Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday To Do's

Saturday To Do Lists
always more enjoyable
when written in a
new notebook...


bad penny said...

ooh I love note books and have several on the go - I keep one for blog post ideas - one for scribbling art ideas - one for party lists (- receiving yes / no cards for mum's 80th birthday lunch all the time now.)
I have a blackboard in the kitchen & got Joe to write a note for my husband... " Remember: phone, keys, sunglasses& suncream " I nag him about suncream as he works outside on boats his face gets like old dried up brown leather !

Brian said...

My to-do list got to-be-too long, so I ate it!

koralee said...

Oh boy do I ever have a list too. I wish you luck getting through it all. xoxo

Jacqueline said...

Always chores to do on the weekends; I make lists too or I would forget everything until the last minute!...Happy Saturday; enjoy your movie!

Diane {} said...

looks like a great Saturday!

ilovemyhouse said...

Doing laundry V
Buying groceries V
Catch up on blog reading V
Work in garden V
Watch a movie- still to do...

Glad i don't have a craft room to clean up!
I enjoyed my saturday as we had a nice walk on the beach, weather is beautiful here. Thanks for your nice comments Catherine. Hope you have a nice weekend.xx

Connie said...

That's quite the list you have there Catherine! I hope you get it all done.
Happy Saturday! xx

~Kim~ said...

It's a cold day here in Virginia, so I would just skip to the last 2 on the list and call it good!! Hope you've had a good Saturday!!!

Lin said...

I love when the to-do list is completed! But this time of year, it always seems like there is more...always more to do.

BeadedTail said...

A pretty new notebook and an ending of watching a movie makes for a very enjoyable To Do list!

kittykye said...

I haven't posted to you in a while. I just wanted stop in to tell you that I went back and re-read all your posts recently, and you make me smile :)
I hope you and your boys are having a lovely spring weekend! :)

Stacey Dawn said...

I highly agree with your statement... hope you got to watch your movie!! ;o)

S. Etole said...

what is it about a new notebook that is so captivating???? I could own a dozen and still yearn for another.

Anya said...

Yes a notebook ;)
I have never a free minute at the weekend :
working in the garden
work at home (cleaning)
very important BLOGGING.... :))
We are all to busy :))

Have a happy and RELAXING sunday

Forever Foster said...

Especially a pretty one! :)


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