Friday, August 20, 2010

Me, Myself & I

quite often...
when I bring out my camera
all three of my boys run away
(hubby, son, cat)
I think it's sad when even the cat runs away ~ no?

so when there is no one else around you
and you want to photograph someone
instead of something
photograph yourself
and don't be shy

after all
if you are the one always behind the camera
there are never any photos of yourself ~ right?
no... I didn't have a headache here
I think I was fluffing my hair
and I think I was sucking in my cheeks as well
cheeks on my face that is
maybe my other cheeks too
I can't remember (age? denial?)

that's the nice thing about taking your own photos
you can choose which parts to show...or not show :)
label: woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend
aspiring: writer, photographer, artist, singer, kitty wrangler
destiny: limited only to my own imagination

I am who I am and I am OK with that


Brian said...

Well you are very special and I don't know why the run from are a great photoartist!

Lin said...

Those are beautiful, Catherine! And so are YOU!

My boys all run too, if that is any consolation. Only Em sticks around for photos. It must be a girl thing.

The Monkeys said...

Such gorgeous photos! You're beautiful!

Stacey Dawn said...

Amazing photos of yourself! You are so beautiful!

m.e (Cathie) said...

beautiful pics! well done on capturing you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures, Cat... You are a beautiful woman. I was never happy with myself (mostly my weight) until I met George. He loved me for me---and taught me to love myself for ME.... I am much better than I used to be, about those feelings.

We have a gorgeous, COOL morning up here (64 degrees)... First in a LONG time... yeah!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Forever Foster said...

That's a lovely post, Catherine :) My kitties take off whenever I bring out the camera, too.

Bossy Betty said...

What a great idea. Perhaps if you attached a string with some candy on the end, you could pure some of those human critters back to your lens...

Marlene said...

So nice to know I'm not the only one who does that!

Lovely photos. I shall have to have a self-photo session soon :D

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Well, mine don't run they just put their hands into of their faces ~

You are such a wonderful photographer. You are beautiful ☺

I don't dare have a self phots shoot...I love my camera toomuch!! LOL

Becca said...

Hey Catherine, lovely self portraits! You look awesome! I especially love the one you used for your profile pic. Very creative. My female cat won't pose for me like my male cat does for some reason. He'll let me get right up in his face and he doesn't even move. Too funny.
Have a great weekend!

Sarah Knight said...

It's always interesting to do self portraits, to see if you can remember how to frame the shot without standing in front of yourself, to see — if you're as vain as I fully admit to being — if you can skillfully mask the imperfections or flaws, get the most flattering light and angle... and remember to smile — genuinely — while doing all these things...

When you're photographing other people or things, sometimes you don't have to think as hard about those things, until, of course, you go to photograph yourself.

You look lovely : )

Katy Noelle said...

Goodness graciousness, Cat, you look gorgeous! You're giving me courage. Right now, my profile picture is one that was taken by a friend for a "professional photo" when I was in the opera. They liked it so well (the little opera company, that is) that they used it EVERYWHERE. hmmm. However, I think that it makes me look a titch too formidable and not really me. Too glamorous. Is that even possible for me? I've been thinking that I need to figure something more daydreamy out.

Anywaaaaaay, I have to tell you something funny. On my blogger dashboard, I saw the opening lines of your post about your 3 boys running and, two below it is a post from Paul Cornies entitled, "Keep Running!" My that made me laugh!

Love, Katy

Kat_RN said...

Yes, they run from me too, all but my Sweet Hubby (as long as I give him warning). Even the birds refuse to hold still! Maybe I will do some self portraits too. Yours is great. Save that one for your first book jacket.

BeadedTail said...

Very beautiful photos Catherine! I think Wayne may run when the camera comes out because that means more photos for him of his lovely wife!

My kitties have given up running away but Sadie puts her ears down as soon as the camera comes out.

Ann said...

The same thing happens to me. Everyone hides when I pull out the camera. I have resorted to self portraits to satisfy my need to take human shots. It's rather fun :) I love the way yours turned out.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

What a fun and inspiring post! I love the light effects on your portrait. You are cute as a pixie!

Maybe I'll give it a try too.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Jacqueline said...

Love your post and photos!...I think you are a wonderful person, photographer, writer, mom and friend and a beautiful woman=I love your hair!...Happy weekend, lovely Catherine.

Hazydaisy said...

Gorgeous sp's ,Catherine!
Everyone runs from my camera too!

Alisa said...

Your photos are great, love the high contrast. I wish you could come take a photo of me, I can't seem to take a good photo these days, something about aging.

Connie said...

Beautiful photos..of a beautiful lady (beautiful inside & out)

Paul C said...

Creative angles and the identities conveyed.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love love LOVE your new profile picture, Catherine. Making me smile, your boys running away when seeing the camera... my children do exactly the same!
Hope your weekend is lovely so far. Off to bed... xxxx

Kamana said...

to be ok with who you are - that is the most important part, i think. and you have got that down pat. well done!

excellent self portraits!

CatherineLovesRoses said...

Hi Catherine!Wonderful self portraits my sweet friend!!!Your new profile picture reflects the energy and great ideas of a lovely blogger like you!!
I totally agree with your destiny phrase...And we all know your imagination and creativity has no limits, dear Catherine!!

Have a nice Sunday!!

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi dear friend, just got back from my loong vacation and blog break. You already put a smile on my face, those pictures are beautiful and i so loved the way you wrote about it. Good to be back! Have a happy, happy sunday. XX

Linda Robinson said...

WOW! I just love your pictures of your self.. You are beautiful... Might be a little fun to try to get a shot of myself... food for thought...
I hope you are having a great weekend.. Hugs, Linda

Kerri said...

These are SUPER!! I realy need to do this~ And I LOVE your hair!! What wonderful layers ;)

Lisa RedWillow said...

Stunning . Just stunning art work.
Glad I found your blog. And your right . I too am always behind the Lens.

Susan Faye said...

Hello fellow cat lady! Thank you for entering my blog giveaway--I'm featuring your entry in today's blog post! I'm happy to discover your beautiful blog...

troutbirder said...

Well that is a good philosophy. I'm going with it cause your a good role model. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Catherine! You and your pictures are really lovely!!
I don't like to have my picture taken, but I have to think (and hope) that if someone like you who is such a talented photographer were the one taking one of me, maybe it would turn out just fine!


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