Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st 2010

Welcome March!
Please bring sunshine.


The Monkeys said...

Spring is in the air here in Montreal! We always have at least one snow storm in March, though.

Forever Foster said...

Happy Spring, Catherine! We hope it brings you lots of snow melting sunbeams very soon.

Connie said...

Only three weeks to Spring!! :D

Jacqueline said...

I'm officially counting down=3weeks from today!!

anupama said...

Dear Catherine,
Good Evening!
First time here and I enjoyed being here;lovely template and an awesome photograph of the small family.
Today we,Indians are celebrating Holi,THE FESTIVAL OF COLOURS,the festival that marks the onset of spring.
Wishing you a wonderful March,

S. Etole said...

getting closer to snow-melting time ...

Brian said...

I thought I sent you some...I'll bet Banjo hid it somewhere!

Anya said...

Almost .......... SPRING :-)
(And almost my birthday :(

Lin said...

I flipped over my calendar at work this morning and gasped--I saw the "s" word......SPRING! Hooray! Now if we can just get the weather to get the message.

BeadedTail said...

I was very happy to see March too! Now if only we can see the sun!

wildcatwoodscats said...

Spring is in the air and my birthday in 2 days!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

No Sunshine for us, Catherine. We are supposed to get SNOW tomorrow!!!!! Darn!!!!

Had a great trip--but it's nice to be home... Just wish Spring would hurry up and come!!!

kittykye said...

Hurray for March!!! It's coming, I can feel it!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I can smell it in the still cold mountain air. The sun is shining and the snow melting. The sky changes. Yay!

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