipation. Other signs could be distended abdomen, not eating (clearly not one of Banjo's symptom), weight loss (nope, not this one), vomiting (oh ya), nausea, straining to defecate (yes), painful defecation (yes indeed), and rectal prolapse from constant straining. Megacolon usually shows up in middle aged and older cats, usually short-haired males, but can appear in cats as young as three and four years old.

For now, the special food and medication is working just fine and he is having no symptoms. Eventually he will have to go on a 3rd medication (hopefully not for a long time) and then perhaps one day surgery might have to be done. But we won't think about that right now. :)

To learn more about Megacolon (click this link)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love My Cat

Medicated Cat Food ~ $114 per month
Cisapride Daily Medication ~ $65 per month
Lactulose Liquid Medication ~ $6 per month

Daily Scritches, Petting and Belly Rubs ~ $0 per month
Receiving unconditional love from a cat ~ priceless

Banjo was diagnosed with Megacolon about six months ago.

We are both coping.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calgary Zoo

A trip to Calgary is never complete
without a trip to the Zoo!
There were some new sites this year
including this strange looking bird...
The Dinosaur attraction had some added animatronics.
Notice the dinosaur moving...
while it scared the bejeebies out of me...
the boys? No reaction.
I took about 15 photos of this T-Rex moving and
the boys are in exactly the same pose in each one.
One of my favorites to visit is the butterfly conservatory.
The heat and steam hits you like
a brick wall the moment you walk in.
The lenses on my glasses and my camera fogged up.
Once the lens cleared
the beautify of the butterflies flying around and
if you are lucky enough,
landing on you,
is truly an experience of inner tranquility.

We had to go outside to cool off
and have a relax.
For a moment I thought we had a celebrity siting.
Clint Eastwood?
Nope ~ just Stanley.
Another one of my favorites are the owls.
So beautiful!
While I love visiting all the animals at the zoo
(well... perhaps not the reptiles),
the big cats are truly my favorite.
But yet, they are the ones that leave me the most sad.
These majestic animals were not meant to be caged.
The area that they have to move in is minimal.
While I appreciate seeing these beautiful creatures up close,
it breaks my heart every time I see them.
What are you thinking of
sweet beast?
On a happier note,
I think we found where the Who's from Whoville live!
So many of the flowers at the zoo
were still in full bloom.
Leaves were ablaze
with color.
And flowers were
on fire.

There are so many wonderful things to see at the zoo.

I hope you are experiencing some
wonder and beauty in your world this week!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Weekend to be Thankful For

I am very thankful for:
  • My boys and I making it home safe and sound from our weekend in Calgary, Alberta
  • My BFF checking in on Banjo twice a day while we were away (thanks my friend!)
  • Being able to visit the Calgary Zoo (photos coming soon)
  • Spending the weekend in a brand new hotel room (a TV in the bathroom!!!!)
  • Being able to buy a new camera lens (Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM ~ very fun!)
  • Living in a small city (yes the shopping is pathetic but the traffic is minimal!)
  • All of you my blog followers, friends and visitors!

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend and I hope that all my Canadian friends that celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend will be enjoying their turkey leftovers this week! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

My fellow Canadians...

I wish you the happiest of Thanksgiving weekends and hope that you are surrounded by those you love ~ getting to do something you enjoy ~ get to eat the turkey leg and the biggest piece of pumpkin pie ~ or perhaps you are going to relax for the whole long weekend.

What ever you are choosing to do this Thanksgiving long weekend ~ have a good one!

And for those of you not celebrating the holiday ~ I hope you have a super weekend too!

My boys and I are indeed doing something special ~ of which I will be sure to take lots of photos. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Four Things That...

Catherine from Catherine Loves Roses invited me to play a game. "Four Things That...". So play I shall. OK, so four things that...

Are usually in my purse:
  1. Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Gloss
  2. Excel Inferno Cinnamon Gum
  3. Allergy Medication
  4. Lint (how does lint always get into my purse???)

Are in my bedroom:

  1. Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Gloss
  2. Keith Partridge (via the TV series DVD collection)
  3. A stack of 'yet to be read' magazines
  4. Dust
I would like to do but never did:
  1. Go more then 60 minutes without putting Blistex Silk & Shine on my lips
  2. Kiss Keith Partridge
  3. Have a photo or story published in a magazine
  4. Win two million dollars and pay someone to dust my house once a week

You don't know about me:

  1. I believe all Axe body products should be banned from the face of the planet
  2. I often wear socks to bed (yes...even in the summer...)
  3. I failed grade 11 physics
  4. I hate to dust
Four friends if they want to play along:

  1. Old blogger friends who want to play
  2. New blogger friends who want to play
  3. Blogger strangers who want to play
  4. Strange bloggers who want to play

Thanks for thinking of me Catherine ~ you're sweet! ;D


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